Special thanks to today’s guest scriptwriters, Claire Fox, The Daily Mail, The Pope, and many, many others.

Here are a couple of musical accompaniments to to the Pope’s visit to the UK:
Pope Song, by Tim Minchin (NSFW).
Dear Benny, by Dan Bull.

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  1. And barkeep forgot to mention the injunction against condom use in Africa, which is sure to cause thousands of deaths there.
    Great strip, Author. I just wish it were funny. Hard to find humour in anything to do with the Pope. The anger gets in the way.

  2. Oh yeah, and I LOVE the pope song. Sent it to the Catholics in my family.

  3. Runar says:

    I think that “…life-endangering stance against contraception…” covers that.

  4. Etiene says:

    In response to my MSN status of “F*** off Ratzi” I received a similar “Not very tolerant of you” from my father [not a Christian or religiot of any strain].

    My replies conveyed the essence of this cartoon and I’ve now linked him to it as well.

    A recent post over at Atheist Revolution covers the ‘intolerant of intolerance’ subject and although there may be some hypocrisy in being intolerant of bigots I do not feel it is something that we should apologise for. Those who at the least openly display hatred of women/homosexuals etc and at the worst blatantly put people’s lives at risk deserve all the ridicule and loathing they get and should not be honoured guests of any self respecting government.

  5. Bodach says:

    I am proud to be intolerant of organizations which hide pedophiles. Not a funny strip, Author, but great to see it out there.

  6. thumbnail says:

    I wonder if the Nazi reference is a subtle poke at the paedophile protecting pontiffs time as a member of the Hitler Youth (albeit an apparently unwilling one)?

  7. Postman says:

    I’m glad Author linked to Tim Minchin. He puts it very succinctly… Fuck the motherfucker.

  8. @thumbnail, the Nazi reference a pretty clear response to the Pope’s claims that the Nazis were atheists, therefore all atheists are Nazis:

  9. Daz says:

    Or it could be a reference to bishop Williamson

    The Tim Minchin song’s been living on my homepage for months. Not seen the Dear Benny one before though. Nice find, Author.

  10. @Bodach: Yes, it *is* a funny strip, even though it’s a serious subject.

  11. Cornelius T. Zen says:

    Good morrow, all!
    The Nazis were not atheists. They had a God, whom they followed religiously, and carried out his Word with fanatic fervor. Hitler did for them what Kaiser Billy could not, and they adored Hitler, worshipped him, and gave over their lives to him. They carried out what amounted to a Holy War in which only Nordic (Aryan) Germans were righteous, and all others were consigned to Hell.
    If that is NOT a religion, then what is? – CTZen

  12. Submoron says:

    Cornelius T. Zen: “Our ideology is Adolf Hitler” was one of the slogans — I don’t have the original German. In practice they encouraged religion when it gave them a free hand (think of the concordat with Hitler), but some were persecuted, Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular. Their attitude to “us” is surely exemplified by their closing down the Freethinkers Union and handing its property to the churches.

  13. Ratzinger is POND SCUM.

  14. Jon B says:

    This Papal visit is really making me think I should have gotten into the irony meter repair business, there must be thousands going “SPOING!” every minute.

  15. daoloth says:

    See you gals and guys at the rally at Hyde park on Saturday

  16. ouch – straddles that fine fine line between documentary and parody.

    and it’s too close to call.


  17. Ken Clark says:

    This visit from this witch doctor of the tribe of ‘the ignorant and disillusioned’ is giving me more nausea than a dose of Campylobacter virus. I am an astronomer and have told many of them that if they think this ignorant old pensioner is on any personal or intimate terms with their supposed creator of this vast and complex universe they’re nuts. But do they listen? Naaaah they just continue their tribal chants and rituals etc.

  18. Daz says:

    Ken, you’re doing it wrong. You need to make up some old boll… ahem… rubbish about having detected the Heavenly City. Then they’ll believe every word you say, no matter how ridiculous.

    Such is life.

  19. AbortedAgain says:

    According to Herr Ratzinger, this is how “exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life” looks like:

  20. Ken Clark says:

    Wow Daz, never thought of that! Simply must try it…let’s see; somewhere over the rainbow, erm…..I mean Andromeda galaxy…

  21. Cygnia says:

    I read this as I cue up Rush’s (the band not the fat idiot) “BU2B”.

  22. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    As soon as the athiests, cynics and pseudo intelectuals get off their soap box, would they be so kind as to show a better way? Don’t have to be a Stalin or a Paul Pot, just one athiest in the sea of humanity doing something good. For the hard of thinking, pointing out others faults generally isn’t considered to be an asset.

  23. Daz says:

    @Ken: Glad to help, old chap!

    @Nassar: Take your pick…

  24. ShaunOTD says:

    @Nassar – Teachers point out their pupils’ faults all the time – it’s a vital part of the learning process (for those willing to learn).

    PS Hi Daz!

  25. Daz says:

    ‘Ello mate! Did you get banned the other day or was it just me?

  26. ShaunOTD says:

    Were you banned? Well done! I gave up before they closed the comments on the article – haven’t got your stamina 😎

  27. Daz says:

    There were 5 or 6 people all posting at once and they shut it down. I got banned after replying to that bloke that was going on about Tatchell on another thread.

