This one’s from back in 2006.

I’m sorry to say that current work commitments mean that I can no longer keep up the two-comics-a-week schedule. The contract I’m working on is taking up too much of my limited mental capacity to allow me to give J&M the attention I would like, and it will keep me busy until early next year.

I will try to post something new once a week, although I can’t make any promises. To abandon the strip altogether would leave a J&M shaped hole in my heart, so keep hold of that RSS feed, or join the mailing list (above right) to keep informed about updates.

Thanks for understanding.

Peace and blessings.

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  1. Cyn says:

    oh no! say it ain’t so! well.. i will definitely keep up w/ whatever you do post. thanx for all the wonderful cartoons. 🙂

  2. Pappy mcfae says:

    I get to make first comment! :HAPPY DANCE:

    Funny how I tend to agree with Barmaid on this particular point. I gave up on the tooth fairy, why should I continue to pretend I believe in god, or whatever he calls himself these days?

  3. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    One can occasionally give a boo
    To what it’s about to be true
    When it comes to believe
    Many come to grieve
    Over nothing, and end up with a screw.

  4. I thank you for the high quality you have put out over the past few years and completely understand why you have to lower your output. Thanks for everything and I wish J & M paid better than your day job!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lots of people (at least in the U.S.) grow up believing in a man in the sky with a big white beard, who does nice things for you if you’re good.

    Then they stop believing in Santa Claus. But for some strange reason, this experience gives them _no clue_ that perhaps they should also stop believing in God.

  6. Mikehattan says:

    Glad to hear you have a job which will pay your bills. But sorry that you will not have as much time for as many of these extremely cutting edge cartoons. However, even one comic a week will still be enough for us fans. Please continue to keep us mentally stimulated and amused and good luck with the new job.

  7. Tomfoolery says:

    Long live J&M. Only recently discovered it, have all the books and the mug. My wife got me a J&M birthday cake. It’s brilliant. As Dawkins said, keep up the good work.

  8. Marcus Prometheus says:

    Translation in italian.

    Jesus: Barista, ma tu perche’ non sei credente? E’ perche’ sei legata ad una vita di peccato?
    La barista: No.
    Mohammed: Sei troppo orgogliosa per sottometterti alla volonta’ di Allah?
    La barista: No.
    Jesus: Odii Dio?
    La barista: No.
    Mohammed: Allora spiegati! Perche’ non sei religiosa?

    La barista: In sostanza ho forti riserve filosofiche sul credere a cose che non sono vere.
    Jesus: Peccato!
    Mohammed: Posso capire che questo sarebbe un problema!

    Cordiali saluti a tutti i liberi e laici
    Marcus Prometheus.
    Penso che tutte le grandi religioni del mondo: …
    … cristianesimo, islamismo e comunismo,
    siano, a un tempo false e dannose. Bertrand Russell

    Accogliere solo i profughi laici dall’Islamismo Espellere tutti gli islamisti.
    Combattere il masochismo antioccidentale, che mina liberta’ e democrazia.

  9. Saltinbanqui says:

    No no no!..I hope you wont stop posting completely. Once a week sound great, but I have the ugly feeling that with time, J&M will slowly start to disappear!!!…NO!!!
    Please, don’t let this wonderful comic die!

  10. Vince's mom says:

    Congrats and good luck with your job. I have enjoyed J&M and will look forward to whenever you are able to post a strip again. Don’t stress over it, though. Thanks for the nice letter you sent out to your readers.

  11. kiyaroru says:

    We’ll be waiting here whenever you have the time.

  12. kiyaroru says:

    Would it help if we bought more stuff?
    I don’t have a mug yet…

  13. Joe Fogey says:

    This week’s cartoon is a gem.

    I shall look forward to whatever work you produce, whenever you’ve got time. Sadly, mortgages don’t pay themselves. Good luck with the day job.

  14. david amies says:

    I propose that we create a new academic field to stand with theology in our universities. How about toothfairyology?


  15. henry ford says:

    We will be here. Always. Thanks

  16. John Fargo says:

    Maybe if you give J&M some bling then Goldline would give you a salary. Works for Glenn Beck when he reports the “gnus”.

  17. Arrdee says:

    Well-aged or fresh, I always look forward to the next cartoon. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  18. Diane G. says:

    I’ll be waiting loyally for whatever you can produce, whenever you can produce it. 😀

  19. yokohamamama says:

    What Diane said :-)) And no problem re-reading past strips–they still make us laff the second time around (proof positive of how good they are!)…

  20. You do not owe us anything. If you are able to produce once a week or once a month or once a year, everything out of your hands is a gratefully appreciated gift.

    And do continue to repost Classic Jesus & Mo, as having your selection take me by surprise adds value to the archive, and helps me pace my enjoyment of your wonderful work.

    Be Happy!

  21. Dont give up on the earning potential of J&M. Keep that tin cup on the sidewalk, buy a burka, and demand a huge speaker’s fee. J&M has made you famous. That’s half way to being rich.

  22. Speaking of which, have you considered selling the movie rights to Jesus and Mo? Think about how “The Simpsons” got started, as a counter culture comic. You have an audience. Get an agent.

  23. mishahu says:

    Blessings!! Have J&M got to you?

  24. Jim Moore says:

    I won’t be surprised if it will be an easy task for you to come up with at least one comic per week, as after all the religious right come up with plenty of inspiration for poking fun at nearly every day, so new comics will probably write themselves in your mind.

    @ Darwin Harmless – actually, becoming famous is half way to becoming rich and famous. The getting rich part involves coming up with a scam wherein many pay you a little each or a few pay you a lot each. Just ask any corporate parasite, bank robber, conservative politician, head of a religious organisation or heir to a fortune.

  25. grumpy says:

    You have given us many gifts and will continue to do so. Don’t be sorry about that. I for one will still enjoy J&M no matter with which frequency they arrive on my screen. I’d still be deeply grateful to you if you stopped producing altogether – the existing cartoons are an overwhelming boon to me.

