It is worse.

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  1. Jay T. Lee Ph.D. says:

    Religions don’t “develop” or evolve except what is caused by secularism. A religion develops or rather recedes by social progression. Love the cartoons!

  2. Shaughn says:

    Christianity developed by heresy and schisms rather than secularism, I think.

  3. Blue Crow says:

    The recent incident in Sydney, Australia, has staked a claim for both Christianity and Islam to tie as the worst religion. A radicalised 16-year-old Muslim boy allegedly stabbed a bishop and a priest during a Christian church service, quickly resulting in a mob of several hundred Christians wanting to lynch the alleged terrorist. When its demands were not met, the Christian mob then rioted against the police and paramedics at the church. Fifty-one police officers were injured and several police vehicles were damaged.
    Subsequently, mosques in Sydney require security guards as Islamophobic tensions rise. (As if the New South Wales police didn’t have enough to sort through in the aftermath of the Bondi Junction shopping mall killings last weekend, perpetrated by a seemingly plain criminal nutjob without terrorist or religious motivation.)
    Distressingly, both these Abrahamic religions claim their god is one of love, is merciful, and commands them how to behave. Sproing!

  4. M27Holts says:

    I recently got into an argument with some geezers and their wives who were in agreement with the Manchester bombing survivors group who issued a statement that Islam had nothing to do with their family members deaths. They said I was spouting racist islamophobic nonsense whenn I said that Mo was an illiterate camel trader who was a warlord and killed. people…brainless morons all…

  5. jb says:

    Blue Crow — The rioters in Australia weren’t generic Christians, they were Chaldean Christians, a very tough sect from the Middle East. In America they are notable for running convenience stores in high crime black cities like Detroit, where nobody sensible wants to run a business. So the Australian authorities, in their multicultural wisdom, have imported two groups of violence prone foreigners who hate each other. Fools.

  6. Blue Crow says:

    I hadn’t considered in a discussion of the worst religion, that the ‘flavour’ of religious hypocrites should be distinguished. You are right that the riot to which I referred, occurred at a Chaldean Catholic Church. The Chaldeans are in full communion with the Holy See and the rest of the Catholic Church, and recognise Pope Francis as their pope, so the term ‘generic’ Christian requires a narrow, and arguably xenophobic, definition. ‘Generic’ Christians may be more familiar to us Westerners, but they are demonstrably just as prone to violence against other religions and legitimate agencies of government around the world in modern times. (Think of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Bosnian War, the Cronulla race riots, and anti-abortion domestic terrorism in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.) Of course, Australia is not the only nation with a legal system based upon a presumption of innocence, to have criminalised lynchings, to have accepted immigrants who are not ‘generic’ Christians, and to reject visa applications from violent individuals. So I disagree with the opinion the Australian government was foolish in accepting immigrants practising certain religions or emigrating from certain countries. Rather, my points were that violent theists are hypocrites deserving the derision of atheists, their activities wasted a lot of our society’s resources, and that both Islam and Christianity deserve joint worst religion (given the Barmaid only awarded it to Islam).
    Thanks for your feedback, as it is good to be held to account.

  7. M27Holts says:

    Christianity in Europe had a Reformation. Christians don’t usually want to kill you if you dis their “Prophet”. And Muslims, who genuinely want to practice their religion properly are obliged to kill non believers as their god demands it or does according to fheir “Prophet”


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