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  1. Toast in the machine says:

    Hey, if it worked with Denmark and the Mo’toons hoax!

    Can’t imagine anyone in Europe now publishing cartoons of Mo.


  2. The real Mo says:

    The answer is to stop the lame attempts and get proper training so we have some proper terrorism to read about…Also the media would give good press to the muslims if they had some really cool missiles like the yanks. Stoning is so dated…

  3. JayBee says:

    one comment: hehe…

  4. Peter L says:

    I wishi I could send these cartoons to my daughter working in Qatar but she would be stoned if anyone found out she was reading them.

  5. TB says:

    Europe wasn’t too different until 1900’s. Gays were imprisoned, women had far less power. In earlier times even “witches” got hanged in Salem.

    Diagnosis: Education and shifting of powers are the cure.

    Shift the power from state and big conservative businesses to more liberal environment and encourage liberal teachings.

  6. Toast in the machine says:

    You’re right education is crucial TB. Exodus Mandate in the US is pushing home-schooling – and urging each home-schooling family to bring one new family into the movement. If they succeed, several million families could take to home-schooling over the next several years, [its Director] E Ray Moore aims to get 30 per cent of public-school students into home-schooling and private schools. Then the state system would collapse. ‘The government would be forced to get the states out of the education business altogether. It would go back to the churches and the families. It’s a strategy for the renewal of society.’ (

    Tony Blair in Britain encouraged ‘faith schools’ and academies run by wealthy religious organisations. His aims included creating a couple of hundred state-funded islamic schools, and he was happy to see the teaching of creationism at Peter Vardy’s christian schools in the North East.

    ‘Give me the child until he is seven,’ the Jesuit saying goes, ‘and I’ll give you the man’.

  7. TB says:

    Renewal of society:

    Turning all the semi-enlightened people to again, misogynistic, homophobic, sexist pigs?

  8. mjm202036 says:

    I think it was Karl Marx who made a simlar comment as the Jesuit has made. Paraphrasing: Give me the child for his first seven years of his life and I will have him for his whole life.

    In short, let the government have your children from the beginning to adulthood and you have the best followers of government in the world. My suggestion, get the federal (upper echeleon of) governments out of the schooling business, let the lower governments and communities decide what is best for their schools and you will have more free thinkers coming out of them instead of adult automatons that just do and follow instructions from the government overlords.

  9. Enigma says:

    Were Mo’s words prophetic? Observe what is currently happening in Iran…

  10. Bagpuss says:

    After reading the third frame I thought we were in for some strange parable starring Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes……


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