  26. Juan says:

    I thank you for your honesty and good humour, and I am not worried at all about re-reading old posts -they are now as fresh as back in 2006!

  27. HaggisForBrainsDS7 says:

    I’m a bit late this morning, after taking Mrs Brains for an MRI scan (to check the haggis), so it’s all been said already. I’ll still look forward to a weekly hit, and hope the day job provides sufficient funds for you to continue the good work.

  28. Daluva says:

    Aww…well I guess reality intrudes.
    Will look forward to your updates as always.
    Of course if you really wanted to make some money with the strip you could go into apologetics and start documenting how J&Mo start to reconcile their faiths with each other and modern society(ala Karen Armstrong). And then live happily ever after!
    Not the athiest however – she will always be hated(even sometimes by other athiests like Michael Ruse).

  29. European says:

    @Marcus: Thanks for the Italian translation; your byline is not so funny though:
    Accogliere solo i profughi laici dall’Islamismo Espellere tutti gli islamisti.
    Combattere il masochismo antioccidentale, che mina liberta’ e democrazia.
    ‘Receive only laicistic refugees from Islamism, expel [!] all Islamists. Combat anti-Western masochism which is undermining freedom and democracy’.
    Islamism, like Christian bigottery (or Fascism, for that matter) is mostly a home-grown problem these days (think of the UK 7/7 bombers), there’s nowhere to export these issues to. And certainly your position is neither liberal nor democratic. Within the boundaries of the law, a liberal democracy needs to put up with extreme positions of all kinds, pensaci un po’…

  30. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Once a week is fine, just promise not give it up completely. This site makes my day, thank you for all the joy you bring.

  31. Ford says:

    What, no Templeton Foundation grant?

  32. kikainonaknoyuurei says:

    Thank you for all the laughs and food for thought~ Since I only somewhat recently found this strip even the old ones are new to me. I will look forward to new strips when you have the time. Good luck ~ and I will continue to stop by daily! J&M rocks ^^!!

  33. Submoron says:

    Thank you many, many times for sanity in a mad world and laughter in a sad one.

  34. Fabiolicious says:

    I love your jesus-like puns. Have fun in your work! Don’t let jesus die…

  35. Unruly Simian says:

    We have and always will be your humble fans..(bows, genuflects irreverantly….

  36. wait! they just accepted the barmaid’s statement that their beleifs are untrue!

  37. Mohamad says:

    Oh, that why the atheism people have no shame to did sex near the road or in public transportation, they are no dignity, doing something as they want without thinking about the moral. Atheism people have no shame perform sex in bus stop such a dog. Most of you say each people can do anything as far as not breach the law, but you have no dignity to do anything even though you breach the moral law. Your life are like an animal such dog and pig, no shame, perform sex at anywhere. Thank you.

  38. Mohamad says:

    For athiesm people, are you have an answer for my question: Why the rest of primate still a monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon? When they will transform into human? Tomorrow? Next Week? Next Month? Next Year? Or they will never transform into human because the word in silliest book, Origin of Species is a liar. Second question, what the shape of universe and the shape of pain? Triangle? Rectangular? Round? or you have no answer because Charles Darwin not wrote in his silliest book, Origin of Species? I am waiting for you answer. Answer my question to proof your belief in atheism, if you cannot give any answer that mean you are a liar like you master, Charles Darwin. Proof that if you have a dignity. Thank

  39. Daoloth says:

    @Mohamad. We atheism people still waiting for you to turn into human. I waiting you answer. Thank.

  40. Stephen Turner says:

    Hey author, it’s a pity, but keep it up when you can! The old ones are still good too.

  41. LykeX says:


    For such a moral person, you sure spend a lot of time thinking about other people having sex

  42. @Mohamad I apologize for my fellow atheists being so rude to you. But I think they feel provoked when you express the opinion that Charles Darwin was a liar. Perhaps he was deluded, but we don’t think he lied. Maybe we are confused, but I don’t think we lie. I’d like to invite you to read just one book. It’s called “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. If you read that book, and have any questions, I’d be delighted to talk to you. If you won’t read that book, if you think you know everything because of what is written in your ancient holy book, then we have nothing to talk about because you are willfully ignorant. Ignorance can be corrected. Willful ignorance is beyond hope.
    Oh, and it sounds like English is not your first language. You might find the book heavy going, but maybe you could get some help. Or just treat it as good practice for reading English.

  43. Rafael says:

    Please don’t give up!! Even if you only manage to create one strip a quarter, I will always be eagerly waiting for it. You can’t imagine how much I enjoy reading Jesus & Mo and how fond I am of these two characters. Don’t stress yourself with self-imposed deadlines, we’re happy to wait.
    Another thing: keeping the comic alive is a win-win situation. On one hand you can’t risk having a hole in your heart, and on the other, you bring intelligent and mental stimulating enjoyment to hundreds of people.
    And congratulations for doing so well at work! This is a good problem to have in these uncertain economic times 🙂

  44. ShaunOTD says:

    @ Author: Glad you can pay your rent, and very glad you’re not thinking of abandoning J&M!

  45. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    I agree with mikehattan.


    For those about to J & M fans we salute you, also salute to the author 🙂

  46. @ Mohamad Your question about when will the monkeys turn into humans tells us all that you don’t know anything about the theory of evolution. Nobody thinks some apes suddenly became humans. (Even if that had happened, it wouldn’t mean that ALL apes would turn into humans. Why would anybody think that?) What we believe is that at some point in the distant past, humans and apes had a common ancestor. Like the branches of a tree, the descendants slowly changed until they are distinct species. But there was no point at which someone would say that mom and dad were apes but the child is human. The change was very gradual. Over millions of years. I don’t know where you got your ideas about evolution, but they are seriously wrong. Nobody who understands evolution thinks it works the way you seem to expect. You seem to think evolution worked like magic. It didn’t. It was a process. A very long process over millions of years.

  47. Beggar's Belief says:

    These comments have brought a tear to my eye! (Not Mohamad)
    As above- thank you Author, and I look forward to all and any future J&Ms.