  28. ShaunOTD says:

    bwaj? Yes, the crazy was strong in that one…

  29. Jon B says:

    Pope says Christianity is being marginalised in the UK, at a time when he is number one story in all of our news outlets. Another irony meter in ruins.

  30. @Nassar Ben Houdja I’m glad to hear your polite voice in this forum. It means we are not all “preaching to the choir”.
    If you take a serious look at the atheist community, I think you will find lots of atheist doing very constructive work, from fighting AIDS in Africa to educating about genital mutilation everywhere. A primary push at the moment is to refute the claim by the religious community that they have a lock on morality, and that atheists are “Godless therefore evil”. The Pope, by protecting pedophiles and opposing condom use, has given us a poster boy for this campaign. You can’t fault us for pointing this out to the world when so many people think the Pope is the voice of God on earth.

  31. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Watching some alleged atheists, one cannot help but think they are very dedicated to the service of humanity. Watching some practitioners of various “isms” it is apparent that they only believe in themselves. It takes the omnipotent power of that which is to tell who is who. Going to be a lot of confused atheists ending up in a heaven that they didn’t believe in and a lot of believers ending up where they didn’t plan on going. The purpose of humanity is entertainment for it’s creator.

  32. Amusing that you have such inside knowledge, Nassar. Just who was it who told you the purpose of humanity? Did you get it directly from God himself, hear it from some other religious insider, read it in some holy book? You might find some followers if you would quote your source. Maybe start your own cult.
    Don’t you think claiming to know your God’s purpose for us is just a little bit arrogant? Can you understand why we’re skeptical of your statements? Don’t you think anybody who claims to know God’s purpose is a little bit… uh…blasphemous. (Not that an imaginary being can have a purpose. Or be blasphemed against.)
    Can you understand why we all dismiss you as an irrational nutter? And from the sound of it, a cynical nutter at that.

  33. ShaunOTD says:

    @Nassar – are you saying that people who don’t believe in gods, but nonetheless demonstrably do good, are not *really* atheists?
    Because that is, if I may be so bold, a bloody silly claim.

  34. Daz says:

    If we have to have a church, could I put in my vote for this one ( ) please. Mostly, I’ll admit, on the basis of the title of their holy book:

    “The Holy Book of Universal Truth and other humorous anecdotes”

    I think I could live with that.

  35. Sailor says:

    Nassa, I think you misunderstand the situation. Some people are better than others, some are selfish, some are not. Start there. Then some of those people then invent gods to justify what they do, good or bad. Others don’t bother.

  36. PJ says:

    @ Sailor. Beautifully summed up.

  37. Stephen Turner says:

    Another thing, Nassar: if there really were a divine plan for all of us, don’t you think we’d know what it is? That is, without needing to employ an entire class of priests and theologians to explain it all to us.

    And how are we supposed to know which is the right one anyway?

  38. Blamer .. says:

    Perhaps @Nessar isn’t familiar with Pascal’s Wager. Check wikipedia. Read the arguments for and against WITH their criticisms and rejoinders. This is the ‘better way’ (than religion) – we observe and reason and progress.

  39. Daoloth says:

    @ Nassar “would they be so kind as to show a better way” How about groups like Amnesty International? The underlying metaphysic is of human rights, not theology. Their position on religious fights (e.g. Isreal Palestine) is that both groups are in the wrong. They do get prisoners of conscience released and can shame governments (sometimes, anyhow)

  40. This is so much win πŸ™‚

  41. Stephen Turner says:

    @daoloth: Amnesty International has recently been involved in controversy about its association with certain Islamist groups, like CagePrisoners. But you’re right that they do get results sometimes.

    I see that British PM Call-me-Dave has described the Pope’s visit as “moving”. I wonder what part of his anatomy he felt movement in.

  42. Daoloth says:

    Amnesty will work with religious groups, perhaps sometimes wrongly, and there are religious people in it. I am not saying that it always immune to being used, perhaps cynically. However the metaphysic driving it is a secular human rights one- or, at least, that is the view of most of its members.
    NBH asked for an example of atheist morals- I submit that humanism provides such via the concept of human rights. Its imperfect, but its worth something

  43. DA says:

    “The purpose of humanity is entertainment for it’s creator.”

    Between this and “Paul Pot”, I’m calling a Poe.

  44. dysamoria says:

    Here is where satire is so bitingly accurate as to be depressing. But then again, satire is the only source of news I can stomach on a semi-regular basis because it includes an attempt to make the audience laugh for its attention-seeking, which is far better than hunting after people’s preference to ogle depressing, shocking & horrible things to get audiences (I’m looking at you, the “legitimate news”). Willingly feeding antisocial & unhealthy human behavior for profit is pretty gross. I know both cases are a way for audiences to feel superior, but I’d rather audiences laugh at political foolishness than use the misfortune of others to feel better about themselves.

  45. afzal says:

    it’s shud be ‘Yeshua’ and ‘Muhammad’ – or Jesus and Muh. the U in muhammad has the value of ‘u’ as in ‘put’ – Arabs/persians ignorantly think that the vowel in ‘put’ is bes represented by ‘o’; the vowel in ‘pit’ by ‘e’ hence ‘qaeda; ‘moslem’ etc.


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