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  1. Patrick says:

    Well this is just obvious, the earth simply hasn’t been around long enough for live to have evolved. Just look at the fundies, only god could have made something so irreducibly stupid.

  2. Submoron says:

    Ha! Every Pastafarian knows that the world’s only five thousand years old.

  3. John The Geologist says:

    Patrick – 10/10 for that one.

    “Irreducible stupidity” is brilliant. A fantastic concept.

    Believe in this creationist bollox and you cannot be any stupider. You are the pinnacle of stupidity. You have acheived stupidness nirvana. You are the stupidest of the stupid.


  4. Daoloth says:

    There is a superbly produced, Islamic funded by Adnan Oktar, book with lovely colour pictures purporting to show that nothing has changed on Earth for millions of years. It even has “hieroglyphs” of helicopters and Luke Skywalkers land speeder. It is hilarious. I use it with my students- the one who spots the dumbest argument gets a prize.

  5. dyl says:

    maybe we’re thinking about this all wrong, we should open our minds and consider their argument on it’s merits.

  6. CW says:

    Young-earth theistic evolution…? That’s a new one. But creationist minds walk in mysterious ways, so why not.

  7. Peter L says:

    You guys are so clever. Would like to read more about you, or would that be tempting fate?

  8. Stephen Turner says:

    I wonder why dog bothered creating all those slightly different versions of species (like the Galapagos finches). Or could that be a plot by Satan to make us doubt?

    It is believed that Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya is funded by Saudi oil money. But (Daoloth) did you really mean _millions_ of years? FWIW making any kind of comment about that “book” appears to make it likely that the site it is posted on will be banned in Turkey (this has already happened to, where RD himself posted a review of that book). I mean if you say a book is inane you can’t expect that people are allowed to read what you say. 🙂

  9. kiyaroru says:

    what’s going on back there?

  10. Felix says:

    Stephen, Yahya and his ilk are a sort of OEC bunch. They use the rhetoric that the most scientific book EVAR is the Koran of course – which means that anything scientists find out (except about evolution cuz that’s a conspiracy) is already in the Koran and has always been. The Koran is a science textbook to them, one that only reveals the truth after it’s been found. Clever eh? Not really, but it apparently compels enough nitwits to secure Yahya’s desired lifestyle.

  11. Dick M says:

    If you haven’t preused Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya’s books “Atlas of Creation”, you are missing out on a real treat. I received 1 volume in the mail, gratis. One of the pictures shows a fossil caddisfly and compares that to an extant one, except that—and this is where the gas comes in—the picture used of the extant caddisfly was ripped from the website of a guy who makes fishing lures! Yes, the caddisfly clearly shows its hook. Creationism does not get any more irreducibly stupid than that.

  12. CW says:

    “You guys are so clever.”
    No we’re not. It just seems that way because the alternative (religion) is so utterly dumb.

  13. jerry w says:

    Ha! Mo used the words reputable and scientist.
    And in the same sentence.
    What a joker he is.

  14. Tom S. Fox says:

    No, no, the Universe was created last tuesday!

  15. duchessa says:

    Ahaahaha, I love that I can *hear* the barmaid. Her second ‘Oh!’ sound so excited, and disappointed in the third. Brilliant use of punctuation.

  16. Hobbes says:

    If the world ended today, all that would be left would be cockroaches and fundamentalists. That’s a biblical fact! I still maintain that the fundamentalist mindset is the only place in the universe where both sides of a contradiction can exist.

  17. Daoloth says:

    Stephen. I thought it was probably Saudi oil money myself- is there any other evidence of this? I will go back and check the dates again today. As far as I recall there are some rather fine pictures of fossils alongside some modern forms with some sort of text to the effect that “see- look, Mr clever dick scientist- unchanged for millions of years- where’s your Hardy-Weinberg equation NOW, eh smarty-pants?” (I may have made that last bit up). But I will go back and check at source!
    Dick- I missed that one! Hilarious. Thanks.
    Peter- was that sarcasm? If so- it is misplaced. I doubt anyone here thinks of themselves as especially gifted. To echo Murray Gell-Mann, “If I have seen further than other men- it is because I am surrounded by dwarfs”

  18. John The Geologist says:

    This moslem creationist/fundamentalist thing appears to be relatively new.

