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  1. Chris says:

    I agree with Durkheim that God is a metaphor for society. Great comic though 😀

  2. carolita says:

    I believe in the turtle upon turtle theory. Nothing but turtles, one on top of the other, ad infinitum!

  3. arensb says:

    So each turtle is a metaphor for the one underneath?

  4. anolan says:

    Jeez, people don’t read enough Jacques Derrida these days. Metaphors don’t point to _things_, they point only to one another. So it is an endless string of turtles, that point only to each other, as we spin eternally into the darkness…

    And when we cry, “Save us, o mighty turtles!”, they hear us not, and continue pointing only to one another…

    Perhaps we should worship Cthuthlu instead? Sure, there’s the eating and the dying, but that has to better than being ignored, right? I mean, we’re getting snubbed by turtles here!

    Except, of course, that it is only a metaphor. I forgot.

  5. Kapitano says:

    RG Collingwood defined religion as an infinite stack of metaphors, each explained by the one beneath.

    So arensb got it almost right! And he thought he was joking! Hah!

  6. grasshopper says:

    Each turtle can only be explained fully by the meta-turtle beneath it.
    At the bottom of the pile you will find God-el, working on his theorem, and Schubert working on his unfinished symphony.

  7. Scrofulum says:

    Trying to remember all those metaphors would be difficult, unless one had turtle recall.

    I’ll get me coat.

  8. arensb says:

    Trying to remember all those metaphors would be difficult, unless one had turtle recall.

    Yes, the way these people shuffle real things around and hide them under metaphors, it feels like a shell game.

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I shall stick my neck out and say that this humour is tortue, tortue all the way down.

  10. JayBee says:

    Some “sophisticated” God that allows pilgrims to die in a horrible coach crash (
    oops! almost forgot! God is so sophisticated that he works in “mysterious ways”.
    Who am I to question the sophistication and mystery… and isn’t he/she/it so beneficient?

  11. Simon says:

    Sophistication and mystery . . . hmm, put them together and you have sophistry.

  12. […] Why do you not believe in God? Define “god” and I’ll tell you. Every deity I’ve heard of is either logically incoherent, incompatible with the evidence, or unworthy of serious consideration. […]

  13. NoStar says:

    “Metaphors be with you.”

  14. rintinscrabbleweed says:

    Just once I would love to see Crushtian and Muzzle’em settle a dispute by one of them gripping the beer tap handle at the base, then the other gripping it just above that, then the other, until they reach nirvana!

  15. Jason says:

    Prove the Bible wrong.

  16. Lou says:

    “Prove the Bible wrong.”

    Now,let’s see. The bible is but one cultural interpretation of our vast universe among many such interpretations.

    If the mythology of marauding nomadic herdsmen can be considered true, then how much truer must be the sophisticated mythologies of the more advanced (and certainly more ancient) philosophies of China and India?

  17. John Linwood says:

    Love Jesus and Mo. Keep them coming..

  18. John Linwood says:

    By the way, check out our songs..

  19. Last Hussar says:

    “Prove the Bible wrong”

    Ok. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere for a flood that covered Mount Everest.

  20. itaibn says:

    “Prove the Bible wrong.”

    You have the Burden of Proof, not us.

  21. Teralek says:

    Like the Big Bang is a metaphor for metaphysics…

  22. Bagpuss says:

    Scrofulum, you fancy a gig at the Welly Club….? Or maybe Pipers?

  23. fenchurch says:

    Prove the dictionary wrong.
    Prove Archie Comics wrong.
    Prove your butt wrong.

    See how this sort of challenge is meaninglessly worded ?
    What the hell are you even asking for???

  24. jimmy says:

    Nice false picture of Satan but he wouldn’t appear as ugly to you people. The bible has had it stated that he appears as a beautiful angel of light, for even he masqerades around as that.

    Yet, people claim the burden of proof is with Christians when they can’t even disprove the bible USING GODS OWN HOLY WORD.