  48. Uncle Roger says:

    @LykeX — don’t fall into the theists’ trap of thinking that sex is somehow immoral. It’s not. But if you can control their sex drive, you can control the people. Hence, religion.

    @Mohamad — your old and tired misunderstanding of evolution is a waste of your time and just makes the rest of us laugh at you. Go and learn about evolution and when you understand it, you can return and refute it — except that you won’t; you’ll be an atheist by then.

    @author — Go forth and put food on your table (and a pint in your glass). When you have time and the inclination, we will be here, waiting for your wit and wisdom.

    @barmaid — a pint of Newcastle while I wait, if you don’t mind.

  49. beechnut says:

    But…but…I NEED J&M. Oh well, I suppose need is always a beggar. If you can manage to toss us the odd crumb it will be gratefully lapped up. In the meanwhile, thanks for everything. It’s been brilliant.

  50. MrGronk says:

    Author, even one toon a week gives me a decent enough fix. Best of luck with the new job.
    @Darwin – it’s laudable that you always make a great effort to try and reason with those of differing opinions, but I suspect the time you’ve spent explaining stuff to a blinkered idiot like Mohamad is 20 minutes of your life you’re not going to get back. Most people have the potential for enlightenment, even those who stubbornly wrap their heads in the “armour of faith”. Then there’s the Mohamads of the world, who seem to be proof that a man can evolve into a mule. I don’t think you’ll cause the slightest flicker of uncertainty in his proudly ignorant skull. If I were you I’d save my sparring skills for a shrewd and subtle Jesuit, or some other worthy opponent.

  51. Frogflayer says:

    I’ve not posted before although I am an avid reader.
    So I just wanted to say
    Keep up the work and keep up the good work.

  52. @ MrGronk I’m a fast typist, so not twenty minutes. And I have faith that ignorance can be cured. Even abysmal ignorance. Guess I’m just a faith head.

  53. DC says:

    Hi Author – we certainly understand that life can get in the way of our true love and calling! Good luck and I will hope the day comes soon that you can get back on the J&M horse full-time again!

  54. Andrew Hall says:

    It’s tough to come up with new material constantly.

  55. Exzanian says:

    The questions being asked are all a priori assumptive and grammatically incoherent! The answers should be:
    1) Wtf is sin?
    2) wtf is allah?
    3) wtf is god?

  56. ShaunOTD says:

    @Exzanian – Welcome to the wonderful world of theology.

  57. wright1 says:

    Many thanks for the funny and thoughtful comics, Author! Post new stuff when you can; it’s well worth the wait.

  58. Mohamad says:

    Nobody all of you can give me the answer how the belief of atheism that believe humans was transformed from primate as taught by Charles Darwin. It show all of you are a stupid person who easily cheated by illogical ideology such atheism. I ask you only two question, but there are no any answer for my question, so funny, where the paleontologist expert to explain how some monkey, baboon, chimpanzee, and other primate transformed into human, but why the rest of monkey, chimpanzee, baboon and other primates still in animal form? I need a fact, I want a fact from atheism people that claim they have a proof of human from primate, but nobody of you have a proof why the rest of primate in zoo, circus, forest still a primate and why they not transform into human like Charles Darwin and his followers?

    Evolution theory is a illogical belief, the fact is until now I only ask two question about why the rest of primate in zoo, circus, forest still a primate, when they will transform in human, nobody of atheism can answer this question including the paleontologist who have a Doctor of Philosophy in Paleontologist from famous universities around the world. My second question about the shape of universe, the shape of pain there are no atheism people can answer my question even though the expert cosmologist or the expert doctor from atheism group. Why you have no answer for my question? Because you belief of atheism is wrong, illogical, and a stupid ideology. I have challenge atheism people to proof the truth of atheism ideology, but there are truth, but a stupid bubbling from a silly atheism follower. I give you a chance to proof the truth of Evolution Theory, if all of you fail, and still believe the stupid ideology and silliest theory such atheism and Evolution Theory, you are the worst person that I found during my life. Thank you.

  59. HaggisForBrainsDS7 says:

    Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.

  60. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, your explanation is unacceptable, first, you say only some of the primate will transform in human, but the rest will not, the question is why? When we look at caterpillar, it will transform into pupa and then into butterfly or moth, it will not a caterpillar forever like the you explanation of how the rest of monkey that will be a monkey forever and not transform into human like you and Charles Darwin. Evolution Theory is a weakest theory that not based on research, only from viewing and assuming. Why I say that? When he look the skeleton of monkey have some similarities with human, he only assume, he not made any scientific research about what he found. It so funny when I read how the reptile dinosaur transform into bird when the reptile dinosaur hunt a flies, can you imagine how the reptile dinosaur get the wing? How long the process? From that information, is clearly the Evolution Theory is a weakest and illogical theory that should be abandoned by civilized people. Have you any explanation about the formation of bird from reptile dinosaur, if you not believe me, try to ask the expert paleontologist, he/she will told you the same of I inform you. Thank you.

  61. Mohamad says:

    Uncle Roger, I will not be an atheist because I know the fact that atheism is a wrong way of life, atheism is a garbage belief by someone have a problem in his/her mind. Are you can give me a question how the some primate became a human such you and Charles Darwin and why the rest of primate in zoo, forest, circus still a primate? I believe you have no answer for my question because you know the truth, but you still let be cheated by illogical theory such Evolution Theory. Thank you.

  62. @Mohamad I’ll try one last time. Let me ask you this. Are you EXACTLY the same as your father? Or are you maybe just a little bit shorter, or taller. Or maybe your fingers are just a little bit longer. This is the kind of change we talk about with evolution. It’s not a magical transformation, like from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Evolution is tiny changes over thousands of generations over millions of years. Now, if you get this idea, you might understand why your question is so silly sounding to us. Nobody thinks an ape suddenly turned into a human. That’s a crazy idea, a religious idea. That’s like creatinism.
    To understand why ALL apes didn’t turn into humans, just draw a line on a piece of paper. Then part way along the line draw another line from the first line, like the letter Y. Now, where the two lines join is where we had a common ancestor with apes. We are at the end of one arm of that Y and the apes are at the end of the other arm. Can you understand that idea?
    Now, please, stop insulting us and calling us names. You are abysmally ignorant. Please don’t prove that you are also stupid. Ignorance can be cured with education. Stupidity is beyond my help.

