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  1. Rob says:

    They should have gone to Mecca for the bingo!

  2. Chris says:

    Jesus uses euros, not pounds!

  3. Warren says:

    Yeah, nice analysis of the win/win apologism that “god” always gets from his followers. No matter how it breaks, it’s always because “god” is good. Right? RIGHT?!?!?111?

    And Jesus saves; Satan invests.

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  5. Some of your Jesus and Mo materials will be included in our Journal of Brave Minds.

    We will underline source and your email address. Keep us informed about your future works.


  6. JayBee says:

    Oh Author, I love you…
    I always think that these comics couldn’t get any better, but they do.

    Jesus’ last bubble is amazing. God IS a bloody marvel simply because he’s the imaginary-invented-by-people-guy doing all this bloody (literal meaning) mess in this world! Oh, I should start believing in miracles.
    It is a miracle how something that has nothing to do with reality affect reality that much!

  7. frodenius says:

    sad that its not a miracle. its simply human nature. (scientificly approved: religiousness makes people happier (more of some hormone/stuff that makes brain happy))

  8. carolita says:

    God always says the dumbest things! Why do people keep listening to him? He’s obviously just trying to see how stupid we are.

  9. Diogenes says:

    I sincerely hope all this material is backed up somewhere safe……
    For what it’s worth I’ve just convinced our “powers that be” that if you can do it, so should we…….
    Confront a few small things…….

    Thanks for this small light of sanity.

  10. Jerrry w. says:

    God, in all his wonder led someone astray?

    What were the odds on that?

    Did anyone take the spread?

    So many questions, so many
    Gods to seek answers from.

    5 to 1 this will be taken the wrong way.

  11. yelinna says:

    Those machines were altered by Satan for making Jesus and Mo to lose!

    This is another example of the eternal war of Good against Evil…

    …and Evil won.


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