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  1. Renee says:

    I make that no Judas = no Salvation argument to xitians and they just stare blankly. Great comic!

  2. AitchJay says:

    I never thought of the swimming and the clapping, that’s hilarious!!

  3. Nick says:

    Who cares if Jesus can’t swim. He can just walk on top of the water.

  4. […] Tirinha original publicada em 9 de maio de 2006 Nesta tirinha decidi não traduzir o jornal e a revista que Jesus e Mo estão lendo. Jesus está lendo The Guardian, um importante jornal britânico (lembrem-se que as tirinhas originais são britânicas!), e Mo está lendo uma revista sobre tendas e pessoas que as usam. Uma nota sobre a tradução: quando Jesus diz que Judas o entregou, ele usa uma gíria britânica, “grassed me up”, que significa entregar alguém para a polícia, que eu traduzi como caguetar. […]

  5. bevo/devo says:

    Jesus also can’t drive a stick-shift or eat skittles.

  6. Gar says:

    He can eat skittles, he just has to use a straw.

  7. Damedik says:

    All men delusion, but not equally. Those who day-dream by means of night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the heyday to find that it was swell-headedness: but the dreamers of the day are rickety men, because they may act on their dreams with problematic eyes, to create them possible.

  8. that guy says:

    Way late here but @Nick Kinda hard to walk on water with holes in your feet……….

  9. ottebrain says:

    @that guy and Nick previously he has said that he can’t walk on water cos it was made up-obvs lol!

  10. ottebrain says:

    Religion is ridiculous.
    Yep that sums it up.
    So many loopholes which they cover up and ignore by saying it was the will of god or maybe killing you after the slightest criticism or saying that you are taking away their right 2 free speech, which if u ask me they shouldn’t have at all tbh.
    Religion is poisonous.

  11. ottebrain says:

    also mo’s mag… reference 2 saul?

  12. Alex says:

    During crucifixion the nails don’t go through the hands but through the wrists. With the body weight eventually hanging on the arms, the hands would simply tear from the nails. The wrist bones are connected with tendons, careful positioning the nails ensures a successful punishment.


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