  63. Mary2 says:

    Author. I am terribly sad that there will not be two new J & Ms per week – but I am glad I get to re-read the old ones.

    @Mohamad. People who have not bothered to read a primary school biology text book, should not be so arrogant about their so-called ‘knowledge’. Your questions have been answered very gently and succinctly by @Darwin Harmless, but you refuse to even consider his answers. No one is suggesting you have to agree with them, but please stop long enough to hear what he says.

  64. @Mohamad. Your question about dinosaurs becoming birds is actually more interesting. Yes, it took millions of years. But we can see every step in the process in creatures that are alive today. In fact, if you look at the feet of a chicken, you will see the reptile scales. Those scales gradually modified into feathers, and we can see every step in that modification on the wing of a penguin.
    Now, are you asking questions because you want to learn something? Or do you think you already know? Is your mind open, or closed? If your mind is open, you will find the study of evolution fascinating. Read the book I recommended. “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. It will answer all of your questions and you won’t sound so ignorant in company with this learned crowd. Right now you are like a six year old picking a fight with your Mullah. You don’t even know how ignorant you are.

  65. Stephen Turner says:

    This one makes me wonder if Barmaid would have a case for harassment at work. Looks as though she’s cohabiting with someone too, as J says that she’s wedded to a life of sin.

  66. CJS says:

    You should create a couple of four panel templates with blank speech balloons and let some of your fans fill in the conversations. You could post some of the best of these on those weeks you don’t have time to do the strip yourself. Your fans are pretty sharp, and i’m sure they’d come up with some good ideas.

  67. GE says:

    @Darwin Harmless – Incredible patience. 🙂 I rarely exhibit that with the likes of Mohamad these days.

    Of course, as usual, a person who wants to argue against evolutionary theory (as if disproof of that would somehow prove any theistic belief) is missing the point wildly.

    1. Evolution is not directly about organisms. It is about species. No specific “ape” has ever turned into a human; no specific “ape” ever will. A sample demographic of “apes” in a specific environment had beneficial mutations that made them better candidates for survival, and they passed on those genes to their descendants. Rinse and repeat…and voila: humans.

    2. Evolution has no “goal.” There is no rational reason to expect other species to “turn into humans.” There was no reason for us to be here, beyond our selective fitness in the environment in which our predecessors evolved. (For all we know, the anthropocene has completely screwed our own fitness as a species at this point, but our technology keeps the individual organisms going.) Assuming otherwise is a supremely egocentric view. (You know, the kind that atheists are accused of. Silly, huh? To assert that people who recognize our sameness with the “lesser” animals are the egomaniacs?)

    3. Evolution to the point of the massively divergent speciation we see evident these days takes time. A lot of it. More time than someone like Mohamad, who can only imagine back about six thousand years, can comprehend. (Not that any of us can really “comprehend” it – our minds didn’t evolve to take in such huge concepts, because they weren’t needed when we were running around naked and tackling innocent but tasty ungulates – but we can at least get the gist.)

    Once one understands that, one no longer has any excuse to ask “Why don’t apes turn into humans?” They don’t, and those who actually understand evolutionary theory would never suggest that they do.

    It’s nothing but a silly straw man that allows people like Mohamad to continue to waste their lives with magical thinking. Worse, it brings nothing new to the table. Magical – and incorrect – thinking has been around for a very, very long time.

  68. @CJS I love that idea. Have a Jesus and Mo wiki. Leave Author in the driver’s seat, and the ultimate editor, but give him a break from the work load. What say, Author. Care to let us put words in your characters’ mouths. Your call, of course. We aren’t presuming to take over your brilliant strip.

  69. European says:

    @Mohamad and respondents: Good to see how even a resurrected J&M cartoon can generate so much new debate. And, yes, indeed, people talking too much about other people having sex (never seen anyone do “it” public, actually, Mohamad, maybe you have?) seem like “protesting too much”?! Get a life, read a good book!

  70. GE says:

    @European: If only it were a “new” debate! 🙂

    Unfortunately, at this point it would be possible (and quite easy) to simply cut-and-paste the same clear-cut and honest responses to people like Mohamad that are always required in this tired old “debate.” Seems only fair, since they’re regurgitating the same inane, disingenuous babble all of their fellows spew.

    It’s not new, and there’s no debate. There’s people who can understand or at least acknowledge the incredibly congruent lines of evidence in favor of evolutionary theory, and people who shut their eyes and ignore that evidence so they can go on pretending a fictitious being has them marked down on his Nice list instead of his Naughty list.

  71. MrGronk says:

    @Darwin, you may be a fast typist but that surely took more than 20 minutes. Still, that was evolution succinctly explained and a pleasure to read. With any luck, in some thread-troll’s mind a tiny glimmer of unwanted thought may have appeared.

  72. Mohamad says:

    Darwin Harmless, your answers are the idealistic but not realistic because these answer is illogical. Is same as one day, a little monkey has born, then tomorrow he get human leg, next week it get human hand, next year he get human body, next year again, he get human head and human brain, are think this answer is logic and parallel with scientific research? If you can give me how years old a first monkey become into human? One year? Ten Year? Hundred Year? Thousand Year? Million Years? How long? It’s logic a monkey live for a million year to transform in human being? There are no evolution in this word, Evolution Theory was a wrong theory that based on assumption only, not scientific research. For the question am I are same with my father, the answer is YES, I have a two leg, two hand, one head, one body, two lung, one tongue, one mouth, million of hairs, about 300 bones, two ears, million of blood vain, 10 fingers at hand, 10 fingers at feet. My leg is not short than my hand like a primate leg and hand which their hand is longer than their leg. There are no concrete evidence to proof humans are from primate because primate are animal, but human not animal. I didn’t know if you acknoledge your ancestor is monkey, chimpanzee, baboon, orang utans, or gorilla. But for me my ancestor is human like me, not chimpanzee, orang utan, gorilla or any others primate because I am a human, not animal. Thank you.

