Then Mormonism.

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  1. Son of Glenner says:

    Gee! Again first to comment!

    So many religions, so many possibilities – spoilt for choice!

  2. J Ascher says:

    Answer: all of the above!

  3. CliffB says:

    Mormonism is a really useful religion as it demonstrates to the modern world how people can go into the desert, claim outlandish things while hiding the so-called evidence AND BE BELIEVED. It is remarkable that it mirrors Islam so closely in that respect.

    I fact, deserts and religions seem to have a magnetic attraction to one another.

    By the way, there is a typo – ‘heirarchy’ for hierarchy’.

  4. Author says:

    Well spotted, CliffB. Thank you.

  5. Caliban27 says:

    What with the current musical and all – I would have thought that Mormon would have rated petty well.
    I often look at the map of the evolution of world religions, such as ( and revisit that ultimate of atheist responses to the Theist:- You and I are very similar, it’s just that I only believe in one less religion than you.

  6. Laripu says:

    This one made me smile.

  7. Too close to call between Mormonism and Scientology. I often wish I could have met Joseph Smith. He must have been one hell of a convincing con man to sell such an outlandish story.
    My personal favourite for crazy religious myths is the story of how Ganesha came to have the head of an elephant. That one is right out there for wild and stupid stories, yet the dude is worshiped by a multitude.
    Keep ’em comin’ Author, it’s what you’re good at. Sincerely.

  8. Justin Case says:

    I think the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was intended to be the stupidest, but it turned out the most brilliant.

  9. HelenaHandbasket says:

    Yes, imagine the stupidity of an entire section of the population listening to a self-confessed con-artist who says he can solve all their problems (“believe me”) and not to listen to all those nay-sayers (“fake news”)who keep showing him up for what he is–such as someone clearly using his position for abusive access to women without consequences. Imagine if, instead of being a small bunch of gullible hicks listening to someone who just came back from the desert, it was 1/3 of an entire country of supposedly literate and educated folk! I can only begin to grasp the mortifying shame of it all. Thank goodness this could never happen today

  10. jb says:

    I rather like the Mormons. Mormonism is — as CliffB noted — a very instructive example of how religions can be created out of thin air, so there’s that. But more important, Mormonism seems to have a positive influence on its followers, who on the whole tend to be decent and prosperous people living orderly, civic minded, family oriented lives. There is a widely held critique of modern society which says that it tends to alienate its members from family and community and all the things that traditionally made human life meaningful. I think there is a lot of truth there! Mormonism to some degree seems to work against this, and there is probably something to be learned from that.

    Scientology, OTOH, is a vicious nut cult. I can’t think of anything good to say about it.

  11. CliffB says:

    This is rather like the outback-dwelling Aussie who was asked whether he would prefer to live in Melbourne or in Sydney: ‘Mate, that’s like asking me to choose between a dose of gonorrhoea and a dose of syphilis.’

  12. Steve Sherman says:

    Close call. The mainstream religions have so many cult offshoots–Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Schneerson’s Lubavitcher–but I have to go with the barmaid. The spaceship seals it.

  13. M27Holts says:

    Didn’t the creator of scientology basically tell everybody it was made up? Unlike other religions that demand that it’s the gospel truth!

  14. DC Toronto says:

    Helena – I get what you are trying to say. But when forced to choose it does not automatically follow that everyone who voted for trump support all that he is/says/does.
    It’s a bit like Sophies choice. Does choosing her son mean she didn’t love her daughter?

  15. Lakabux says:

    M27Holts if I recall the urban legend correctly, ol’ L Ron had a bet with another sci-fi writer (perhaps Arthur C. Clarke?) that he could found a religion. If the tale is true, he certainly won the bet.

  16. Deimos says:

    Between my last two heart attacks I decided to do a very subjective study of religions, including the Christianity I was born into (we were “throwing Christians”, i.e. every time you went to church stuff got thrown on you).

    I hit a brick wall with mormons, although their founders were obviously completely hatstand, the effects of mormons on most things are beneficial or harmless. As a group they also appear to be nice people.

    Unlike islam ( horrific effects on all around), scientology (cyanide for the soul) and various other options the mormons appear to have a positive effect on humanity.

    I have absolutely no idea why this is true but having talked to a few mormons I still find them both pleasant and harmless.

    Any ideas? I’m honestly eager to learn more and at this stage I’m stumped.

  17. Jazzlet says:

    Do Mormons think abortion on demand is acceptable? My perception is that while better than most other religions they are still patriachal to a damaging extent for men and women.

