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  1. Gilraen says:

    Shows perfectly the horror/fascination that religionists have with homosexuality. They seem to spend much more time thinking about it than those of us who don’t give a rats ***. Notice, too, they don’t mention two women having gay sex.

  2. Dick M says:

    It’s not just a problem with homosexuality. The entire issue of sexuality is subject to all sorts of taboos, most of which are directed against women.

  3. Uncle Roger says:


    There’s nothing more I can add. Thank you!

  4. daoloth says:

    A classic study (Adams, Wright & Lohr, 1996) in Journal of Abnormal Psychology found that the most extreme (self-described) homophobics were the most aroused by gay porn. I never tire of telling gay-bashers this.

  5. Ashley says:

    Phallic symbol.

  6. jaybee1988 says:

    As a gay male who engages in homosexual acts, I find this strip delightful…
    It shows all how the religious views the issue in 4 simple stills!

  7. misanthropope says:

    Judas’s actions don’t make a bit of sense, unless he, Jesus, and Peter were a love triangle.

  8. Robert says:

    jaybee1988 – love you.
    also … as a gay male who engages in homosexual acts (oops 🙂
    I’d like this on a t-shirt … on the back 🙂

    love the strip – keep it coming.

  9. Jerry w says:

    Yep, nothing’s easier than not thinking about that elephant in the room.

    Especially when it’s a pink elephant.

  10. Well, they do spend all that time in bed together…

  11. JoJo says:

    One of the articles in the collection of Stephen Fry’s columns ‘Paperweight’ explores this. He observes that homophobic thought is nothing to do with sex. Staright men don’t freak out at the idea of gay sex (a horny enough man would shag anything) but the homophobe is REALLY upset about gay love. That is what they don’t get. The irony that those who cite religion to support their bigotry also claim to be full of love is now so trie it has passed in to cliche.
    PS: ON the subject of Fry, he confesses to purloining a line from a university friend to trot out when when asked when he knew he was gay. “From the moment I was born. I took one look where I just came from ad said ‘well, you’ll never catch me going up one of those again.'”

  12. jaybee1988 says:

    @ Robert, thank you! and I suppose it would be a nice idea for a T-shirt… lol

    @ Anthony Mercer : I wonder if Barmaid has any doubts about this duo!

  13. grouchy-one says:

    Perhaps Jesus can’t help thinking about it as Mo’s right hand is continuously reminding him.

  14. Benjamin Geiger says:

    But what about two girls? (As long as there’s no cup involved, that is.)

  15. Alverant says:

    A comedian I saw on TV pointed out that everyone is gay, it’s just a matter of degree. He talked about a conversation he had with a guy who refused to believe it.
    Comedian: You like porn?
    Audience guy: Love porn.
    Like guy on girl?
    Love guy on girl?
    You want to see guys with tiny penises?
    No! I want to see big huge — oh crap!

  16. CharlieF says:

    Great strip–Thanks!

  17. James says:

    @Alverant: the comedian you quote is Ron White, from Houston, Texas.

  18. Matt Oxley says:

    speaking of gay…dont they sleep together anyway?

    i lolled

  19. JMo says:

    Christmas joke….
    3 guys die on Christmas eve, St. Pete says that each must show something to reminds him of Christmas. First guy pulls a lighter out of his pocket and lights it saying “this is a candle!”, St. Pete lets him in. Second guy pulls his keys out of his pocket and shakes them saying “these are jingle bells!”. St. Pete lets him in. The third guy pulls a pair of panties out of his pocket and hands them to St. Pete. St. Pete says “what are these?!”, third guy says “those are Carols!!!”. Merry x-mas!!!

  20. MrGronk says:

    As JC said, “get thee behind me, Satan”.

  21. daoloth says:

    Good timing author- just at the right moment for the Pope to deliver himself of some ill-informed claptrap about “abomination” and “homosexualty being against nature.” (see previous post). Like being against nature matters, even if true, or even intelligible. Have the church ever considered how “against nature” celibacy is? On a related topic- 1 in 4000 births are neither male nor female, but intersex of some kind- Klinefelter’s syndromw, CAH, Androgen insensitivity syndrome, true hermaproditism etc. Not “lifestyle choices”. Not crimes against nature. Not punishment for the rest of us accepting homsexuality (sheesh!) Real people- not obviously male or female. Quite a few of them in fact. All living proof that the line “man and woman made he them” is the sort of thing that ignorant bronze age nomads might be inclined to think. But we have no right to. And people too ignorant to know this are not entitled to special consideration for their opinions just because they are religious. I’ll go and lie down now.

  22. Andrea says:

    Obviously the pope is worried about the population of the world suffering because of boys getting it on with one another and not producing huge numbers of catholic children. There are just not enough people in the world!(well real people; muslims, prozzies and hindus etc don’t count obviously)

  23. Ian says:

    Amusing, except that according to the Bible Jesus never mentioned homosexuality

    Don’t know about Mo.


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