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  1. Bobo says:

    Man, I know you won’t believe this, but some day you will pay for all for this:). I am neither a fanatic supporter of religions, nor I am here to judge you or make threats, it’s just you have to have limits from time to time:). I am very entertained when reading these comics and you make some damn good points from time to time, but other times you just cross the line:). Keep up the good work, nobody is perfect anyway.

  2. Mythbuster says:

    Classic! I wonder if Cat Stevens is the headliner…

  3. Alan says:


    You don’t say which particular god you favour, but if you’re “very entertained when reading these comics” he’ll probably consider you to be complicit anyway. See you in hell :o)

  4. mark says:

    lmao . . . the more extreme the more i like it. even deepak chopra says all religions are idiotic.

  5. louis says:

    THAT was fantastic! sums up one of judeo-christo-islam’s main motifs perfectly.

  6. carolita says:

    Love hurts! Love hurts! Love hurts! (No, it doesn’t, only my catholic mother thinks so, which is why I changed my number and didn’t give it to her).

    Beware of monotheists who profess their god’s love for you.

  7. TaoAndZen says:

    This humor is not extreme. It merely holds up a mirror. That’s its genius. There should be no limits. Who sets them?

  8. Sir Beast says:

    Right on T&Z!!

    BTW – is this sung to the tune of Twisted Sister’s “Yer gonna burn in hell!”? If not that, then what? Or is it their own ditty?

  9. mandrill says:

    Funny Funny Funny, all of them. How many fatwas do you have now? I hear you get a set of shot glasses when you get over 10.
    Seriously though, really funny. Keep at it.

  10. TB says:

    Either love me or burn: Abrahamic religion’s main tactic.

    Sometimes I can’t help but frown upon Jews. If they didn’t keep their Jehovah fanaticism so alive for so long we wouldn’t have Christianity and Islam plaguing us…

    Oh well…

  11. Ah, nothing like conditional love.

  12. TB: Though in fairness, we would probably have something equally retarded. It would seem that people prefer wishfull thinking to reality, self-delusion to honesty and gullibility to self-reliance.

  13. Richie says:

    The Catholic tradition is not that God condemns you to hell but you freely choose it through your actions and you choose to go to heaven or not at judgement (your view would be distorted if you didn’t love God though)

  14. TB says:

    @Mose Hansen:

    Probably. Even though these three are misogynist enough, and that causes a problem today.

    BTW: DO you play Dominions II? I love the germanic Ulm… Their remake in Dom3 has Steel Warriors whose biographies are that of Conan and their motto is Enigma of Steel

    Conan trivia is sweet!

  15. melior says:

    This one would make a great t-shirt.

  16. Timothy 1:4 says:

    I’ve started asking Christians to please stick with “God is omnibenevolent” instead of “God loves you”. No one else is omnibenevolent, so they can define that word any way they want, including the definition they have: focused attention, plus granting eternal pleasure for some, plus feeling either willing or compelled to cause infinite pain for the 80% to 99% who don’t pass. Just leave the good old English word “love” alone. Using it to describe the Christian God’s attitude to humans is a confusing and deeply offensive miscommunication.

  17. Hobbes says:

    One of my favorite quotes is, “love cannot flourish where fear abides.”

    I suppose the very definition of a terrorist might by: A person who brings intentional serious harm, even death, to innocent people in order to force a government to submit to the person’s demands.

    Now, think about the story of the “Passover.”

  18. Hobbes says:

    carolita Says:

    “Beware of monotheists who profess their god’s love for you.”

    Acutally, I argue that Christianity isn’t a monotheism. Remember Mo’s comment that in Catholicism (and I would add, all Christianity), 3 X 1 = 1

  19. Hobbes says:

    “Acutally?” Err, that should be “actually.”

  20. Kenny says:

    Hell is exothermic, need more be said?


  21. yelinna says:

    I love this one! Jesus and Mohammed being friends is so cool!!

  22. Brad says:

    That SO reminds me of ‘the humans are dead’ by Flight of the Conchords.

  23. author says:

    Thanks, Brad! That is brilliant.

  24. Debbie K says:

    Someone called Louis said the cartoon summed up one of Christianity’s key tenets. Well, it doesn’t, obviously, but it does sum up one of atheism’s key canards…

  25. Chaise Guevara says:

    Debbie, if you’re going to claim something that goes against common wisdom, it’s probably best to justify it beyond just saying ‘obviously’. Evangalising Christians are forever telling you that the choice is to love God or go to Hell.

  26. C Reese says:

    Maybe if they had rapped it with turntables or beat-boxing it would have gone over better?


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