And nobody wants to see THAT.

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  1. mcalex says:

    Literally lol’d. Did not see that coming. GJ Author.

  2. Quine Duhem says:

    I’d had always assumed that Mo would wear stockings and suspenders, too.

  3. OtterBe says:

    Yay Wednesday!

    ‘And nobody wants to see THAT.’
    Too late: between this strip and the ones with Mo in his blessed thong ( especially the peeking-nad one ) paints the picture all too clearly!

  4. Jesus F Iscariot says:

    Christ should not whine until he explains all the pornographic images and statuettes of his quasi-naked S&M display on Good Friday AD32.

  5. Laripu says:

    Jesus F Iscariot, apparently he hates crosses that show him crucified, as told in J&M #1!

  6. Laripu says:

    He was having a bad hair day back then.

  7. Jesus F Iscariot says:

    Laripu. I have the same tonsorial shame if I sleep in a Crown of Thorns without my hairnet.

  8. That guy over there says:

    Ok, *that* was truly brilliant. Not only mock them both for their misogynistic ways but include bra and panties – genius.

  9. Simon Maddison says:

    Nice to discover that Mo is a cross-dresser

  10. Postdoggerel says:

    when jesus and mo wore a burqa
    on women’s day trying to work a
    notorious stunt,
    that was crude, that was blunt,
    and the barmaid?
    it didn’t deter her.

    she said their attire was abusive,
    and her manner, concise, not effusive,
    compelled them to leave,
    to mutter and grieve
    that her point was precise and conclusive.

  11. Succubus ov Satan says:

    would a burka work with thorns underneath – would they not rip the headpiece whenever taken off? and of course they did not finish their drinks – they did not even start them -burkas don’t have mouth openings

  12. zachw says:

    Loved it! Your comics are always on point but this one had me laughing (I rarely chuckle out loud, some neuro-atypical thing I think.)

  13. Oozoid says:

    With so little to laugh at these days, this is just brilliant. And blasphemous on so many levels!

  14. M27Holts says:

    Bra and Panties. I would have thought Mo a fan of directoire knickers….

  15. Son of Glenner says:

    Succubus ov Satan: Burkas, or similar dresses, do have mouth openings, fully covered by overlapping flaps, loose enough to hide a glass – or a dinner fork – behind, without the mouth becoming visible! I’ve seen them in action in a restaurant.

  16. Postdoggerel says:

    their exit could not have been quicker,
    with out even touching their liquor.
    jesus was right
    but mo, still uptight,
    caught up in his naughty knickers.

  17. Jveeds says:

    My lady friends in Saudi (the expats that is) used to sometimes say how convenient the abaya was since they could just thrown on whatever they liked underneath –pajamas, grungy jeans, sweatpants — and didn’t have to fuss with “looking nice” when going shopping. Oh, and shouldn’t the outfit be an abaya, with hijab and niqab, rather than a burka? (typically for the Arabian peninsula)

  18. arbeyu says:

    I thought it was Jesus who was the cross-dresser? As the song we used to sing in the playground went…

    (To the Andrew Lloyd Webber tune)

    Jesus Christ, Superstar!
    Wears frilly knickers
    And his sister’s bra.

  19. Donn says:

    The bra and panties thing makes the joke, but for me the satire is in the “I don’t feel safe” line.

  20. Arbeyu says:

    @simon maddison. I see you beat me to the ‘cross-dresser’ joke.

  21. vlakovod says:

    This one could attack the top ten 🙂 Thx.
    @donn Point.

  22. Up In Mass says:

    Damn. My sides are killing me.

    Thanks for what you do.

  23. M27Holts says:

    When i was a lad…it was.
    Rodney Marsh…Superstar…
    Wears frilly knickers and a coloured bra….
    The similar memes fluctuating throughout the multifarious cultures of our youth…I myself would never risk wearing girlies underwear…just in case I liked it….

  24. Laripu says:

    Forget women’s underwear… on Christmas day, I wear bright red socks. It’s particularly perverted, because I’m Jewish. 😀

  25. postdoggerel says:

    some socks are reddish,
    some socks are bluish.
    to mix them up, though,
    is brutish, not prudish.

    some things are falsish,
    some things are truish.
    mohammad was muslim.
    jesus was jewish.

    doggerel is puerile
    and hardly distinguished.
    there’s hope, though,
    that it can be finally extinguished.

    all hail to the genius
    of the cock and bull venue,
    where piquant impiety
    is found on the menu.

  26. M27Holts says:

    I have to dress up as an Elf on xmas day to dish out the presents to my grandson. Its very tight in the crotch area so is a bit uncomfortable and possibly shows off my meat and two veg a bit too much…but hey ho…its the saturnalia festivities so its very keeping with pagan tradition…

  27. suffolk blue says:

    M27 – photographic evidence not required, thanks 🙂

  28. Son of Glenner says:

    M27Holts: If you’ve got it – flaunt it!


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