    First off, *geniuses* THE BURDEN OF DISPROVING THE BIBLE LIES WITH YOU SINFULL & WICKED HEATHENS, don’t any of you ever dare tell me, the archangel or ANY of my brothers that they are LEFT with the burden of proof.

    How dare you satan deceived antichrists tell my brothers & my sisters what they can or can’t do. Who the hell do you people truly think you are? REPENT in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of your sins, past & present, to be baptized in the holy fire of the name of the father, The son & the holy spirit for eternal life & salvation.

    Lastly. This one especially annoyed me.
    “fenchurch says:

    October 7, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Prove the dictionary wrong.
    Prove Archie Comics wrong.
    Prove your butt wrong.

    See how this sort of challenge is meaninglessly worded ?
    What the hell are you even asking for???”

    So, you can’t even tell WHAT is being told to be proven wrong? Is a PRONOUN that difficult for you, female? Shut your mouth & go be a slave or a man’s wife, you females, like yourself were made to be humbled.

    THAT was the point of eve turning in the garden of eden & having been of a house-wife complex. You idiots would never understand God or why he does, so you wicked & vile heathens attack him out of your arrogance, Pride & stupidity.

    Satan doesn’t always have to make people slander God, it’s fools like you that already do that for him – because the greatest deceit is getting people to disbelieve with recurrence.

    How the fuck do you think Hitler controlled so many people? It wasn’t just the great depression or the lack of financing for Germany.

    If you fuckheads can’t study the bible properly & or know why exactly I am doing this after having stated that I am archangel Michael, than you could never understand the point of why God sent Jesus Christ down here to us.

    It’s funny too how you people also claim that anyone who believes & stands up for what is right without actually fucking studying the bible is insane – NO, I say rather instead that insanity is the rejection of something without caring to so much as even truly study it instead of just trying the tired old, “I was right” bullshit.

    because if what you said is right, then I will hold EACH & every single one of you accountable for lying to me & to many of my other brethren. You better pray to God, all of you because the times & signs are what you should be paying attention to. not your crap speculation.

  25. Bones'sDog says:

    Last Hussar, sorry, but some of the rocks that make up Everest have marine fossils in them. Obviously a flood got that high at least once. (There’s nothing so fine as using science to prove science is nothing but superstition and fakery.)

    (Okay, misusing. And abusing.)

    Jimmy, young Adolf didn’t control many people. He had a small gang of loyalists who each bossed about a lot of lackeys who each had many minions who generally ruled over masses of peons. Hitler didn’t even manage his loyalists very well or often, he was truly inept. He did a lot of hand-waving “Big Idea” stuff then left the detail work to everyone else. He was a brilliant leader in that he could inspire well but he couldn’t manage or organise to save his life. Nor did he lie, much. He seems to have truly believed a lot of the rubbish he spouted. He may have been a demented poltroon but he was at least an honest demented poltroon who genuinely tried to do stuff because it was, to him, right. He wasn’t in it for the money, nor, apparently, for the power. He wasn’t really a politician. He was a reformer, a revolutionary, a zealot. Not a nice one, and his ideas were a little … off colour … but he seems to have always been true to his faith.
    His underlings lied a lot.
    But that’s a trivial error compared to your biggee. Your assertions do have the burden of proof as we are not asserting anything. Even were I to say that there are no gods, never have been gods and can never be gods the burden of proof that I am wrong is still yours.
    I don’t need to prove absence, you and your lot need to prove presence.
    You are asserting that bushes and snakes talk, horses fly and Mo’ cut the Moon in half. I’ve seen people walking on an intact Moon and can download photographic maps provided by robots orbiting her which rather puts the lie to your tales.
    You need to provide proof of talking snakes. I do not need to prove there are none.
    I’ve seen snakes. They don’t have the organs needed to make speech. They don’t have the brains needed to speak. It’s up to the religious to show one that does.

    Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence as verification.
    Your turn, friend.

    Two small points, Jimmy, many of us have studied your holy books, quite a few of them and you’d best avoid Ms. Fenchurch.

    Okay, so that last isn’t a small point.

  26. Walter says:

    -> All Star

    And also with you.


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