This is a new version of a 10-year-old joke, with script brought up to date and a technical issue fixed.

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  1. Trevor M says:

    Think you need more copies of the 3rd panel – 1000 say?

  2. Caliban27 says:

    No, Trevor M, the moon has gone from fourth panel signifying much elapsed time.
    Here there are many senses of “slow”: slow to understand for christians and for Jesus, slow to respond, slow with second coming.

  3. RossR says:

    Not only has the moon gone from fourth panel, the constellations have moved on, indicating that serious time has elapsed. But look! A shooting star! The Second Coming must really be just around the corner!

  4. Alan Flynn says:

    An animated version of this cartoon might borrow from the spectacular time-lapse effects of the 1960 film version of The Time Machine: mountains rise and fall but STILL no second coming!

  5. pink squirrel says:

    A second coming of Christ ?
    Not been proven there was a first one, never mind a second.
    Also -given the bible says ‘like a thief in the night’ suggests he would return unnoticed – so maybe he did but the xians missed it?

  6. pink squirrel says:

    The amount of time elapsed between panel 3 and 4 should be possible to calculate from the change of the moon’s shadow angle behind the park bench

  7. Jerry www says:

    It’s a shame that the frame format doesn’t allow adding at least 10 more panels between 3 and 4 that would show ala Terminator bodies turning to dust and bones being buried in the sand.

  8. I do love a good time-lapse joke.

  9. Grumpy says:

    Wait two thousand years – nothing – and then three of them turn up at once.

  10. Jazzlet says:

    Thank you Author yet again.

  11. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    It is convoluted to be Christian
    The essence is definitely missin
    Talking heads in the sand
    Proselytize what is banned
    islam, which is a contradiction.

  12. Federico R. Bär says:

    Good! I hadn’t paid attention to the moon. The question may have been delayed until the following evening, or the next, or the next…..

  13. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Is does this “fixed technical issue” have anything to do with the scarceness of comments last week? And if so, how come Pink Sqirrel & yours truely HAVE been able to post?

  14. Author says:

    Dr JdW – No, the previous comic just didn’t attract as many comments as most. The “technical issue” with the original strip was a phantom bubble-tail caused by the lower horn of the crescent moon (see panel 2).

  15. I got the joke, but am far too slow to catch the subtleties. Thanks for the help, mates. You made a good joke into a great joke.

  16. Michael says:

    It only took Author ten years to fix the technical issue. He must be a saviour as well.

  17. Macha says:

    The subtlest is the bestist.

  18. Macha says:

    Also – the comet is brill!

  19. pink squirrel says:

    is it a comet or a meteor? – I would say meteor – because the tail narrows to a point – whereas a comet would have a tail that widens from a point.

  20. machigai says:

    They blinked!
    I just know it.

  21. Art.25 says:

    Hate to be the party pooper here, but I don’t think the joke is that funny. It would be if Jesus would have been genuinely slow in other areas, but that’s not documented. For instance, it would have a been a GREAT joke if Author was Charles M. Schulz and the it was aimed at Charlie Brown ! Ze points from Belgium : only 7 on a scale of 10.

  22. pink squirrel says:

    7/10 is still a first by university degree ratings

  23. Jerry www says:

    I recently saw an internet meme that said one difference between the 2nd coming and a cow is that you can’t milk a cow for 2,000 years.

  24. pink squirrel says:

    maybe you cant milk a cow for 2000 years but the Vatican has managed to milk a herd of bulls for almost as long

  25. Jerry www says:

    Pink Squirrel, With a herd of bulls you’re not exactly “milking” them, perhaps it’s just priests training each other on how to handle altar boys?

  26. pink squirrel says:

    the reference was to papal ‘bull’ -textural waffle the Vatican decrees from on high
    but never mind

  27. I was in the Sistine Chapel this morning, but try as I did I could not get there before the tourists. The restored ceiling really is incredible compared to what I saw the last time, in the late seventies. But all I could think about was the cash flow the place generates after all these years. Whatever Michelangelo was paid,it was a good investment by the Catlicks. Kind of hurt to be contributing to the swollen coffers

  28. pink squirrel says:

    The restoration work may have made the coffers somewhat less swollen, you have to wonder what their overheads are like too, priests don’t work for nothing.

  29. Dr John de Wipper says:

    From today’s newspaper:
    Saudi doctor shot in the King Fahad Medical City ziekenhuis in Ryad by new father after successful birthing.
    After the birthing the man made an appointment with dokter Muhannad. Al-Zabn thought the father wanted to thank him that all went well, but it turned out otherwise. The man took out a gun from under his clothes and shot the docter in the garden of the hospital. According to a hospital spokesman the situation of the docter is stable.
    The perpetrator fled, but could soon be apprehended by the police. Upon interrogation he said that it was unheard-of for a male doctor to have seen his wife naked. “The partus should have been conducted by a female gynaecologist”.

  30. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Muhannad. Al-Zabn
    Should be
    Muhannad Al-Zabn. Al-Zabn
    Makes better logic that way.

  31. pink squirrel says:

    Dr John – proves that while Jesus may be slow, Mo is moving retrograde.

    but suppose it had been a female gynaecologist – what if the baby had been a boy – she would have seen a male naked.
    maybe Saudis should stop procreating -just in case

  32. Someone says:

    Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with those kind of people?
    A question that will no doubt be asked until the end of days.

    Then again, I can’t blame Jesus for an extensive pause before response – maybe he just has no answers. Fitting.

  33. Dr John de Wipper says:

    but suppose it had been a female gynaecologist – what if the baby had been a boy – she would have seen a male naked.
    Well, it is not that bad…
    As long as the child is still suckling, it is not yet considered gender-differentiated. (quite handsomely so arranged, so it can be left to females to handle the the diapers – – or whatever they used in those days). And since the Koran prescribes 24 moons (not much less than 2 years) of breastfeeding, your “problem” does not arise.

  34. Dr John de Wipper says:

    I should learn better typing and/or better proofreading.
    Please assume end-of-bold after just one bold word.

  35. pink squirrel says:

    still better than the Xian old days – when women were not supposed to have medical care during childbirth -cos ‘god’ via the bible ordained that women were supposed to suffer because they were responsible for ‘original sin’

  36. pink squirrel says:

    also it wasn’t very Islamic on the part of the father – to shoot the doctor for seeing his wife
    surely the proper more sharia correct way would be for him to shoot the wife for allowing herself to be seen

  37. Don says:

    And here I thought the technical issue was the fact that a crescent moon pointing in that direction would mean it was broad daylight instead of night…

  38. two cents' worth says:

    Dr. John and pink squirrel, I’m afraid to ask, but are we sure that the father did not shoot his wife as well as the doctor?

  39. pink squirrel says:

    none of the reports mention the wife being shot- not even the daily mail ones- which would likely have jumped on that piece of info had it been present
    this is the article from an English lang version-

  40. “And what did you mean by ‘slow of mind’?” —Groo


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