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  2. yelinna says:

    That’s truee! When Jeezus came nobody noticed.

    I knew it!

  3. Paper Hand says:

    Or maybe Highlander was real and there are some 2,000-year-olds alive today … 😉

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  5. KrateKraig says:

    HaHa! Silly christians were so busy shoving their beliefs down everyones throats, they missed the 2nd comming! Hilarious.
    I guess Jeebus wasn’t important enough to make Fox news.

  6. Naboo says:

    If Jesus had come to visit us today the Church would have crucified him for being blasphemous, and fox news would have called him a liberal hippie.

  7. GeorgeSteele says:

    We must imagine that the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics generates universes by the billions every moment. The nearest few billions of universes differ little from ours, if at all. In some, though, blind luck at the quantum level led to a macro effect. In that other universe I did not survive. Poor guy did not get brought back to life in the operating room as I was twice. (Two NDEs in which I learned that the meaning of my life was the integral sum of all 1-1 person-to-person interactions. I was content.)

    And so on with little differences, and in one mayhap, magic seems to work! Every time the magic word is said the predicted event happens by mere luck.

    And so on until Jesus is in bed with Mo and the first-person is the atheist bartender. Really. And he did come back and took those who noticed into another realm. Really.

  8. Flavus says:

    I got this nice blue book from some guys in white shirts that says Jesus did make his second coming (right after his death actually) in America, where he preached to the Native Americans, who were actually a lost tribe of Hebrews who were cursed with dark skin for abandoning God. I think there are like 13 million people who believe this, and they are really, really nice people (You know who I’m referring to, don’t you?).

  9. ottebrain says:

    @Krate Kraig& Flavus-lol! Second coming is, whatever Jeebus says, totally implausible and i don’t know why people waste their lives believing in stories made up to explain existence and devoting their lives to a non-existent deity.

    It’s so sad.


  10. Simon Peter says:

    Bill Hicks was the second coming. He espoused a message of peace and love on earth while railing against the establishment. After coming into his gifts at an early age he sank into an abyss of depression and self depravation before emerging as a clear voice for change. He was surrounded by a small but loyal coterie and died in his early thirties.
    PS The CIA gave him cancer when he started to gain in popularity
    PPS He was divinely funny too

  11. Bones'sDog says:

    Flavus, on my semi-annual walk, a few weeks ago, I saw four LDS people, two young, pretty girls and a couple of guys. I oozed “I want to talk” and they chatted with me. Sadly, tragically, it was the males who engaged me in conversation.
    Still, I did get to gently insert into their happy, warm and fuzzy little minds the dark, satanic notion that there are no gods.
    They didn’t believe me, but I might have worried them for a moment.

    I was thinking of offering them the postulate that I was their god walking among them admiring my own handiwork but I’m not entirely sure they would have tolerated that much disrespect.


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