Here is Jesus’ Allah script artwork. Do with it what you will.

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  1. jean-françois gauthier says:

    good luck!

  2. cass_m says:


  3. Tyciol says:

    Impressive and I am glad that you did not insult Islam by drawing Mohammad. I am referring to Jesus of course, not this infidel artist.

  4. vuurklip says:

    Perhaps because the scrotum also contains His brain?

  5. John Moore says:

    Wouldn’t drawing any portion of Allah or Mohammad be just as offensive???

  6. Very funny, author, howevah, you understand that I won’t be posting this one on my family-friendly blog.

  7. Fuckerless says:

    Looks like Facebook folded.

    Strike that, the page is up.

  8. author says:

    @Mimi – I understand completely. The last thing you’d expect when visiting a family-friendly blog such as yours is to be confronted by an image of God’s junk!

  9. Maggs says:

    Do we know what the writing actually says, as well as what it represents as a drawing? I like the little drip that got away. 😀

  10. RUDEBOi says:


  11. Jon B says:

    He’ll be needing a wheelbarrow to carry those round in…

  12. S says:

    Totally awesome 😀

  13. grouchy-one says:


  14. I think I have a new favorite Jesus&Mo-cartoon. My contribution to Everybody Draw Muhammed Day can be seen here:

    Let’s see some more Reader-contributions…

  15. fontor says:

    Well, after having drawn Mo flashing a nad, it was always going to be difficult to up the ante.

  16. Eric Meyer says:

    Well, somebody very definitely has great big cojones.

  17. Neuseline says:

    @Maggs. The writing spells out the name Allah in Arabic script. If you copy and paste from here or from your MS Character Map – the name is given in full if you scroll down to the last Arabic alphabet – to a document you can enlarge the script and see the shape. ï·²

  18. Poor Richard says:

    Oh-oh. Hunker down, Author.

    But maybe this will make “them” so mad they will all spontaneously ignite.

    Poor Richard says, “God gave you balls; use them humbly and with discretion.”

  19. Wrinkly Dick says:

    Looks like someone rubbed him up the wrong way!!

  20. Tie says:

    Amazing, the god of the desert suffers from elephantiosis,

    That can be very painfull… I think this explains the revelations of muhammed about women, gays, no drinking, having fun… ISLAM , A religion dictated by a god on pain medication is a very good explanation for the whole intolerance and bloody murder if you point and laugh

    Poor middle east, totally short handed on revelation here

  21. Husain says:


  22. El says:

    Long time follower, first time poster.
    Best. Yet.

  23. Large testicle size, relative to other body parts, generally evolves in the context of sperm competition, when several males attempt to fertilize the same female.

  24. Big Hairy cojones. Jesus is gonna need to floss.

  25. gobbycoot says:

    I think I ruptured my spleen laughing so hard! Thank you, Artist!

  26. TamTamPamela says:

    @Megs it says “allah” in arabic. that’s how its written. if you google image search “allah” you’ll see the resemblance. =)

  27. hi says:

    ☺ <—– mohammed

  28. Urmensch says:

    That picture really is the dog’s bollocks!

  29. Lord Elric says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier:
    1. This new J&M (best ever in my opinion).
    2. My previous favorite J&M (as fontor already stated):
    3. The author having “the balls” to draw the false God’s nads & puny weiner.
    4. The fact that all the false prophet’s followers disobey dogma and depict Allah’s junk on an ongoing basis.

    Brilliant work Author, just Brilliant!

  30. […] And you know Jesus, he went right for the groin with his submission. […]

  31. MyCatIsGod says:


    It’s supposed to say “Allah” (or its version with all the vowels: Allahu) in Arabic. But – and call me a pedant if you will – Author’s version actually reads “Allab”.

    But a lovely idea, anyway 🙂

  32. JohnnieCanuck says:

    ï·´ is going to be very upset. Well maybe just his followers.

  33. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    Excellent strip as usual Author! Of course, for you, every day is Draw Muhammad Day!

  34. er says:

    this one is greate

  35. Shaughn says:

    I guess his balls are that big and his penis that small because he never uses them. I mean – Jay used them once and f’d (up) to create Jesus, but – whoever heard of a child created by f*ing Al?

  36. MrGronk says:

    Author, you’re nuts

  37. Martin says:

    @Urmensch: The DOG’s bollocks, or the GOD’s? ^_^

  38. Martin says:

    I will never, ever be able to look at the caligraphy and NOT see this picture. x_x

  39. ketil.G says:

    eheh maybe i draw a picture of mohammed and put it up on my facebook profile. heehh lol

  40. Urmensch says:

    @Martin: Glad that wasn’t too covert an allusion.

  41. Jerry w says:

    “Balls, said the Queen, if I had them I’d be King!”

  42. szf says:

    Great! – Using calligraphy instead of forbidden faces – brilliant.
    I posted it on my blog for Hungarian readers:

  43. nina says:

    ooo, that explains why I couldn’t get to this page yesterday – server overload

    well, if we’re going to pick gods by penis size, shouldn’t that elephant god be the winner?

  44. daoloth says:

    @thisweekinevolution. You are right, of course. However, penis size is typically also correlated with polyandry. Of course, it could be that longer penises evolved to fill larger vaginas that themselves were larger to fit large-brained babies through. Perhaps Mohammedans have smaller brains?

  45. Exzanian says:

    I always knew that god was a drip!

  46. Ish says:

    No one has bigger balls than the author!

  47. JoJo says:

    There is no longer any point to satire. NOTHING can top this genius.

  48. nina says:


    I’ve been thinking that too – is satire or parody when all the strip has to do is document what the godbots actually do and say?

  49. Diana says:

    Check out what Craig Venter just did! Great subject to talk about for J&M.

  50. Jerry w says:

    Corollary to my previous post:
    If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

  51. catnip says:

    incredible! it is offensive in so many ways all at once! Congratulations author, this one earns you the Angry Mob Award 🙂

    the catnip

  52. maryam says:

    allah is very kind also mohammad

  53. Stephen Turner says:

    “allah is very kind also mohammad”

    Of course they are maryam. Anyway, it’s time for your afternoon nap.

  54. FedupwithR says:

    Fabulous fun!

  55. yelinna says:

    The proof that God has got big balls!

  56. Lonelyloner says:

    it’s a compliment actually. BIG BALLS!!

  57. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    How swollen would you expect his ballls to be? He spent the best part of his life astride a camel, for Cheese’s sake. Can’t be comfortable.


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