  18. TonyJazzz says:

    It is a mistake to associate the Mormons with kindness. Remember this was the church of polygamous wives. It is also a church that treats anyone who is ostracized as someone to be shunned. Gay people, among others, are treated like dirt.

    Within their own circles, they are friendly—but not outside of them.

  19. M27Holts says:

    Joseph Smith was another manipulative paedophile. Using his bat-shit religion to get into the knickers of younger and younger women and girls. The sexual aspect of any guru is the prime driver…

  20. Walter P. Kronkat says:

    I;ve worked with more than a few Mormons during my working life and some are nice folks and some are real rat bastards. There were 2 of them in my unit in the Marines in Vietnam. One would only drink orange soda, never touched tobacco or any other drugs unless given by sick bay. The other Mormon in our unit drank like an alcoholic, swore like a real Marine and did whatever drugs he could get.We asked him once about how different they were, he replied that he was a “lapsed” Mormon. You folks saying how nice and polite the Mormons are is not quite as honest as reality. Every group has its good people and its not so very nice ones also. Generalizations are not very often correct.

  21. Roo Bookaroo says:

    Nobody mentions it, but the Hebrew religion and its Moses creation is a pretty bizarre one, singling out their community as separate and superior to all the rest outside its original community. There’s a lot of mental aberration in the ancient Hebrew mindset, a lot of it passed on to early Christianity, and perhaps by imitation to Islam itself.

  22. j_m says:

    Dear Author,
    Although I agree that Scientology is ridiculously stupid, Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and similar Christian-mixture religions mushroomed in East Asia in late 19C looks strong contenders for bloody stupidity.
    The founder of Taiping claimed to be little bro of Jesus (HE told me in dream!). Then one of his follower claimed the very Father told him to do this and that, for inside power struggle, while engaging civil war against qing government costing estimated upto 100 million lives.

    And I guess you meant ‘patronisingly’ in panel 3? (which made me to comment after your style change..some times ago). Also I hope Nasar’s safe return to CnB, or just let us know if you’re safe, NBH.

  23. jveeds says:

    Although Scientology is clearly the winner of “most evil” in terms of church actions and policies, you’ve got to hand it to the Mormons for absorption in bizarre sayings and beliefs, even in the face of completely contradicting information.

    Joseph Smith, not realizing that the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics would soon be revealed in America, came across some genuine Egyptian papyri in 1835 and, feeling the spirit of God once again descending on the same self-taught linguistic talents that produced the Book of Mormon, proclaimed that he had translated the papyri. The scrolls were, he declared, the writings of Abraham and Joseph (son of Jacob). Of course. thanks to the Rosetta Stone, this was eventually exposed by scholars as pure confabulation.

    Some other gems:
    “Ye shall see me at the bar” [Moroni 10:27]
    “My bowels are filled with compassion for you.” [3 Nephi 17:6]
    “And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.” [3 Nephi 23: 11-12]

  24. Ann Kelley says:

    Brilliant, D! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  25. Author says:

    Thanks j_m – I missed that typo, too. I’m sorry to report that I have written to NBH and he has not replied.

  26. Hector says:

    Muslims themselves might well nominate Ahmadiyya or Bahai as stupidest or possibly even as most wicked. The interesting thing is that both were attempts to make islam itself less unfair and murderous while keeping up the religious aspects. It seems to confirm that if you’re going to be batshit at all, you’ve got to be REALLY batshit to get anywhere.

  27. Mohatmacoat says:

    More than one acquaintance who is otherwise of the same ilk as I has said, as Jesus says in today’s strip, that we should ‘respect’ the beliefs of those with a religious faith. Be polite to them, yes, it’s just good manners, but respect someone, a normally intelligent adult, whose beliefs are the equivalent of believing in Father Christmas? Na.

  28. Welshman says:

    Aliens, volcanoes and thermonuclear explosions – what’s not to like? As a sci-fi fan, Scientology looks awesome. In comparison, some of the older religions aren’t even trying.

  29. M27Holts says:

    A 21st century mystery religion could base all kinds of batshittery on opaque quantum physics and DNA and mitocondrial bio-chemistry…That would be a fun religion to base your life on…it’s called science…and some of the batshittery is proven to be true…some stuff will have to wait a while to be proven me thinks…

  30. CliffB says:

    To those who say that all religions and religious beliefs should be respected I generally respond with ‘Including those that advocate human sacrifice?’

  31. jb says:

    I don’t think there is any obligation to respect the beliefs (religious or otherwise) of other people. The thing that absolutely has to be respected is their right to disagree with (i.e., disrespect) your beliefs. That’s where all the trouble comes from!

