The confluence of beauty and truth is so compelling, I almost reverted myself.

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  1. Tom says:

    There are a number of pictures of Jesus almost naked on the cross, but this is the first I have see of the other fellow.

  2. jean-françois gauthier says:

    there is no god but god, mohammed is the pudgy and bearded messenger of god.

  3. El Raisuli says:

    My eyes have offended me.
    Where can I buy a “Pluck Them Out” kit?

  4. Poor Mo,
    He won’t be inflaming anyone’s passions will he?

  5. Myrhinne says:

    If Mo does a sexy dance in those Shahada pants I think I might be overcome with lust and convert on the spot.

    (My mental image here is something along the lines of Austin Powers’ dance in Union Jack underpants)

  6. Sondra says:

    So, Mo’s had a bikini wax? πŸ˜€

  7. Sondra says:

    Made ya look!!! πŸ˜€

  8. machaigai says:

    Yes. You did.

  9. Janis says:

    yes, yes, you did and i think i regret it. πŸ˜€

  10. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Mohammed as an object of art?
    On that subject, please do depart
    What passes for art today
    Should be hauled quickly away
    On the municipal garbage cart.

  11. Henry Ford says:

    Ok, I looked πŸ™

  12. fenchurch says:

    Draw me like one of your Prophets!

  13. Hamish Thorpe says:

    Bit of product placement going on.

  14. J Ascher says:

    Definitely a NSFW image!

  15. Dalai Llami says:

    Mo’s chest looks like a sad rabbit.

  16. steeve says:

    If only he was blinking…

  17. I….I think I see an image of the Virgin Mother in his chest hair!!!!!!!!

  18. rafael says:


  19. Keith Collyer says:

    I thought the images of Mo in the strip were actually a body double, so in the first frame it isn’t pictures of “me”, but pictures of Mo. Oh, too confusing!

  20. machigai says:

    No. That’s Angry Cat.

  21. VoteCoffee says:

    For a guy with the thickest beard this side of Jannah, he’s got some pretty wimpy body hair…
    Anyone out there brave enough to enlighten the rest of us by interpreting the script written on his banana sling?

  22. machigai says:

    I’m guessing the script reads

    ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ????????? ??????? ???? (l? ?il?ha ?ill? l-L?h, Mu?ammadur ras?lu l-L?h) (in Arabic)
    There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. (in English)
    (copy pasted from Wikipedia page Shahada.

  23. machigai says:

    hmmm, that didn’t work.

  24. VoteCoffee says:

    I see now. Hence, ‘Shahada Pants’…

  25. Owen says:

    Nice – those briefs leave very little doubt as to Mo’s “Pillar Of Faith”…

  26. fenchurch says:

    @Owen – well, a pillar without a “capital”, assuming that Mo succumbed to khitan….

  27. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    hehehe this is funny

  28. European says:

    @fenchurch: According to the tradition, the prophet was born miraculously without foreskin. Regarding his body double, I couldn’t possibly know

  29. Euro
    I thought he was a giant foreskin, which explains why they aren’t allowed to keep anything that looks like him.

  30. European says:

    @richard: Foreskin with beard and teeth? Bits of those are on display in Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace… (I mean, not the double’s); but then, they also have old Abraham’s cereal bowl, King David’s sword, Moses’ walking stick, Joseph of Egypt’s turban (!) etc.
    And, I forget where, Jesus’ foreskin also made it into some reliquary somewhere (probably more than one…)

  31. FreeFox says:

    Does anyone know if Acolyte of Sagan and Darwin Harmless are okay? It unsual vor DH not to be amongst the first few posters on any thread to fawn over the new comic and AoS hasn’t been on at all since May 1st.
    Hey, AoS, if you’re okay but just busy, please give a shout.

  32. FreeFox says:

    an pweaze s’cuse da spellin πŸ˜‰

  33. omg says:

    FreeFox, I agree with you that 11 days without DH and 25 without AoS is quite worrying.

    DH and Aos, I hope that you are fine and just taking a little vacation from the web.

  34. botanist says:

    DH has posted on his own website recently (24 May).
    Hope all is OK AoS – wishing you well.

  35. Aw guys, I’m touched that you missed me. Everything is fine with me, but life is getting in the way a bit. Hectic time. I’m taking a course in the Science of Free Will on line and that’s been a time suck, finishing up a term of classes (English for Academic Purposes, essentially grammar for university students who have been studying it since primary school so tough to keep it interesting.), and sorting out how to make my escape from this country where you need VPN to access J&M.

    And now you’ve got me worried about Acolyte. I’d like to hear from him too.

    FreeFox, “fawn over the new comic”? Really? I can be a bit of a fan boy when I find something I like, but my praise has always been sincere. If that’s fawning, I guess I can live with that. I didn’t fawn over this one because I couldn’t think of anything to say. Somehow this one didn’t work for me. No idea why.

    I have been reading your comments. Lurking. Hanging out with the old gang. Love you guys… uh, people.

  36. HaggisForBrains says:

    essentially grammar for university students who have been studying it since primary school so tough to keep it interesting.

    I’m glad to hear that someone is teaching grammar to adults, since my experience tells me that no-one is teaching it to the kids – I speak, of course, as a founder member of UPOTWA.

  37. HaggisForBrains says:

    The first paragraph is a blockquote fail – sorry, DH.

  38. omg says:

    I’m not fan of tattoo, but can you read this one (If you can, next round is for me at The Cock and Bull) :

  39. Efogoto says:


    Pint of Boddington’s for me, I don’t know what anyone else wants.

  40. omg says:

    Ok Efogoto,
    Here is yours πŸ˜‰

  41. OMG, the trick seems to be realizing that the pattern contains letters. Then it’s fairly easy to read. Great tat.

  42. FreeFox says:

    DH, couldn’t resist being a bit offensive, woulda choked on the sticky sweetness of my own concern. But really glad you’re okay, just busy. Who else could I depend to roll my eyes about and violently disagree with week for week? Given AoS’s regular snarky remarks about his age and health, his absence has me seriously worried. Which is prolly silly, since any of us can get run over by a lorry at any moment, but there y’are. πŸ™

  43. FreeFox old dear, do you really think your deeply emotional nature was concealed from us all? You wear your heart on your sleeve, and trying to cover up your sticky sweetness is only self delusion. πŸ™‚ More of the same that is.
    I too hope Acolyte is okay. It would be good to hear from him. Do you hear us, AofS. We’re worried about you. Say something. Can somebody hold a mirror under his nose for us?

  44. machigai says:

    Someone could send a message to Acolyte’s email address.

  45. botanist says:

    Author knows us all. Author – is it possible that you could email AoS? We are concerned, and maybe AoS’s email is being monitored by family/friends.

  46. Mike N says:

    Seen comments by AoS on asbo jesus dated May 26

  47. Mike N says:

    Sorry that was 2012, trust me to just look at the day and month.

  48. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Mike N. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    But thanks, I appreciate the concern. Brief details of my absence are in the next comic’s comments.

  49. smartalek says:

    Somehow this one didn’t work for me. No idea why.”

    Chacun truly a son gout.
    I thought the “shahada pants” were the funniest thing I’d seen in a while (anywhere, not just in this strip) — closely followed by, “I’ll get”
    (Author’s facility with the follow-up punchline is one of my favorite things about the strip. You often get two yux for the price of none.)


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