Another oldie today. This one from Jan ’08. Will try very hard to get a new one out to you next week.

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  1. Dave N says:

    That pretty much sums up both religion and political correctness. Depressingly poignant! Nice one, author.

  2. Dan Lewis says:

    Well done! Medium rare!

  3. kennypo65 says:


  4. William says:

    Awesome! It’s great to bring up some of the old

  5. John says:

    This is the very tactics used by sexual minorities activists. The very idea of discussing the definition and scope of “sexual minority” is very offensive.

  6. Andrew Hall says:

    Nice visual of Mo not being to see what’s in front of him.

  7. Jerry w says:

    This is how the steering wheel can function as a reverse Burka, as Mo practices driving using the Helen Keller Method.

  8. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    An argument for the quite dense
    Is to look for and take offence
    As a result
    They are an insult
    To anything making some sense.

  9. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, you ROCK.

  10. JPdelatorre says:

    Offending is, sometimes, a duty.

  11. Unruly Simian says:

    I think the Author (praise be upon thee) is using this throw back cartoon tactic as a way to entice newer visitors to go back and read the entirety of this sacred tome of toons. God knows it took a lot more time to experience it than to jump back and catch up!!!!!

  12. Unruly Simian says:

    I lost my avatar dammit!

  13. Exzanian says:

    Hell, I wish believers could get over their emotional belief issues and get it into the cognitive domain…Right now it sits there like Lord Freaking muck and nobody can touch it….Get it all out there, unpack it, examine it and realise that your “belief” is not cognition, it’s childhood emotion, pure and simple….Really, seriously, all you believers are starting to embarrass the rest of the human race, grow up man!…Sorry, no offense intended :)…

  14. kikainonakanoyuurei says:

    Good one Author~ hadn’t seen this one before ~ thank you for the morning chuckle ~ very funny but sadly way too true also.

  15. Part of what makes J&M work is that almost every strip is evergreen.

    I was just a bit gobsmacked at Jesus though, I’m shocked he was able to see through Mo’s logic and not get swept up in it.

  16. the bonus says:

    I think you should spend any monies on loaves and fishes.

  17. spoing says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could use Mo’s strategy in other everyday situations.

    Sales Director: “You failed to meet your Q4 sales target. This is becoming a pattern.”
    Salesman: “I find your statement deeply insulting.”
    Sales Director: “You’re fired!”
    Salesman: “Blasphemy! Die, infidel dog!”

  18. Urmensch says:

    “This is the very tactics used by sexual minorities activists. The very idea of discussing the definition and scope of “sexual minority” is very offensive.”

    Really? Sexual minorities activists use offense as a tactic to close down discussion?
    In my experience, as a member of a ‘sexual minority’ if I take offense it will be when claims are made about me that aren’t based in evidence but stem from ignorance and prejudice. As when people claim I shouldn’t have the same civil rights as those around me. Or when people feel that they have a licence to insult me because of difference or insinuate that I am lesser than others.
    If anything, taking offense will be just a kicking off point for discussion and not a tactic to close it down.

  19. John – there’s a world of difference between being outraged when your beleifs are not given the special consideration that you demand they get from everyone

    and being outraged when you are denied the same rights as every other citizen because of someone else’s baseless beleifs that deserve no consideration, but for some crazy reason – beleifs are given more respect than people

  20. plortho says:

    Hey John, way to troll!
    Not only did you bring up an unrelated subject and use crummy grammar; you target a targeted minority, and take offense at their taking offense, WHILE BEING OFFENSIVE. sooo meta!
    Bravo, sir…

  21. John says:

    @Urmensch, @random ntrygg:
    Right now I’m feeling guilty for unintentionally provoking outrage of a hyper-sensitive group. I’ve learned my lesson of trying to discuss, and I won’t let it happen ever again. I feel I’m an oppressive chauvinist and a Hitler, and also totally socially unacceptable. Back to my cave.

  22. Daoloth says:

    Channel 4 are looking for a “strong female atheist voice from a scientific background” for a documentary about God & Darwin.
    Any of you out there fancy it?
    The producer’s name is Muireann McGinty, contact details:
    075-96106747 and my email address is [email protected].

  23. Urmensch says:

    @John, you didn’t provoke outrage, perhaps just a touch of Fremdschämen.

  24. To be honest, the “oldies” are just as relevant as anything new. And funnily enough, always tend to illustrate something I’ve been thinking. Keep posting, my friend, even if they are oldies.

  25. FreeFox says:

    @Urmensch: Hear, hear. ^_^

  26. FreeFox says:

    @random ntrygg: Yup! ^.^

  27. Stephen Turner says:

    And of course, taking offence helps to distract from the embarrassing fact that the belief is baseless.

  28. I always hear anger as an indication of cognitive dissonance. They believe something they know is silly, and don’t like having that fact brought to their attention.

  29. Urmensch

    thank you for sharing a new word – English is limited by being about the self, and doesn’t have words for feeling the emotions of or on behalf of other people.

    I knew the german word for enjoying some’s pain or discomfort, and am grateful and stunned to learn that there’s a work for feeling someone else’s embarassment.

    Can you list some other words for feeling the emotions of other people?

    I am currently very attracted to how our ideas shape our language and how language reinforces our ideas.

    in english,l there’s just the idea of empathy, which is too vague – and I think it speaks to the mindset of english only speakers, to not be able to put themselves in the mind of someone else.

    but putting yourself in the emotion of another – true empathy – how can we have that without having actual words for feeling each emotion of other people – otherwise, we can only compare our own feelings of our experiences and assume others feel in the same way

    but we aren’t able to experience other people’s feelings as the other person

    we don’t have the language for it.

    I think that cultures with deep roots – longevity – develop these more mature concepts of interacting with people and younger countries – like Canada, the US and to some extent Australia – don’t have the concepts because we’ve been survial/existance – defining ourselves – which is the step needed before understanding others. we need to understand how we are unquily different and apart, before we can see and recognize the similarities – otherwise, we would end up lost in the sameness

    and group think never works out well

  30. darwin harmless

    I agree – anger is a sign of cognitive dissonance awareness – which is why godbots and dictators lash out childishly against people who would point out the objective reality

  31. Jerry w says:

    And then Glenn Beck said……
    Well, at least it seems that he long ago mastered this technique.

  32. TRIALNERROR says:

    Iwould like to announce a Limerick competition. A huge unspecified amount to be awarded to the composer of the best (by common consent) continuation of the opening

    A suicide bomber called Mo…

  33. @John

    Well, if you had really learned the lesson, then perhaps you’d understand that there’s a reason for the sensitivity to the mainstream slighting – and why it’s not at all credible when a dominant group who caused the minority group’s pain – tries to grab for victimhood status that they aren’t entitled to

    or, that they haven’t been entitled to for a very long time – christians outlasted the people who fed them to lions, and turned around to line others up for that fate without any rememberance of what it had been like

    that being the case, xtians are not deserving of compassion for imagined slights by minorities now as long as they continue to inflict pain on others

  34. John says:

    @random ntrygg
    so… you are arguing that British non-Muslims should be more supportive for British Muslims, for these claim to be the offended minority group?

    I’m a little bit lost by now.

  35. anonnynonnymous274 says:

    A suicide bomber called Mo
    Whose handler had asked him to blow
    Himself up in a crowd
    To make his mother proud
    Prevaricated, saying no.

  36. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    A suicide bomber called Mo
    Was Jewish by birth don’tcha know?
    He hijacked a Boeing
    And said “We are going
    to my brother’s scrapyard, Walthamstowe.


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