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  1. JMo says:

    One who fishes for a living we call them fishermen, one who builds houses for a living we call them carpenters but you SCREW one SHEEP…….

  2. Robert says:

    It only takes one, Mo. You can make love to women all your life, but suck one dick and you’re a queer forever.

  3. Scotty B says:

    Maybe I’ve finally lost it, but did Mo just blink in that last panel?

  4. Chex says:

    Hahah!! I saw it too, and reloaded, and sure enough! He does! AniGif for the win!!! awesome!!

  5. Poor Richard says:

    Well, Oedipus liked older women, and you see what happened to him.

    UPDATE ON THE HADRON COLLIDER. OR A BACK DATE, IF YOU WILL: In 1980, James P. Hogan published THRICE UPON A TIME, a fine novel in which messages from the many futures can be used to prevent destruction of the earth, or at least the present (choke) version of the earth. One of these episodes is about a colllider that generates teensy weensy black holes. They sting when, in their initial orbits, they whip through your body, usually more than once. Presumably, many other versions of our planet have disappeared. Look it up; it’s a neat book.

  6. tie says:

    mo blinks, It’s a miracle!

  7. SnickerHaHa says:

    What are you putting in your morning java to cause you to see Mo blink? And why aren’t you sharing it with me?

  8. Countdown says:

    Yes Mo blinks about every 20 seconds or so

  9. Poor Richard says:

    Scotty B: nice catch! And watch Jesus’s eyes follow you around the room!

    New topic–praise for author:
    Poor Richard’s 13th Virtue: “Humility: Imitate Jesus and Mo.”

  10. dv says:

    Thanks for fixing whatever was preventing the comics from showing up in Google Reader!

  11. Colonel Leisure says:

    That blinking is almost creepy <:-o

  12. Doqaz says:


  13. underblog says:

    Oh bloody hell. Now I’m going to have to scour every edition of Jesus and Mo for Easter Eggs. It’s bad enough trying to squint at what the boys are reading in bed.

  14. jprandi says:

    Once again, what is the matter with paedophilia? can children not have sexual feelings and fun? (I am asking about abilities, not permission, …, whose permission? Yahweh? Allah? Bush? Putin?)

  15. Annick says:

    jprandi, I would argue that no, children can not have sexual feelings. That’s one of the many things that separate pre-puberty from post-puberty. Those going through puberty (and if you want to argue that Aisha was, it’s possible, but still pretty damn young) haven’t had sufficient time to understand the emotional consequences of those feelings. Therefore, INFORMED consent isn’t possible which is why almost nowhere has an age of consent lower than 14.

  16. Jerry w says:

    Some defense strategy for Mo’s lawyer to use:

    Hey, at least it was a girl.
    Hey, at least it was a live girl.

  17. daoloth says:

    I have heard, but cant find the source, that Mo ordered the coveringup of females after aisha had an affair, as a grande old dame of 12. ANyone else ever heard this?

  18. daoloth says:

    Incidentally, this kind of thing is a sure fire way to get moslems to blow a gasket- so well done author. More please.

  19. Uncle Roger says:

    Poor Richard — I agree totally. Thrice Upon A Time is a great book. Well worth it for any fans of time travel.

  20. sammydavisjr says:

    i too saw the blink….i am blessed of allah

  21. Alverant says:

    Annick, I have to disagree. Children CAN have sexual feelings. For exhibit A I offer all the “happily ever after” stories girls seem to enjoy. Look at the endings of Cinderella and Disney’s Little Mermaid. The heroine gets married. Marriage means kids with sex being a necessary step in having kids. In history girls are trained to be ready for their wedding day and rearing children. In modern western culture many girls look forward to getting married to a handsome man. That is, technically, sexual feelings however faint. It’s not the open faucet of feelings teenage boys have, but it does count.

