Sometimes you just have to raise your voice a little.

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  1. Laripu says:

    It’s worse than that. Feeling pain and fearing death are evolved traits because organisms with those traits avoided situations that caused pain or death, and so passed on their genes slightly more frequently than those that didn’t. Natural selection has given us the ability to suffer.

    So suffering is an inherent part of the system. It’s built in to us because it statistically improved survival rates.

    If that’s a product of a god’s wisdom or mysterious ways, then that’s a cruel and sadistic god.

  2. Choirboy says:

    Also a favourite recourse for English folk abroad. I suppose J n M might just say that given the universality of the dodgy beliefs globally the method did actually work.
    First comment for the first time. I might put a couple of bob on a horse!

  3. M27Holts says:

    Ah. That favourite non sequitur of religious dick-knobs…

  4. Choirboy says:

    Or not, it seems!

  5. Choirboy says:

    Or not, it seems! Maybe each way then.

  6. Trevor H says:

    It’s amazing how they cannot understand some things, but know exactly all about things that back up their bigotries

  7. MarkyWarky says:

    Author, “that” instead of “than” in frame two 🙂

    Trying to get around believers’ mysterious ways response is like trying to nail custard to a wall 🙁

  8. M27Holts says:

    Religion is a social/cultural construct. Therefor it is person-made nonsense to succour the feeble-minded….

  9. Crowbar says:

    Well, they had to raise their voice when it became obvious that the bartender didn’t hear them the first time.

  10. jb says:

    If you say it loud enough that makes it true.


  11. jb says:

    (I have a friend who argues politics that way, and I simply cannot get her to see why it’s a problem. Very frustrating!)

  12. DiscoveredJoys says:

    If god moves in a mysterious way then all those exhortations by priests, vicars, imams etc cannot be certain.

  13. Rrr says:

    DiscoJoy: Ah, but you see, the correct saying is “gog moves in mysterious WAYS” — so obviously there must exist multiple exhortations, ergo so many sects. Or insects. A lot, in short.

    Apologies for raising my voice there; it seemed valid in the circu:s.

  14. raymondm says:

    Box 2: “thaN revealing”

  15. Author says:

    Thanks, raymondm.

  16. Author says:

    Thanks, MarkyWarky.

  17. clive_p says:

    There is also the remarkable feature that the bible, koran, etc. reveal absolutely no knowledge beyond what was known by the human race at the time they were revealed/ written by a supposed god. Wouldn’t it have been a good selling point for these religious texts if they had revealed truths that ‘god’ obviously know, such as that the sun orbits the earth an not, as seems obvious to the casual observer, the opposite. Or that Jupiter has four large satellites easily visible through the simple use of glass lenses. Or even useful facts for survival, e.g. that rats spread plague, mosquito bites cause malaria, and that many diseases spread through contaminated drinking water. The complete absence of any new knowledge can surely only be explained by them being purely the results of human labour.

  18. M27Holts says:

    Well. Put. As I have said, had Ezekiel 23:20 mentioned the specific wave lengths for a hydrogen atom rather than a painted whore lusting after geezers hung like donkeys and with the ejaculation capacity of stallions we may have to take it a.bit more serious…

  19. paradoctor says:

    If you do not understand, and you are mystified, then what you have is not faith but pride.

  20. Son of Glenner says:

    I see that a priest in Phoenix, Arizona, has admitted using incorrect wording when carrying out baptisms and all of these baptisms have been declared null and void.

    You couldn’t make it up!

  21. Ben Bradley says:

    “Mysterious ways…” What a coincidence! I heard the exact same thing in that so-called “spiritual, not religious” (and “never organized”) organization, Alcoholics Anonymous!

  22. Laripu says:

    Son of Glenner, that tells us that the omniscient and omnipotent lord of all existence doesn’t understand a misphrased magic incantation.

    Sounds more like rigid software than eternal deity. I must be deluded by the adversary.

  23. Mockingbird says:

    Feb 12.

  24. M27Holts says:

    213 years ago today….such simple ideas, realised by “true” genius. Darwin, Newton, Einstein standing above us all like the statues of the kings of Gondor in LOTR….such a pity that the feeble minded choose to laud a ficticious nazarene and an illiterate camel shagger…

  25. JohnM says:

    The way to short circuit all these arguments is to point out that the source documentation of all the abrahamic religions is on inspection politically motivated land grabbing propaganda justifying genocide and many lesser crimes.

  26. paradoctor says:

    About panel 4, where they say it again, louder: that’s like the habit that the religious have, of capitalizing words. God, Wisdom, Truth, Fate, His Ways, and so on. I call them Clench Capitals; they’re spoken between clenched teeth, with clenched fists and a clenched sphincter. Clench Capitals are a dominance display. They’re the written equivalent of a silverback gorilla flexing his muscles and baring his fangs.


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