    Certainly the geological/geophysical aspects of the planets development seem to have been accepted by moslems thirty five years ago. I used to work in Saudi Arabia and read a text book (in English I hasten to add) which was used in schools to teach kids about things like isostasy and continental drift.

    It was very childish in one sense (so isostatic equilibrium was likened to teeth where there is as much tooth under the gum as above it. Plate tectonics was likened to something like biscuits floating on custard). Whilst very childish these are pretty good analogies for kids.

    I have no idea how this new earth mentality crept in over the intervening years. Presumably the same way that the whole moslem world has been radicalised towards fundamentalaism. And it is a lot easier to just believe in the words of some old book cobbled together by nomads 200 years after the supposed author pegged out than it is to try and think about complex stuff.

    Ironic really that the Saudis should be funding this manifest nonsense as their wealth (and therefore their ability to fund anything) is based on the simplest and most easily understood geophysical principles of biogenetic oil creation and seismology.

    And I would like to point out that I am actually remarkably gifted – mostly in the underpants region.

  19. Hobbes says:

    BTW, the Oklahoma state legislature is investigating the University of Oklahoma for having the temerity to have Richard Dawkins speak there.


    Can there be any doubt that if the fundies took full power in the U.S., it would become much like fundi Islam?

  20. John The Geologist says:

    You couldn’t get a fag paper between them !

    (although maybe I shouldn’t mention fags in the same breath as dog and aller based fundamentalism)

  21. Daoloth says:

    Ok- I checked out Atlas of Creation- Volume 2. I found the Caddis fly on page 453 but it looked normal to me. Have I missed something? Is there another volume? Another page?
    Help- my faith in evolution is waning in the teeth of all the counter-evidence….
    On the other hand I found a hilarious page I had previously missed about egyptian lightbulbs.

  22. Don says:


    Apparently he fixed it in later editions.

  23. kiyaroru says:

    “Scientists discover dozens of new species in New Guinea”
    Did the Scientists miss something until now or did god just create the new species?

  24. Stephen Turner says:

    Whatever about his book, I’m afraid there’s nothing amusing about Harun Yahya:

    The saga of how Dawkins’ website got banned in Turkey is well-covered on the site itself (link in my earlier comment). The ban has still not been lifted.

  25. Daoloth says:

    Thanks for that. Thats just beautiful. I suggest we all order as many books as that idiot can produce (he distirubutes them for free) in an attempt to bankrupt him. Unfortunately he is backed by Saudi oil- this is a good argument for alterntive fuel research!

  26. Matt Oxley says:

    DANG, and for a second there I thought barmaid had just won the war…

    too bad

  27. hyoid says:

    Well, bless my bone, they are coming around.

    PS. I found the Caddis fly also and it looked back at me. (I think the Hemp body creame I just got at WalMart might be influencing my view. Nice vanilla-wee spice scent)

  28. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    you are all wrong!
    the God CREATED evolution
    those poor Christians have been fooled!

  29. SATAN says:

    that’s fucking awesome!
    there is no fucking god about creation and shit
    so where the fuck was god before human came to existence
    oh so when we did not exist and had animals around – then what was god doing? waiting to put the first human on earth. oh hold on he put adam and eve? hahah are u kiddding me! so every animal came in pairs. Lions dinosaurs and everything, even bacteria. so when the first rational animal took conscience of its existence, only now he realizes that there is a god. That’s coz he does not fucking know where the hell he came from! Religion has been coined by history, stupid mentality and thinking to help the desperate and those who think too much and might go crazy coz our existence is still a mystery and if today we’ve gone so far in technology and develpment its not fucking because of the priests and pope, its because of scientists; people who are eager to know and question the truth. There is no god! ask someone who’s beeen living off the streets and famine about GOD. He’ll tell u what GOD is. People who take the bible koran or whatever “sacred” books as reference on life are fucking stupid if they become fundamentalist about that shit. I had this muslim friend and he’s like “oh i dont eat this because it’s written in the .. .that its bad. THAT’S IT!!!
    he did not even wanna know the scientific reasons and question it. I understand why its written in the koran. Because religion is all history, At one point of time people were getting sick from pork because of bacteria and shit. So to make things easy they just had to put it in the KORan coz at that time if u did not go according to the koran -u’d get kiiled. so people out of fear stopped eating it,. Am not saying that its bad but like try to understand sth and trace it back to history to be able to form a picture of ur beliefs and guide ur decisions. Whats the purpose of a brain if u do what its written!


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