  73. Mohamad says:

    I am still waiting the answer why the other primates still a monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, baboon, orang utans, and other primate. When they will transform in human such Darwin and his follower such atheism people? It impossible for primate have a life for a million of years to transform one by one it body as explained by Mr. Darwin Harmless.

    For the answer of Mr. Darwin Harmless, bird are from reptile dinosaur when the reptile dinosaur chase a fly, my answer is why my cat chase a butterfly still not have a wing? I am waiting the front leg of my cat transform into wing, but until now, many of years, there are now wing for my cat. Are you can give me the reason for that? I am waiting for your answer. Thank you.

  74. Mohamad says:

    Al-Quran have told us the creation of human is same like a result of scientific research. 1400 years ago there are no microscope, computer and apparatus to make a scientific research by why a verses in Al-Quran have an answer for the how human was created? Because Al-Quran is from the Ultimate God, Allah who have unlimited power, knowledge, and strength. All the creatures was create by Allah. Al Quran have a proof not only for the creation of human, but all answer have in Al Quran for all of question. For example, Al Quran tell us about climate change is because of human who destroy the environment, it was same as research found by scientist. If you read Origin of Species, you will never found it because Origin of Species have no quality because it only based on assumption. Thank you.

  75. @everybody. Okay. Time to stop feeding the troll. I actually hold out more hope for a guy like Mohamad than for the “sophisticated Jesuit” that @MrGronk recommends I spar with. When his ideas are so silly and childish, and it’s so obvious that he’s been brainwashed by fools, I thought maybe there was some hope. But no, he still doesn’t get it. So… at least I tried. Sigh. Some primates remain apes forever I guess.
    @Mohamad, go hit your head on that prayer mat a few more times. Hard. Build up a good callous to show off to your friends and family. That’s true devotion to learning.
    @GE and everybody, thanks for the compliments about my patience. There are limits. 🙂
    @MrGronk four minutes this time.

  76. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, if you ask me to read “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins, you should read Harun Yahya@Adnan Oktar books:Miracle in the Eye, Miracles of the Qur’an, Biomimetics: Technology Imitates Nature, Answers from the Quran: For Newcomers to Islam, Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Quran, Wonderful Creatures, The Design in Nature, The Creation of the Universe, The Miracle in the Atom, Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity and the famous and must read, The Evolution Deceit, a book that have many evidence about the weakness of Evolution Theory and the truth of Al-Quran. I hope you will find the truth if you one a truth, but if you still want live in a fake, cheat, deceit life, its up to you, I have nothing to help you if you didn’t want to help yourself out from the deceit of evolution theory. Thank you.

  77. @Mohamad If you can honestly tell me that you’ve read Charles Darwin’s “On The Origin of the Species”, the book you keep telling us is silly, send me your address and I’ll send you a new prayer mat, a shiny new copy of Al-Quran, and a sincere apology for calling you ignorant.
    @everybody else. Sorry. Feeding the troll gets to be a habit.

  78. @Mohamad. Sorry, I posted that last response to you before I read what you had written. That’s a very impressive reading list. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll read two of those books, your choice which two, if you will agree and promise to read the book I recommended. “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. Deal? I trust you are an honest person, and will follow through on a promise.

  79. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, are you have surrender? Are you have no answer or reason to defend the silliest ideology such atheism and the stupid theory such evolution theory? So funny when you accuse my idea is childish, but you have no answer for my question, for your answer: “So… at least I tried. Sigh. Some primates remain apes forever I guess.”. The question now, is why the remain apes will be forever as an apes? Why if we look at caterpillar, it will be transform in butterfly in certain time, it will not be a caterpillar forever, but why some apes transform in human and the rest will be the apes forever? There are paleontologist have any answer for that to help Mr. Darwin Harmless defend the Deceit Theory of Evolution? I am waiting for the answer because until now, there are now atheism people can give me the answer, its about your dignity, the dignity of atheism, the dignity of Origin of Species, the dignity of Evolution Theory, if there are no answer, atheism, Origin of Species and Evolution Theory is a DECEIT and it follower is a stupid person who easily cheated by idiot and silliest ideology, idiot and silliest book, and idiot and silliest theory. Thank you.

  80. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, if I pray for our god, Allah, I will get a benefit for my life at the world and hereafter, but if you still believe the stupid ideology such atheism, silliest book such Origin of Species, and the deceit theory such Evolution Theory, what will you get? You will get nothing for defend the worst ideology, the stupid book, and the silliest theory. The worst person is a person who know he was cheated, but he still believe the deceit. You should think carefully. Thank you.

  81. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, I have read and saw some magazine and documentary that based on Evolution Theory, and what I have found from the article of the magazine such National Geographic, Readers Digest, and documentary form National Geographic was a liar, a deceit of Evolution Theory because all the evidence based on assumption as I told you before. I have read the Evolution Deceit, I found many weakness of evolution theory as I told you before especially why the rest of primates still a monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, baboon, orang utans and other primate, when they will transform in human? You should read The Evolution Deceit, to know the weakness of Evolution Theory. Thank you.

  82. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, where are you? Are you surrender but still insist the ‘truth’ of deceit evolution theory? Please give me an answer for my question, anybody can help Mr. Darwin Harmless, pity to him that try to defend the deceit of Evolution Theory. Thank you.

  83. Well, feeding a troll just makes him more aggressive I guess.
    @Mohamad If you have been exposed to all the information you claim to have seen, and still think that apes turned into people the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, then you are too stupid to engage my attention for one more precious second of my life. I offered you a challenge, and a change to convert an atheist to your beliefs. Obviously you just want to prattle on with your childish nonsense. So, goodbye Mohamed. Have a good life.

