Special thanks to today’s guest scriptwriter: Tariq Ramadan.

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  1. dxp says:

    Clearly in the aim of the beholder.

  2. Dave, the Non-Celebrity. says:

    …but not in the Boulder?

  3. spoing says:

    I’ll have a couple of pointed stones please. And a nice flat one. C’mon Brian, we’re going to be late for the stoning!!

  4. spoing says:

    As another great comic profaner, Eddie Izzard, said: “If you are religious, that’s OK, but you’ve got to keep analysing it, and keep a sense of humour, because without a sense of humour people start dying.” Especially if the ones without the sense of humour have stones.

  5. Grandma Ro says:

    There is a rap song in this somewhere – beholder, boulder, cold shoulder (shunning.)

    Also the mote in your neighbor’s eye, the log in your own.

  6. John Moore says:

    If we dropped the right bomb all of these clowns would live in glass houses…….

  7. KrateKraig says:

    As Devo once sang (shouted) so eloquently… “…I’m living in a wiggly world… Wiggle wiggle wiggle.”
    Nice wiggle Mo.

  8. grouchy-one says:

    Surely Mo can take his time figuring this out. After all it won’t be the 21st century for another 570 years or so 😉

  9. cina murtad says:

    mo’s revelations are as clear as a muddy pond.

  10. John Moore says:

    I saw this funny cartoon earlier, seeings how Jesus is reading the LA Times…

  11. nina says:

    I guess that’s the ultimate strategy to have it both ways.

    Here’s a great column by Dan Gardner about true beleivers – because to be a real one, you have little choice but to be extreme – http://www.dangardner.ca/Colnov1407.html

    I still think the article should have been called God’s Glory Hole

  12. James says:

    Mo’s non-committal, pro or con, to stoning leaves him between a rock and a hard place! ;>)

  13. Maggs says:

    euhhh, Mo is such a typical poseur! He knows he can’t give a definitive answer without exposing himself as a complete fraud! Jesus, on the other hand, knows this and so assumes he is safe from exposure of equal fraudulence because Mo is going to wriggle on the hook so beautifully. Great strip Author.

  14. Isn’t Tariq Ramadan just inspiring?

  15. Dídac says:

    ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her’ (Jesus)
    ‘As long as you don’t come with a clear answer to this, it’s un-implementable, because what we are doing now is betraying Islam by targeting poor people and women’ (Tariq Ramadan)
    Good intended both of them, surely. But that is no enough. Some people regard themselves as a “without sin” and some people have “clear answers”.

  16. Daoloth says:

    To all true non-believers:
    International blasphemy day is fast approaching and people might want to think about participation.
    To put you in the mood, try this on for size:

    All together now:..”Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me…for me!…for me!”

  17. wright says:

    Exactly, Didac. There are folks who look at the Bible and Koran and see precisely what they want to see. When I was a Christian, I cherry-picked my own doctrine and ignored the rest.

    When I finally realized that not only I but every other Christian I knew was doing it… That’s pretty much when I stopped being a believer.

  18. JohnnieCanuck says:

    For someone who’s not political, he certainly has the ‘non-committal’ and ‘tailored for the audience’ tactics well in hand.

  19. zoidberg says:

    Sorry J&M, but isn’t this Tariq Ramadan bloke a bit of a shady character?


  20. He’s a very shady character; I rather think that’s why he’s being made mock of.

  21. zoidberg says:

    Yeah, just realised the err of my ways and now I feel stupid. Forgot that the last special guest writer was a posted by the “Archbishop of Canterbury.”

    Can’t even use “it’s Monday” as an excuse either. Oh well…

  22. Hey, it’s Friday, that’s a perfectly good excuse!

    :- )

  23. Toast in the machine says:

    Tariq Ramadan was quite well known in the UK media a few years ago. He was taken uncritically as a moderate voice of Islam until very recently, appearing on mainstream serious news programmes without question or criticism, though he seems to have slipped out of the limelight in the last year or two.

    I can’t vouch for the source (but this is from about four years ago:),

    Mastering the art of taqiyya (double speaking to fool the unbelievers), Tariq Ramadan has enchanted many with his apparent moderation. But a careful examination of his words reveals that Professor Ramadan is not what he seems and claims to be. Yes, he says that he “agrees with integration” of Muslims in the West, but he is careful to say that “we [Muslims] are the ones who are going to decide the content.” He mollifies by saying that he accepts Western secular law, but, here’s the catch, “only if this law doesn’t force me to do things against my religion.” And when he is cornered with questions on the brutality of some punishments of Islamic law, such as stoning, he tells us that he is against them, but (there is always a “but”) they are in Quranic texts and so he cannot fully condemn them and we have to settle for “an absolute moratorium on all physical punishments.”

    – note the ‘moratorium’ – not a repeal or rejection, just a suspension of its implementation.

    He’s also known for being the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic radical movement that gave birth to al Qaeda and Hamas.

  24. DonR says:

    One senses a bumper Blasphemy Day edition of J&M approaching… 🙂

  25. Flea says:

    ot: This deserves a take!! Mo and jesus are gonna like it. And, I know, your job couldn’t be easier here.

  26. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Giggled my tits off at this one…..but then I am stoned 😉


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