Knowing what’s nice.

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  1. Daniel says:

    A very nice thought from Mr Trout.

    And you know, I do try to notice and say this when things are good.

  2. tie says:

    split the moon mo! go for it!

  3. Poor Richard says:

    Moon, 1 — Dogma, zip

  4. Bruce says:

    Sometimes noticing is what makes it good.
    I mean, c’mon, we’re all lottery winners here. We get to be alive and most stuff doesn’t.

  5. JoJo says:

    I’d like to be my cat. That would be nice.

  6. jONES. says:

    how random…

  7. meryl says:

    My favorite comic references my favorite author… super

  8. mjm202036 says:

    Mo’s right. A Muslim sitting side by side with a Jew, just sitting quietly in the evening hours, looking at the full moon in the sky without a word of violence toward each other due to religious beliefs. It’s a shame that our real world will never be this kind to the rest of us.

    But honestly, I’m with tie. I wanna see Mo split the moon.

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I’d like to see him try to split the moon, but only because I know he’d fail.

    Should he succeed, well, each hemisphere would collapse into a new sphere and an awful lot of rock would go flying. We’d see first hand the creation of a ring system and also be treated to some very exciting meteorite events. Very exciting. Their effect on the atmosphere would probably put all fears of global warming out of mind.

    Funny how the last time he did it, no-one noticed all the spectacular side effects.

    Their ancient lies are so transparent in the light of science. It occurs to me that not only is it better to keep silent and only be thought a fool, writing it down so it can be read millennia later, is even worse than just opening one’s mouth.

    Now we have Ben Stein, who even provides recordings of himself telling lies. Who knows how far into the future the evidence of his lies will persist?

  10. Wootage says:

    Been reading this since start. Nice one!
    BTW Can you do Elishas bears ina comic please? I want to see Elisha!

  11. louis says:

    thanks for the link to vonnegut’s speech. i wish he’s write that book…

  12. Brian says:

    Thanks for the link, author. Your work is always funny, but as a humanist myself, that was a genuinely pleasant read.

  13. Poor Richard says:

    Re: the Vonnegut link. R.I.P.

    I might agree to go to heaven now that Kurt Vonnegut is there. A most cheerful nihilist, and how he did encourage us in so many dark hours!

    “He was making the flashlight dance over all the dead people stacked outside. He put his hand on my head . . . ‘Son,’ my father said to me, ‘someday this will all be yours.'”

    If that isn’t nice . . . . Don’t worry – Poor Richard gives highest priority to nice. It’s a beautiful day in Michigan, and the water is up.

  14. Ahh – that’s sweet.

    That looks like Primrose Hill. There’s a bench perched at the top of Primrose Hill just like that.

  15. dimbulb says:

    I like Cock and Bull story once in a while.
    Now for something completely indifferent.

  16. Jerry w says:

    He also wrote:

    “If we aren’t the Establishment, I don’t know who is.”

    Weird echo, huh?

  17. Louis S says:

    Among the many things the great man wrote, here is the one which i consider to be the most important and life changing:

    Here is my picture of an asshole:


  18. Footsie says:

    Awww, why can’t everyone be as nice to each other as these two guys? :o)

  19. Mikel says:

    Tick. Life can be beautiful.


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