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  1. TaoAndZen says:

    Hehehe. Actually, I think there is something curiously erotic about an attractive woman in a hijab.

  2. Rob says:

    If she’s in a hijab you can’t actually tell if she’s attractive or not, though you can see the eyes, and they can be really deceiving sometime (trust me, i live in a country where i see lots of those…)

  3. Laury says:

    Hey, the t-shirts are great. But make them available on women’s fitted shirts too! It is only appropriate given the sentiment!

    I know these characters represent the “sunna” inasmuch as followers of these religions have imagined their prophets, not the prophets themselves. You do a great job of skewering these types of folks. I love it. But even sometimes I get all, “But Muhammad would never do that!” before I pull myself back and remind myself of what you are doing here. This one made me jump back at first. Whoever you are, you walk a very fine line indeed! I think successfully so. God bless and peace, Laury

  4. TB says:

    Well… A very important issue is addressed here. Why do women have to control themselves if men never do? Sexism of Abrahamic religions reigns supreme.


    Never think now that Israel is a rich comfortable nation is based on their savage religious texts. The more I read them, the more I hate this Abraham and his “Lord”.

  5. TB says:


    Since Turkey has a small group of such ninjas, some prostitutes have a spare hijab to get in, hence to avoid sexual harassment on the road.

  6. nara says:

    this is not hijab .. its nekab(face veil )..which is not obligatory for many muslims.
    hijab is a sign of modesty not to man but to God ..it also helps the women not be treated as an object acccording to the way she looks..but to treated respectfully … because she is a precious pearl
    i wore hijab recently ,and its one of -if not the- best things ever happened to me..my hijab is also beautiful.. i feel proud and valuble in it..plz dont judge ppl when u dont know them .. try to know REAL muslims first ,then ask them

  7. Richie says:


    The reason that women have to control themselves is because lust is a serious sin in both religions (Islam and Judaism). Men are, biologically, more visually stimulated than women are and women tend to dress immodestly, not with any wrong intention. Men don’t usually and so it is easier to protect men from lust, but it is not a problem for women so that is the reason. I think it is an extreme but there is some logic behind it.

  8. Satantiago says:

    So, it’s all Allah’s fault for creating men with irrepressible lust.

    Wearing a hijab, a niqab, a burqa, or a tent is akin to wearing a yellow badge, but, who am I to dictate fashion trends!? I ain’t no prophet!!! (SBUT)

    Yeah, lust, a serious sin. So serious that Sulai’man (Solomon) had to have 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3) to quench his insatiable sexual appetite.

    Women in Islam are so precious that 72 Muslimat are given in reward to each suicide bomber in heaven (Al-Tirmidhi 2562). So precious that Muslimin can temporarily marry Muslimat (mut’a) (Quran 4.24) for as short a time as the duration of the sexual intercourse.

    Women in Islam are so precious that menses are “a hurt and a pollution” (Quran 2.222 – Yusufali) “an illness” (Quran 2.222 Pickthal) thus Mahomet commanded his followers to “keep away from women in their courses, and do not approach them until they are clean”

    Hey, maybe women are not pearls at all, but pieces of meat like Sheikh Hilaly said.


  10. Ian says:

    These comics are funny, I think it’s unavoidable that, when posted on the internet they will cause countless forum debates over religion, the most angry (and capitalized) of which being from people who don’t know much of what theyre talking about, but besides that, awesome.

  11. Persian Ali says:

    Have you noticed how materialistic Muslim fanatic women are?

    This idiot nara want to be treated as a “precious pearl”, namely a costly object.

    Another one I ran into wanted to be treated as “gold dust”, and said the misogynist ideology of Islam is so superior to liberalism because it treats its women as “gold dust”.

    Its all because of that demented pedophile assissing Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who thought he saw this bullshit thingy Angel Gabriel and used such hallucinations to motivate people to gain him an empire.

  12. Persian Ali says:

    Saint Gas – Dont you see how self-consistent Islam is? Men having to cover themselves due to gays is not a problem to begin with – gays are eliminated in Islam!

  13. author says:

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