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  1. TB says:


    now THAT’s divine intervention! I love how people pray when things don’t happen their way.

  2. carolita says:

    Years and years ago I promised never to ask God for anything like money, cars, success, love, and all the usual crap people pray for. I pray for God now. I pray that people will leave him alone, give him a break, stop blaming him for everything… They say God is dead, so I pray that he get well soon. I pray FOR God, not at him. I figure I can take care of all the other stuff on my own. Miracles really aren’t called for, for much of what I do.

  3. The Ridger says:

    I worship this comic. It may be my favorite ever.

  4. louis says:


    carolita: people blame god for everything? from where i stand, he gets credit for the good and excused for the bad b/c of his mysterious ways.

  5. mark says:

    its all a trick we play on ourselves.

  6. Boyan says:

    Don’t you get it? Allah makes the miracle by giving the barmaid extra tickets. People nowadays expect miracles to happen, and 2 tickets to come from the sky together with divine light or something, so that’s why there are so many atheists…

    Nice comic:)

  7. Jonathan says:

    A hilariously, knee-slappingly true comic.

  8. “Years ago we answered them all, but years ago there was less people. And people prayed for something simple then: to light a fire, to catch a yak. Nowadays we get people praying for hockey teams, people praying for longer fingernails — we just can’t keep up with it.”

    George Carlin: Interview with Jesus

  9. Tim says:

    Beautiful comic – a great re-telling of the old joke:
    “A priest is hanging off a cliff by his fingertips, and a walker approaches and says ‘let me help’ and the priest says ‘No God will save me!’…
    (repeat for a boat and helicopter)
    …”the priest falls to his death and says to god ‘why didn’t you save me?’ and god says ‘you ungrateful bastard! I sent a walker, a boat and a helicopter…’ “

  10. AitchJay says:

    Thanks, I just sprayed beer out my nose..

    This is great, I’ve been going through your archives for a couple of days now, it’s all good.

  11. Dave N says:

    One of the best strips ever!

  12. fenchurch says:

    @Carolita: so you’re saying that even an omnipotent deity needs a little help now and then?

  13. omsacras says:

    Old comic, but I must add it made me laugh out loud.

  14. Topi says:

    Old devout jew is praying to Jahveh:

    “Please let me win in Eurojackpot, so that I could live the end of my life in peace.”

    Comes next friday and he doesn’t win. So he prays again. Next friday, no dice. The same happens third time he speaks his mind to Jahveh:

    “Why haven’t you granted my meager wish. Why have you granted the win to some yokels who only drink the money insted to me who would put it in your favor?”

    Jahveh answers: “You could buy a ticket, you know.”


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