  84. Damn, I hate typos that spellcheck won’t catch. Chance, not change.

  85. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, you still have no answer for my questions but you still try to defend the very clear truth that Evolution Theory was a deceit. But whatever you explain to me, I believe, you only try to cheat me and try to cheat yourself by believe the most stupid and silliest ideology, theory, and book such atheism, evolution theory and Origin of Species and I believe, until the end of your life, you will have no answer for my question (only two question, not a thousands of question) if you search the answer from Origin of Species and books written by atheism people because, evolution theory is not a scientific research, its only an assumption and then make a conclusion, this theory is very weak. Thank you.

  86. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, have you read “The Evolution Deceit” by Harun Yahyah @ Adnan Oktar? You will find the truth of the deceit in Evolution Theory. You will find the answer for my questions from this book (The Evolution Deceit) and you will get more information about science if you read Al-Quran. Our life only once, don’t waste our life by believing silliest ideology, stupid theory and idiot book such atheism, evolution theory, and Origin of Species. Thank you.

  87. Mohamad says:

    Where the other commentators in this blog? Why all of you let only Mr. Darwin Harmless defend the most wrong ideology, the weakest theory, the idiot book such atheism, evolution theory, and Origin of Species? Are all of you have no answer to defend this ideology? That mean, what I wrote before were the truth, and the atheism, evolution theory and Origin of Species were a deceit. Thank you.

  88. @Mohamad. I offered you a deal. I will read TWO of your books if you will read ONE of mine. And by this I mean read and try to understand, not read so you can argue about things you don’t understand. You obviously don’t understand the theory of evolution. Not at all. Nobody believes that apes turned into human beings the way a caterpillar turns into a moth. So stop refuting that idea. We don’t believe it either. I’ve tried to explain it to you, if you read my first and second post. Now agree to my deal or go away. Put up or shut up.

  89. Daoloth says:

    Blimey. I look away for a few minutes…
    Actually I HAVE read The Evolution of Deceit. But my favourite work by the noted lunatic (usual suite of nuttiness, “evolution is false”, “holocaust didn’t happen”, underpants on head) Oktar is The Atlas of Creation. They sent us dozens of copies. It’s hilarious.
    Every year my students get a prize for discovering the silliest thing in it. Last year’s prize was won by a young lady who spotted that a picture of a “magical dragonfly that could not have evolved” was actually one googled from a fly-fishing website. It’s not even a real dragonfly.
    You should have a look DH–they will send you a copy for free-the Saudi’s need to spend their oil money somewhere.

  90. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Hamrless and Mr. Daoloth, it okay for I am reading Origin of Species or The Greatest Show on Earth but there are only assumption on both of these book, not by scientific research. Evolution Theory is wrong, and it only a utopia by it followers, something can transform into new creature, so funny. For Holocaust, can anyone tell us the big grave where the Jews was buried? In Bosnia there was a proof when hundreds of big grave found, a massacre by Serb, but there are no big grave for Holocaust, the question where the died body of these Jewish buried, at Tel Aviv? New York? London? In front of Daoloth home? Who can explain about that? You accuse Holocaust was happen, but there no proof where the died body of holocaust be buried.

    If both of you try to cheat yourself, its up to you, but as I said before, our life (in this world) is only once, do you think defending the wrong ideology and the wrong theory can give a benefit for the society? But the most important, until now there are no answer for my questions. Thank you.

  91. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Hamrless and Mr. Daoloth, it okay for I am reading Origin of Species or The Greatest Show on Earth but there are only assumption on both of these book, not by scientific research. Evolution Theory is wrong, and it only a utopia by it followers, something can transform into new creature, so funny. For Holocaust, can anyone tell us the big grave where the Jews was buried? In Bosnia there was a proof when hundreds of big grave found, a massacre by Serb, but there are no big grave for Holocaust, the question where the died body of these Jewish buried, at Tel Aviv? New York? London? In front of Daoloth home? Who can explain about that? You accuse Holocaust was happen, but there no proof where the died body of holocaust be buried.

    If both of you try to cheat yourself, its up to you, but as I said before, our life (in this world) is only once, do you think defending the wrong ideology and the wrong theory can give a benefit for the society? But the most important, until now there are no answer for my questions. Thank you..

  92. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, please tell me when you have read The Evolution Deceit and a translation of Al-Quran (because you don’t understand Arabic). I hope you will tell me about the creation of human in Al Quran and the creation of human according Origin of Species and then I wan a conclusion from you about information from Al Quran and Origin of Species, which is true and which is wrong by honestly. I have information of Evolution Theory, and I very sure, Evolution Theory was a deceit, because it not based on scientific research, but only assumption. Thank you.

  93. Mohamad says:

    I am feel weird when Muammar Gaddafi bomb his opponent, western country quickly respond by attacking Libya, but Israel grab Palestinian land and then built their illegal country and killing Palestinian people in West Bank, Gaza Strip also in Sabra and Shatilla, Lebanon in 1982, why there are no punishment for these violent? Anyone can give me the answer? Mr. Daoloth, have you answer that? Thank you.

  94. @Mohamad That’s not the deal I offered. I’m not going first. I will agree to read TWO of your books if you will agree to read ONE of mine. And the one I want you to read is “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins, because it is our current understanding of evolution. Charles Darwin had the great insight, but his theory has been examined and tested for over a century now, and we all know far more than Darwin knew when he wrote his seminal book. I will start reading “Al Quran” and “The Evolution of Deceit” when you can convince me that you have “The Greatest Show on Earth” in your hands by writing a few words about the introduction in the book. We start at the same time,okay. Sorry if it seems I don’t trust you, but you seem so committed to your conclusion that it’s hard for me to believe you will actually read something by a real scientist. I’m starting a long way back with you, Mohamad. Not only do you not understand anything about the theory of evolution, you obviously have no understanding of science, or the way science works. It’s going to be a lot of work for me to bring you up to speed on these subjects, and I’m not even going to start unless I have a commitment from you that will at least make it worth my time.
    This is your chance to convert an atheist to Islam. I’m sure you could go to heaven if you succeed. But you don’t get this chance without giving me a fair shot at converting you to a belief in evolution.
    I already feel a certain affection for you. Maybe you can set aside the name calling and the insults and take this on as an adventure for both of us. I live in hope.
    @Daoloth your scholarship far exceeds mine. I may be calling on you for help soon. Yikes. What am I setting myself up for here?