  22. Alverant says:

    And just to mind my Ps and Qs, any child with strong sexual feelings needs to see a shrink and anyone taking advantage of a child in that way needs to be removed from society. There’s a big difference between a child fantasizing about their wedding day and someone with them acting out their wedding night.

    And Jesus shouldn’t look so smug. I hear the Protoevangelion of James says Mary was visibly pregnant at age 13 so she could have been knocked up at age 12.

  23. jprandi says:

    I should like to be presented with scientific evidence that children are unable to have sexual feelings, eg mappings of the brain, and sound research comparing with those of children who are in (sexual or otherwise) love with adults. Mmm, how about child-child sex?

    On the issue of emotional consequences, can so-called adults understand anything? It seems that that not every adult is born with such an ability, which would explain divorces and remarriages. If Annick has that ability, how to certify that someone is able to lead a sexual relationship? What are Annick’s qualifications? Can these qualifications be learnt by a so-called adult? by a so-called child?

    Young girls now-a-days have a lot of information as to give informed consent. Unlike Aisha, young girls can avail themselves of books, encyclopaedias, magazines, Internet contents, and what not. Not to mention websites and blogs published by paedosexual people and anti-anti-paedophilia campaigners.

    Let us return to Mo. He cannot be a paedophile because he loved other people. A paedophile have love only for children (it doesn’t matter if it is a Platonic love or a sexual one). What Mo was, is an opportunist.

  24. Daniel says:

    I had sexual feelings as a child, and if any adult had taken advantage of me, it would have been right to lock them in the slammer.

    What’s your point?

  25. The Tomminator says:

    OK, so Mo blinks in the last panel of the strip. So what? Get him to blink on the coffee mug. Then I’ll be impressed.

  26. Jerry w says:

    Just when I was starting to think Mo might be Sarah Palin with another beard (besides Todd), he blinked. So, another theory shot to hell as we know she, much like a deer in the headlights, doesn’t blink.
    Or so it seems, think.

  27. JohnnieWalker says:

    The reason adult-child sex is illegal has nothing to do with whether a child is capable of sexual feelings or not. It does, however, have everything to do with the development of the brain.

    Children’s brains do not process and interpret emotions the same way a mature brain does, thus they can be controlled and manipulated easier. The amygdala–the part of the brain involved in the processing and expression of emotions–is only fully developed around the age of 23.

    To a child–and even a young teenager–the adult is a superior who (the minor assumes) knows better. A minor is incapable of giving consent because her brain is not yet capable of processing the emotions involved enough to determine that she is being taken advantage of.

    Child-child sex is not illegal because the balance of power is equal. That balance is tipped, however, when an adult prompts, encourages, or is involved in any way in the child-child sexual experience.

    Therefore, sexual abuse of a child is more often a crime of abuse of power and psychological abuse rather than physical abuse.

    The dictionary defines a pedophile as “an adult who is sexually attracted to young children”–no mention of exclusivity. By your definition, almost no adult who has had sexual contact with a child could rightfully be called a pedophile, as most also have sex with other adults.


  28. Poor Richard says:

    Gee, Mo and Jesus BOTH blink (and occasionally pick their noses) on MY coffee mug. But not until the sixth or seventh cup.

  29. Toast in the machine says:

    @Poor Richard
    That must be the *special* Columbian blend you’re drinking…

  30. Grindlay says:

    Mo blinks at 16-second intervals.
    Thanks author, now my OCD has kicked in and I’m checking the entire back catalog of *.gif cartoons to see whether there is some divine pattern in the animation time intervals.

  31. Xargon says:

    This is very, very similar to a joke from Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis.

  32. author says:

    Xargon, the “Angus the sheep-shagger” joke is much older than Warren Ellis.

  33. Bagpuss says:

    Regarding the child/sexual feeligs debate, I’ve been whacking off since I was nine years old……..that settles it then.

  34. fenchurch says:

    By jprandi’s logic, I guess you’re not a murderer if you leave most of the people you encounter alive.

  35. jprandi says:

    jprandi has some points


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