  32. M27Holts says:

    Religious apologists basically believe in belief. If mankind is going to survive then it is FUNDAMENTALLY important that the religious fookwits are not allowed to brainwash their children….too much to ask when cultural programming is seen as a virtue rather than the path to extinction….

  33. HelenaHandbasket says:

    DC Toronto. Eight million people voted for Trump who had voted for Obama–so I assume that (at least) those people weren’t motivated by racism or simple malignancy towards their fellow humans. Not so sure about some of the others though…
    Voting for him is one thing, defending him is quite another. There are a vocal bunch of people online, at his rallies, maintaining his base (40%?) who didn’t just vote for him, don’t just support him…they worship him.
    I genuinely believe that this is not hyperbole–for them his word is literally law, he can do no wrong, everything he says/does is 4D chess (check out Scott Adams website sometime for examples).
    I therefore submit that these people are in the grip of a personality cult. Early stages–not quite Mao, Stalin, or the Kim family. Yet. But–its getting there and the mechanisms are laid bare for all to see.
    Watching America do this is fascinating (to me) because I’ve only been able to study personality cults in other peoples languages before.

  34. M27Holts says:

    I worked in the states in the late 90s. The north is ok. But when you get into the southern states…most of them have no right to vote because they barely have the intellect of a ten year old…

  35. Someone says:

    All religions are complete horseshit. Funny however that I was raised Catholic and feel safer in a Catholic church than at the Scientology recruitment center, where I was fooled into going as it was advertised as an IQ test; I later found out it’s common bait for them. But being 19, bored and jobless I decided to see just how they worked, and I never returned after the sales pitch.
    The Seventh Day Adventists are also a horde of zombies. This was about 14 years ago and my old housemate invited me to a fete there. I didn’t want to go but was promised free food. After seeing a priest instruct his congregation on how to “bring people in” and noticing everyone turn to me like a crowd of pod people spotting fresh prey, I got the fuck out of there quick, food be damned.
    But I’m glad to have had that exposure and not something more pernicious; I can laugh about it, after all. I guess I lucked out with the Catholic priests growing up as their biggest crimes (outside religion) were dad jokes.

  36. M27Holts says:

    A childhood friend was a JW. When I was 16 he invited me to a talk on evolution because he knew that I was interested in the biological sciences. The buffoon giving the talk told the assembled ignoramuses that evolution was all lies because monkies and are not turning into men in the zoo’s. I had to interrupt him and pointed out that we evolved from a common ancestor with chimps about 6 million years ago. His reply? Impossible because the earth is only 10000 years old. I left the talk at that point. Stupid fookers…

  37. I have been paying attention to what’s been happening south of our border, and I have come to a disturbing conclusion. Trump has no respect for law, due process, or election results. I predict that he will not go gracefully, or peacefully. I hereby predict that it will take a military coup, or something equally drastic, to get rid of the guy.
    Why have I reached this conclusion – his obvious approval/envy of Xi Jinping when he became president for life. You could just see Trump thinking, hey, if he can do it, why can’t I.
    Trump has dropped broad hints that he won’t accept losing the next election. He’s testing the water, seeing how far he can push things. And so far he’s had nobody really get in his way when he pushed things.
    Anybody else seeing a pattern here?

  38. Someone says:

    Darwin, this is why I nearly rescinded my citizenship after the last election, because I knew that fat son of a bitch would pull the stunts that he has.
    Yes, I voted Dem then and I kept my citizenship to continue voting, with my midterm forms sent a month ago. I know it’s wrong to say that I hope a world leader gets assassinated but in Drumph’s case, I’ll make an exception.
    For he is not a world leader, but the American equivalent of Hitler (stupid, bigoted and that’s it). The only place he’s leading the world is into nuclear dystopia.
    But then, we’ve been given ample warning since the 80’s about people like him. Nobody listens or cares until the mushrooms fill the horizon.

  39. Deimos says:

    As usual the response to my request was most enlightening and I do love to just watch the flow of fun and opinion.

    Thats me done for that request and thanks to everyone.

    So what does everyone think of the new Dr Who ?

    Just kidding but I get the feeling it doesn’t matter, let the floodgates open.

  40. Uncle Roger says:

    “the mormons appear to have a positive effect on humanity.”

    I know I’m late to the party, but y’all must not live in California, USA where the mormons worked really hard (from out of state) to get the heinous Prop 8 passed, banning loving couples from getting married.

    Generally speaking, mormons are homophobic, racist, wackadoodles. Individually, some of them are quite nice; collectively, they are toxic.


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