  95. spoing says:

    @Darwin H: Stop feeding the troll for Chrissakes! It’s obvious from “Mohamed’s” pseudo-foreign English that he’s likely a disenchanted J&Mo regular engaging in a form of mental masturbation by taking the mick out of us.

    @”Mohamed” – give up the Borat-speak mate we’ve got your number

  96. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Spoing, are a dog which in process of transformation into human? You have no answer for my questions, you should answer my question first before you bark like a dog near the street. Nobody of atheism people have answer for my question, but they still like to be cheated by this stupid ideology. Thank you.

  97. MrGronk says:

    Spoing, I think he’s real – he’s started shitting out Holocaust denial drivel, which would be pretty tasteless if he were just a cheeky piss-taker, and for whatever reason has started prattling on about Israel. I conclude that he is indeed one of the more ignorant tenants of the House of Islam.

  98. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Gronk, you should answer my question, not bubbling a garbage statement. Nobody of you have any answer for my question. If you say holocaust was real, show me the evidence. And for my question about violence of Israel, only a blind, mute, and deaf person didn’t know Israel was a terrorist, can you give me a reason why you always support Israel even though Israel is a terrorist? I am waiting for your answer for my question, but until now there are no answer for my question. Thank you.

  99. Mohamad says:

    Okay Mr. Darwin Harmless, The Great Show on Earth has 13 chapter, the books said, mammal, bird are from reptile in water that transform into wild life on land. It so weird when fish run out from water and change to other creature. Can you imagine that? How long fish can live without water? The missing link theory in this book was illogical. How you can explain that? Please, I still waiting for your answer. Thank you.

  100. Mohamad says:

    Mr. Darwin Harmless, can you explain about the missing link theory? How fish or reptile from water run to land and change into new creatures? Are you have any answer for that? If you say there are fossil evidence of fish have leg, but why Coelacanth also have fin like a leg? This fish was capture in 1938 and 2007 fishermen at North Sulawesi had caught this fish, it mean, there are missing link theory, this theory is only assumption. Thank you.

  101. Author says:

    Mohamad has been banned for being an incorrigible idiot.

    Sorry DH, I know you were trying to educate him.

  102. tonybuk says:

    bad troll, back under your bridge!

    peace to all J&M fans out there, fridays are not going to be quite as much fun from now on 🙁 ps can anyone make an irony meter? i soooo want one

  103. MrGronk says:

    OK Mohamad:
    First: Your “questions” have been answered perfectly well by Darwin Harmless. You just weren’t paying any attention.
    Second: The Holocaust happened. You don’t usually find human ash in graveyards, though there certainly were mass graves all over eastern Europe before the nazis changed to gassing and cremating their victims. You should, for starters, read up on a place called Babi Yar. Furthermore, I suggest you research the David Irving libel trial. He was by far the cleverest of the Holocaust deniers, and he was conclusively shown to be a liar and falsifier. I really hope you haven’t been getting any ideas off him.
    Third: Where do you get the idea that I (or any of us J&Mers) “always support Israel”? Israel’s done some terrible and bigoted things in its history. As to whether the whole lot should be given back to the Palestinians, well you can argue about the justice of that forever. Let’s just say it’s as likely as the aborigines getting Australia back, or Islam returning Egypt to the Coptic christians.

  104. MrGronk says:

    Sorry author, I missed that cut-off by 3 minutes. Should let Darwin do my typing.

  105. HaggisForBrains says:

    @Author – I was just about to suggest that – well done. I also suggest a medal for DH for unbelievable patience in the face of stubborn stupidity. It saddens me that Mohamad clearly had no intention of listening to the explanations being given, so that he might then have been able to enter into a reasoned debate.

    @Mohamad, I’m not annoyed with your opinions, I’m pissed off with your stubborn refusal to respond in a reasoned fashion to perfectly valid explanations given to you in a calm and patient manner. You have been doing the written equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting “La la la – I can’t hear you!” As a result you have sacrificed the right of reply , so we get the last word! Ain’t life a bitch!

  106. HaggisForBrains says:

    @Author – who forgot to set his clock forward on Sunday? 😉

  107. Author says:

    @HFB – thanks!

  108. @Author I do get tired of preaching to the choir, so it’s fun to hear from the other side now and then. Mohamad is a lost cause. He’s not uneducated. I wish I could say he was. He’s been criminally miseducated, the poor child. What was done to him is really disgusting, and pathetic, but now far beyond our ability to correct. If he showed any signs of intelligence, I’d be tempted to invite him to continue the conversation elsewhere. But no. I think you attached the correct label.
    Glad to see you are watching over us in the playpen you have created. Very glad I don’t have to read those two books.

  109. Mary2 says:

    Golly, People! I step away from J & M for 24 hours and the world goes nuts! Pity you banned the loon, author, I was going to join DH & Daoloth and cut loose! I especially love, not only the Holocaust denial (can you get any more stereotype?!) but the joint Atheist/Zionist conspiracy!

    @Mohamad, if you are still around. WE don’t like ANY religion! We are LESS likely to believe that the Jewish people have a god-given right to a particular piece of land than you are! I’ll leave you with a ‘Western’ proverb you could learn by: Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

  110. Wow, I just actually read what Mohamad wrote. I mean about the fish coming out of water. I sure wish I could take him to Vietnam and show him a mud skipper, but I don’t suppose it would make any difference. I guess I just had too much faith in the power of Richard Dawkins to reach the unreasonable. Do you suppose LSD would help? Or maybe Thorazine? He sure needs something to blast that mind of his open. No, I suppose it wouldn’t help. Just confirm his craziness.

