A resurrection today, from May 2006. That’s probably all this week – crazy busy.

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  1. It may be a repeat, but I didn’t remember it. So thanks. I must take a day or two and go over all your old strips if I’m missing gems like this one.

  2. HaggisForBrainsDS7 says:

    @ DH – Make sure you have a week to spare, or promise yourself not to read all the comments and follow all the links.

    I love the Grauniad headlines – as is often the case with Author, the Devil is in the detail.

  3. HaggisForBrainsDS7 says:

    Author, please may I post this link, which I think will be of interest to your readers:

    The site is self-explanatory – please sign the petition.

  4. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Do let us have a boo
    At what it is a Hindu
    This bunch from the east
    non violent at least
    Sounds like an ok bunch too.

  5. bckcntry says:

    Ha ha, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard those exact words from my (Baptist) sister-in-law. Thank you Jesus and Mo, for teaching me what an irony meter is

  6. ShaunOTD says:

    “non violent at least”

    Nope, in recent years Hindu extremists have taken part in organised bombings, shooting and beatings of Christians and Moslems in India:

  7. plortho says:

    @Haggis… As much as I dislike Rupert M, I have to say internet petitions are too much like prayer;

    “How to do nothing and still think you’re helping.”

  8. Bodach says:

    Never been a religion that hasn’t resorted to violence to maintain their sanctity. OK, maybe the Jains (but I bet they can get bitchy amongst themselves).

  9. HaggisForBrainsDS7 says:

    @plortho – Fair point, I guess I’m a bit naive on these matters.

    As I write this I hear that Rupert Murdoch is offering to sell Sky NEWS if he is allowed to buy the rest of Sky. This is certainly an improvement, but I doubt if the petition was instrumental in this change.

    Sorry to go off topic, Author.

  10. if this strip was ever going to end, this would be the perfect final strip.

    it’s not ending, though, right?

  11. Stonyground says:

    On BBC Radio 2 they have a regular morning slot called “The tracks of my Years”. Each week a different pop celeb is invited on to tell us what their ten fave tracks are and why, and these are played, two per day for five days with a short interview in between. Sir Paul McCartney was on a few years ago and his ten choices were all by either the Beatles or Wings. I could only conclude that he either misunderstood the premise of the slot or he is the most conceited man on the planet. Since lots of people who have met him say that he is really nice, I assume that it must be the former.

    This train of thought was triggered by the fact that Mo is reading the Koran.

  12. Traci says:

    I’m most interested in why they sleep in the same bed together. :p This reminds me of a scene from The Cosby Show. Jesus is Claire, and Mo is Cliff. :p

  13. foundationist says:

    Hahah, thanks author!

    @plortho: not really, Avaaz has often managed to create quite a stir and got attention. They also organize flashmobs. Then there is of course always amnesty. The urgent actions for single people in immediate danger have a success rate of about 40% (That’s 40% that the situation is improved, not nessecarily tat all the demands are met).

    I don’t know who, but some clever fellow once said: The most stupid thing you can do is doing nothing because there is only little you can do.

  14. Author says:

    @Traci – Why do they sleep in the same bed together? Tradition.

  15. DeafAtheist says:

    @Author- I had always assumed that the reason Jesus and Mo shared a bed was stab at religious homophobia. Whether or not Jesus and Mo are actually gay is besides the point… just the thought of 2 men sharing a bed- even if there is no “hanky panky” -is enough to raise eyebrows of homophobics

  16. Tradition! Hahaha – that’s a good one, author.

  17. dragon74140 says:

    The sleeping arrangements always remind me of the old Morecambe and Wise shows; innocent days! Perhaps Author can put a spin on the classic musical breakfast/toaster sketch (or am I the only person here old enough to remember this?)

  18. I assumed they shared a bed because the faiths they represent are basically in bed with each other.

    And, not only does it raise the whole homophobia aspect, but since their respective religions also have the same parent – there’s an implication of incest – with all the inbred, diseased and low IQ that goes along with

    which handily explains a lot of their thinking processes

  19. hyoid says:

    What? Not a new one? Now I am going to have to go back and read through them all again. What else have I missed, besides the forty years of actual thinking I lost to the woo. Your work is one of the best tools in my recovery. (like Mr. Diety says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

    Some may find his style too… mockingly disrespectful, but this guy makes some good points about who we expect to guard human rights.

  21. jerry w says:

    As mentioned here many times in many ways:
    All prayers are answered, sometimes the answer is no…..

  22. jerry w says:

    Technically, you don’t show them “sleeping” most of the time.

  23. dragon74140 says:

    Thanks Don, but that sent me off on a You Tube wander, which can cost many hours!

  24. Uncle Roger says:

    @Don — Thank you!

    As to the sleeping arrangements, I just assumed they had a tiny flat and didn’t have space for two beds.

  25. kev_S says:

    Maybe they are not in bed but travelling first class to get a look at the blue women!

  26. @kav_S No, they’re in bed. I’m surprised that they’re such buddies, though, given the way their followers are wont to kill each other.

  27. Ish says:

    I always saw the sleeping together to be a bit like Burt and Ernie…


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