Happy New Year!

Miraculously, Jesus & Mo has made it to the finals of the 2008 Weblog Awards, in the category “Best Comic Strip”. Many thanks to whoever nominated us.

If you have a moment to spare, please go there and vote.

(Pharyngula is also up for an award as Best Science Blog – and it stands decent chance of winning. So why not cast your vote for that, too?)

Discussion (25)¬

  1. grouchy-one says:

    I think we can thank god for nominating J&Mo in the Weblog Awards. Pity he didn’t follow up with a few more votes… Perhaps he’s waiting for us to help our selves

  2. Congo Dave says:

    Well it’s good to see J&M in some awards. Deserves to win, although it clearly won’t, as often the best things don’t. I really tried hard to get Garfield minus Garfield and couldn’t see it. Anyone? :/

  3. JMo says:

    I wonder why Mo has drank more of his beer than Jesus? Methinks he might be guilty over the whole brushing another man thing……

  4. Colonel Leisure says:

    Voted! By far the rightful winner.

  5. Matt Oxley says:

    Finally my withdrawal symptoms can stop

  6. Bodach says:

    Yay for sciencey sounding stuff! Happy New Year, author!

  7. pikeamus says:

    Pharyngula has a post up about these awards. PZ suggests that you and xkcd are the two most deserving on the list (I agree btw) so I’d encourage readers here to comment over there as well and see if we can’t swing some more J&M support from the Pharyngulites.

  8. Nathan Bond says:

    It strikes me that these two remind me of my favourite TV characters – Boston Legal’s Danny Crane and Alan Shore.

  9. Jerry w says:

    It’s not in the right place to be a nail scar,
    but it’s too high up to be a belly button.
    Jesus has a nipple?

  10. ann44 says:

    I came here every day to see if the new ep is out! Finally, it is, and it’s great! Have a happy year of 2009!
    I’m getting you more readers. 😉

  11. Peter L says:

    My vote is in. Definitely the cleverest cartoon. Have recommended to our Mensa internet discussion group.

  12. JoJo says:

    I would love this strip to win the award – but will it be permitted to win? It will be interesting to see whether a cartoon depicting Mo will be allowed to run the distance or whether censorship will win instead. Either way, the strip will be vindicated. Deserves the win so much.

  13. Colonel Leisure says:

    Thank you for my birthday mug Grouchy :). You weren’t expecting that were you?

  14. John The Geologist says:

    Well done Autrhor. Just exercised my democratic right and voted for J&M. Best of luck (you were in the lead just now).

    Cartoon series of the year.

    Single one-off cartoon of the year has to be Doonesbury of November 5th celebrating Obama’s victory. (he was so sure of this happening he didn’t even draw an alternative in case the old git and the gun-toting Nazi MILF won).

    Very timely toon on detox. Sense About Science published a report this week saying what a pile of shit this whole detox scam is. Check out the woo at:

    Also Ben Goldacre tore some detox quack to bits on Radio 4 on Monday morning over all the ridiculous claims these people make to scam money out of gullible morons who believe this drivel. Check out his Bad Science site here:

    Looking forward to many more J&Ms in 2009.


  15. JayBee1988 says:

    @ JoJo
    Aren’t you wondering how muslims haven’t gone mad about this website yet?
    I know I am…
    Well… unless they paid attention that he’s a body double 😛

  16. Teleprompter says:

    I already voted for both Pharyngula and Jesus & Mo…and you can vote again every day until the contest is over. 😀

  17. Uncle Roger says:

    I like xkcd a lot too, so it was a tough choice. In the end, I went for J&M because it almost always makes me laugh and I’m not “in” enough to get all the Cory Doctorow type jokes. I’d heard of G-G and, while it’s an interesting concept, the couple I’ve seen didn’t strike me as that great. The others, I hadn’t heard of.

    My favorites (other than J&M & xkcd) are Basic Instructions and Questionable Content. Oh, and Shabot 6000.

  18. Uncle Roger says:

    Oh, and I too have wondered why the Muslims haven’t gotten their knickers all in a twist about J&M.

  19. Don’t forget to get J and M a nice detox foot patch. And some detox bath accessories, too. And a detox smoothie.

    They need a full set of detox equipment if they’re to be prepared for the difficulties of the year ahead.

    The barmaid would like a grapefruit, please.

  20. Shoaib says:

    Oh, and I too have wondered why the Muslims haven’t gotten their knickers all in a twist about J&M.

    I believe its banned in places like Pakistan and the Middle East. But yes your right about no effigy-buring of the Author taking place till now. Maybe if he was Danish…

    I’ve voted for the comic too although the clear favourite seems to be XKCD.

  21. pikeamus says:

    You all realise you can vote more than once (I think its every 24 hours), right? We are losing pace with day by day and medium large. Dilbert is even catching up and we were a reasonable way ahead a little while ago.

  22. As for muslims not getting their panties in a bunch over Jesus&Mo, I think it demonstrates how random this muslim anger can be.

    In the 90’ies a Danish painter (Jens-Jørgen Thorsen) drew a wall-mural, where Muhammed was depicted with a gigantic knob, and nobody reacted. Tons of books much ‘worse’ than The Satanic Verses has been published to no reaction. But then occassionally one story, one book, one cartoon just seems to ignite a certain section of muslims, it gains critical mass and all of a not-so-sudden, stuff starts blowing up.

  23. Shoaib says:

    Tons of books much ‘worse’ than The Satanic Verses has been published to no reaction

    Incidently, which books might those be? Just asking because Rushdie’s book is as bad as it gets when insulting the Quran.

    P.S: Not that I feel that it should not be insulted. Heck I’d insult the Faraway Tree too if people started calling Moonface the one true prophet of the one true god.

  24. moonface says:

    Don’t take my name in vain.


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