  111. aaahhhhhhh how can I get through my existential existentialist crisis without J&M!

    wait, the archives! sanity restored – these comics are never dated

  112. HEy DH

    there’s that Chinese fish that’s invaded the US – it gets into one lake and eats everything, then walks to the next lake

    it’s called snakehead or something –

    I can’t understand how people could look at all the diversity of life and not wonder how it all connects and got the way it got

    and instead, be lazy and uncurious and say godidit as if it’s an answer

  113. Daoloth says:

    @Author & DH. My fault. I could have guessed that the holocaust denial of Oktar’s might bring out something revealling/ racist/ appalling.
    However– I did not get a chance to reply!
    (“Mr” Daoloth indeed! I am not a Mr…)
    On a more serious note– did anyone follow-up on the Link to Dawkin’s on Oktar? RD raises the point (along with Gould) that to debate these people in open court raises their legitimacy. Now J & M is not open court, exactly, but we have had a taste of what to expect. Do people have feeligns about this?

  114. @Daoloth Can you supply that link? I’m having trouble finding it.

  115. Daoloth says:

    Happy to oblige:
    (As for my so-called erudition, I misremembered the Caddis fly as a Damsel fly–as Dawkins points out about half-way through. Oops! Oh well, at least I could see that it wasn’t real).
    He goes into a lot of detail about the other howlers in the book, available for viewing here:
    If you thought friend Mohamad was a tad mule-headed then brace yourself!
    Everyone who thinks that Dawkins is shrill and intolerant should spend half an hour doing what you have done–trying to communicate with one of these folk. Half an hour on that website is an interesting glimpse into the psyche of humans who want to cling to a world view at any cost.
    Imagine what it must be like to live in a country ruled by people like this and breathe a sigh of relief.

  116. @Daoloth Thanks. I can’t imagine living in one of those theocracies, and for sure they’ll never get my tourist dollars. I admire those who try to help them, but when I hear that 80% of the population favour death by stoning for adultery, I don’t even want them to have democracy. They need human rights first. And they need to crawl out of their peculiar version of the stone age.

  117. Flea says:

    Author says:
    March 29, 2011 at 9:33 am
    Mohamad has been banned for being an incorrigible idiot.

    Damn! Now that I was beginning to understand the intrinsic evil in evolution…

  118. henry ford says:

    What a great set of comments – mind you it has distracted me for half an hour from my panjabi homework

  119. underblog says:

    Mohammed. You have been banned, but if you genuinely don’t understand evolution, here is one sentence I think might help:
    We decended from the same species, but they have changed as much as we have since then. Now humans like to think we are special, and in some ways we are because intelligence and language has helped us create vastly more advanced and complex societies than other species. But we are not the ultimate aim of all evolution.
    The other species you speak about will not evolve into humans. They are our cousins, not our ancestors. They have evolved a different way to live and survive. The human is not the perfect goal of evolution, it is one possible solution out of many to the problem of survival. Chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, monkey’s, lemurs, and all other species still exist because they are good at surviving the way they are. They are not trying to become human. Evolution is not trying to make them become human. They are trying to survive. There are lots of good ways to survive. Being human is just one way.

  120. Reason says:

    I’m a long time reader of J&M, first time poster. I saw in my reader that the comic after this was dedicated to this thread and I had to read the entire thing. Fascinating exchange – I am really impressed with your responses, Darwin Harmless, so thoughtful and patient. I bet you are a fantastic parent or teacher. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  121. Prithvi says:

    This “Mohamad” guy seems like a troll to me. No educated guy, no matter how ill-versed in English, can write such painful prose.

  122. Omer says:

    Wow. Being a muslim by birth myself I am horrified by Mohamad’s words. I feel obliged to state that muslims aren’t all that bad or deficient in analytical ability. Most of them just need some time and instruction. Unfortunately it is the less bright among us who come into the limelight.

  123. gobbycoot says:

    Mohamad doesn’t even understand that we humans are primates…he will never choose to understand. Good effort, though, everyone.

  124. Suido says:

    I say troll. Look at the first line of the paragraph below – he uses commas perfectly around the phrase ‘its up to you’. The only error is the lack of an apostrophe in its. That’s a native speaker pretending, right there.
    Calling it Borat-speak is perfect.

    “If both of you try to cheat yourself, its up to you, but as I said before, our life (in this world) is only once, do you think defending the wrong ideology and the wrong theory can give a benefit for the society? But the most important, until now there are no answer for my questions. Thank you..”

  125. gk4c4 says:

    I reread this thread after reading Author’s comment on later comic …
    Yes, homo islamicus fundii is a species relatively hidden, us scientist (cryptohomologist?!?lol) need to become more familiar with.
    A lot of these roaming the third countries wilderness, creating havocs on morality, even reality spheres (!) 😀

  126. I am always late to the party.

    I have enjoyed Jes and Mo for quite some time, and will miss regular up-dates, but the rent does not pay itself. Best wishes to “Author.”

    Regarding Harharun Yeehaw, I found 8 examples of faked materials in my print copy of “Atlas of Creation” used to support his creationist argument- fishing lures instead of insects, and one or two phony “fossils.”

    That said, I have also given natural history museum tours to Muslim students who have had no personal, or theological problems with either an ancient universe, or the evolution of species.

  127. carolita says:

    This is one of my favorites, so, bring on the oldies! 🙂

  128. fenchurch says:

    I never understand why anti-atheists try to debunk evolution, like it will hurt our poor widdle feewings or something. There are millions of theists who believe in evolution (and other scientific principles and facts).

    When I learnt that the pope(s) support evolution and a Jesuit priest was responsible for the discovery of the cosmological event that became to be known as the Big Bang, I saw that anyone who automatically sides against facts thinking they are doing their special club’s bidding is a contriving to be an idiot just to pass.


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