Better not tell the muttawa.

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  1. Pezter says:

    That is J & M’s relationship down to a tee. Perfect.

  2. Duchessa says:


  3. Bckcntry says:

    Aw, poor Mo.

  4. Allow me to shamelessly plug my own blog. This post contain a picture I took in Hyderabad, India of an unintentionally funny anti-Valentines-poster put up by the Muslim Girls Association India:

  5. RavenBlack says:

    WilliamJansen – that poster is great. I especially like “…are against the principles of Islam & acts of Satan (evil)”. How dare they be against acts of Satan!

  6. aiaiai says:

    poor mo! that´s one of reasons jesus deserves to be crucified!

  7. nina says:

    And yet, these things are not banned on other weeks of the year in Saudi Arabia.

    I don’t see why they are singling out a fake holiday like Valentines – it’s more to do with Hallmark than anything xtian.

    @WilliamJansen – great blog, thanks for sharing.

  8. grouchy-one says:

    @aiaiai – a better reason at least than the ones Jesus made!
    a good analysis on the non-sacrifice of jesus here…

  9. Uncle Roger says:

    Awww! Poor Mo! I think my wife knows just how he feels…

  10. Uncle Roger says:

    Thank you William Jansen, for sharing that poster! I had no idea that love and romance “are against the principles of Islam”! I shall remember this!

  11. Stephen Turner says:

    It’s incomprehensible that Mo hasn’t received any Valentine cards. Look at that handsome turban, the line of his monobrow and the masculine chest-wig!

  12. Crusader Rabid says:

    The thing that gets Muslims upset is not so much that cards, roses & chocolates are haram, but that St Valentine was a Christian. The strip would work better (or make more sense) if it was an atheist in bed with Mo.

  13. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Crusader Rabid; after looking at WilliamJansen’s poster I’d hazard that the idea of boys giving girls romantic tokens is a big part of their objections.

    Girls must keep themselves pure and have no interaction with males as friends or boyfriends. That way she will have little reference to judge just how badly her husband treats her compared to other men.

    The old testament is no better when it comes to blaming women for the ‘sinning’ ways of men. Poor Eve, for one example.

  14. Neuseline says:

    Mo, my card to you is in the post.

  15. DonR says:

    Did Jesus ever have crucifixion holes in his hands, or have I just never noticed that he didn’t until now?

  16. Crusader Rabid says:

    Just noticed this from author’s link under ‘is it funny today’:
    ‘The kingdom bans celebration of Western holidays such as Valentine’s Day, named after a Christian saint said to have been martyred by the Romans in the 3rd Century.’
    ..what I said..

  17. Don says:


    They come, they go. You never heard of invisible stigmata?

  18. Don says:

    I’ve just realised I’ve been reading this blog for over four years. Damn, time flies.

  19. Jerry w says:

    Panel one screams for the blinking eyes!

  20. nina says:

    if Mo is requiring the basis for everything to come from Sharia – maybe it’s that women on Valentine’s day are being treated as valuable.

  21. MercedesCorrosion says:

    Valentine is a Christian cover up for the immensly popular pagan Roman holiday of Lupercalia – the wolf holiday – worshipping the ancient holy wolf mother of Rome (Lupa, who suckled Romus and Remulus) and the holy werewolf-herd god Lupercalis. Very similar to the Greek Lykaia (another wolf holiday). It started out as herd-people’s and farmers’ reverence of the wolf, and later in city-Rome it turned into a joyous and popular holiday of fertility, sex-rituals and fun. Even when the christian church forbade all pagan religion they couldn’t make people stop having fun at this holiday, so just as with Easter, Yule and summer solstice the church had to invent a saint to make the holiday approved by Christianity.

  22. Pappy mcfae says:

    True love just doesn’t last forever.


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