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  1. Son of Glenner says:

    These ideas had already occurred to me (not the bit about islam being right all along, obviously!). It also echoes a joking remark about homosexuality you sometimes hear.

  2. samhuff96 says:

    Just the other day I told the banker who was servicing me, that I never thought I would have to wear a mask to get into a bank.

    When I hear “servicing” I always think of the meaning of it from animal husbandry.

    “until they caught him at it.” Tom Lehrer

  3. Oozoid says:

    Ironic irony. Sublime!

  4. Efogoto says:

    @samhuff96. That’s why I think the police in the United States should change their motto from “To protect and serve” to “Servicing without protection”.

  5. HaggisForBrains says:

    I love Jesus’s comment in the third box. Perhaps he has his own irony meter at last.

  6. Son of Glenner says:

    I’ve just realised that, in panel 3 (and perhaps also panel 2?), Jesus is using “verbal irony” on Mo! Oh dear, I’m slow. Well, I shall soon be 80 years old, so I have an excuse.

    Another great strip, Author – not intended ironically!

  7. Son of Glenner says:

    HaggisForBrains: Snap!

  8. Steve I says:

    Plus ritualised hand-washing, and the closing of bars!

  9. Edward T. Haines says:

    The neat thing about religions is that they can always find any event or outcome to support what they professed from the outset. Actually, not all that hard to do if one ignores data, facts, and science.

  10. M27Holts says:

    I have my black jesse james mask ready…my wife has a delicate pink one…but her hair will be blonde amd flowing…so up yours mo…

  11. Someone says:

    Mo is incorrect, if course. The usage of masks and facial coverings to protect not only yourself, but more importantly those you love and the innocent around you, vindicates not Islam but Batman.
    After all, he’s been saying that for decades and hasn’t been a douche about it. Though his mask does leave his mouth exposed, but I’m sure he’d adapt something that covers up completely and allows him to breathe.

  12. Someone says:

    Huh, I wrote “of course”, my stupid phone made it say “if”, so I corrected it and it still bloody says “if”. I miss that edit button.

  13. Paddy says:

    By this metric, Deadpool, Rorschach, and Bane are all significantly more socially responsible than Batman, seeing as their masks cover both mouth and nose 😉

  14. Deimos says:

    I went outside for the 2nd time since February today, I experienced the true horror of shopping with a fracking face mask on. Based on today I am not going out again until I go to the doctors office for my pandemic and flu vaccines.
    Unless I can catch the inventor of the mask I wore today. In which case I may be willing to leave the house for the execution of some tightly scripted violence and possibly fatal sarcasm.

  15. Son of Glenner says:

    Deimos: You should try the masks my niece makes out of odd offcuts of 2-ply heavy fabric with three horizontal folds. They are reasonably comfortable and you quite quickly get used to wearing one. You can sometimes catch her in the old Cock & Bull, early evening.

    Don’t hold your breath for the pandemic vaccine – even if the Oxford version, the leading candidate, does well in all the tests and clinical trials, you are unlikely to get it this year; but the flu vaccine should still be worth your while to leave your bunker for.

  16. jb says:

    Deimos — Wearing a mask while shopping makes a certain amount of sense, but I hope you aren’t afraid to take a walk outside without a mask on!

    Masks do some good, but not as much as people seem to think (especially the incorrectly worn non-medical masks that I see on so many people). You are far safer out in the sun and open air without a mask, even if there are people around, than you are wearing the best of masks in a crowded and poorly ventilated indoor space. To back that up, here is a study that made an effort to track down every outbreak in a certain region of China early in the epidemic. They found a single case of outdoor transmission, versus hundreds of cases that happened indoors. So it can happen, but your odds are at least a hundred times better, which is more of an improvement than you will get from any mask.

  17. Deimos says:

    Thanks for the help sog and jb, I now have a supply of masks that don’t feel like the inside of a rubber fetish gimp mask (now that was a party). I still plan to walk outside regularly and luckily have a decent sized and quite wild garden.
    Always a pleasure to interact on this site, probably the nicest informal gathering on the net.

  18. Son of Glenner says:

    “… probably the nicest informal gathering on the net.”

    Agreed. Everyone is invited to the old Cock & Bull next Wednesday, to celebrate my 80th! Virtual drinks on me. (Trolls not welcome.)

  19. Dr John the Wipper says:

    Congrats in advance, but will will NOT be able to attend. My sister-in-law has claimed that date for her 60est birthday.


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