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  1. Tomas (no doubt) says:

    So Mo is your body double, Author?

  2. Nakul Gote says:

    Is this a comment on Michael Moore?

  3. Jazzlet says:

    Hope shit is sorted Author and that you are ok

  4. Abhijeet says:

    I didn’t get it.

  5. samhuff says:

    And now you’re flushed with success?

  6. Jim Loving says:

    OK author, my interpretation – rational thought requires clear communications. So, presumably, followers of the Big 3 are not rational thinkers, but with creeping “moral relativism” even they occasionally fall prey to more than just “magical thinking”, they too sometimes speak not only in tongues, but in other ways unintelligible to rational thinkers, including using “bad words” to make secular folks and other religious leaders think they are hip. Its the best I can do with this one.

  7. peter says:

    > I didn’t get it.
    Nor did I?

  8. Thor Ossian says:

    LOL…I think it’s pretty clear. It’s addressing the vast horde of young people who actually talk like that because, as Mo says, they ‘think it’s cool.’ They aren’t aware that it just makes them look and sound stupid. They’ll grow out of it…but in the meantime, they are just annoying, as Jesus notes in the cartoon 🙂

  9. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    In these heady days of post-truth politics shit don’t mean shit any more.

    By the way, America; WHAT THE FUCK YOU DONE?!

  10. Robert Andrews says:

    They must be watching Trump speaking!

    Yeah..@Acolyte of Sagan.I don’t know what America did on election day, either.

  11. Yes, this one is open to interpretation. But as a comment on current communications styles in general, it is apt.

    The wailing and rending of garments is dying down a bit on this side of the pond now. Tears have been shed by the bucketful. There’s no doubt we’re in for a total shit storm as the Republicans, with control of the presidency, the Senate, and the House, set about to demolish all the progress made during the last eight years. Racism, sexism, and misogyny are now out of the back room and on to the dance floor. We’re into the analysis and recriminations phase. Fingers are pointing in all directions.

    Once again, the elephant in the room, which is the fact that with the arrival of the self driving truck and other automation there will soon be no jobs for anybody, is being ignored as hard as possible. I too weep for America, but living in Canada does not make me feel safe.

    Like I said, we’re in for a shit storm. Don’t go out without an umbrella.

  12. plainsuch says:

    well DAMN, dude!

  13. FreeFox says:

    Is there anything to get? Author has shit to do. Once he’s got the fuck done out of the shit he’s gotta do, he’ll be back with taking the piss out of religion. Until then, well shit, he’s just busy as fuck.

  14. Author says:

    FF – You nailed the fuck out of it.

  15. two cents' worth says:

    Warning: venting is about to begin :-/ .

    Apparently, the voters of the USA have been split practically 50/50 conservative/liberal for many years now. The conservative side edged to win the presidency in 2000, and managed to keep it in 2004 (maybe because “you don’t change horses in mid-stream” when you’re at war). The liberal side won the presidency handily in 2008 (in part because the economy was so bad), and kept it in 2012, though by a lesser margin (maybe because the economy was improving, but not as much as people had hoped). Since George H. W. Bush was elected for 1 term after 2 terms of Reagan, the USA has not had more than 8 years when the same party held the presidency. Given the 50-50 split, it would have been surprising if the liberals won this time.

    There’s also the backlash phenomenon. After electing our first president who was not 100% Caucasian–a president whose enemies swore to limit to a single term–it’s not surprising that we’re experiencing a backlash now.

    Many of us in the USA are trying to calm ourselves down by remembering that the president has limited powers, that we can still work together to call upon our legislators to take actions that we feel are needed, and that there will be another election for representatives and senators in 2 years. We know that many Republicans in Congress are not Trump supporters. We’re also remembering that Trump backed down from some of his promises over the course of his campaign (moving from I won’t let any Muslims into the country to extreme vetting, for example). We’re hoping that most of what he said during his campaign was merely rhetoric designed to persuade conservatives to vote for him.

    I lived through Nixon’s term. He’s regarded as a bad president (for any youngsters here in the pub, Google Watergate), but he did do some good–for example, he established the Environmental Protection Agency and normalized relations with China. The Nixon administration spoke to its base when it expressed reluctance to involve the Justice Department in some civil rights issues. However, Nixon’s first Attorney General, John Mitchell, told the press, “Watch what we do, not what we say.” And one of the things they did was to de-segregate the schools. I’ll be keeping an eye on what the Trump administration does, hoping against hope that he’ll do the right thing at least some of the time.

    Liberals in the USA are facing a difficulty similar to that of atheists everywhere–how do you deal with others whose worldview is so different from your own? In most cases, efforts to persuade them to “convert” to the liberal worldview fail. There is also something to be said for the conservative worldview–just as liberals see problems and opportunities that conservatives seem to ignore, conservatives see problems and opportunities that liberals do not notice or seem to dismiss as unimportant. For example, at the end of Obama’s presidency, the unemployment rate is the lowest I can remember, but the fact remains that it’s difficult to get a job that pays a living wage and has good benefits (such as health insurance and retirement plans). Yes, some liberals have been calling for an increase in the minimum wage. But from the conservative perspective, Obama has had 8 years to fix this problem, and he hasn’t, so it’s time to let the conservatives try.

    What liberals and conservatives need is to learn how to work together for the common good. I’ve seen a couple of TED talks on this (http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_lesser_take_the_other_to_lunch and http://www.ted.com/talks/jonathan_haidt_can_a_divided_america_heal). But we need more than that. If anyone can point me to resources explaining how people have successfully done this in the past, I would be grateful. For now, I’ll see what I can find out about how Mandela and de Klerk managed to get South Africa to make the transition from apartheid to majority rule peacefully.

    Venting is complete (for now). Barmaid, what’s the strongest tipple you have?

  16. Albeer says:

    I think Author is in shock after the elections results and this is just an unexpected brain fart.

  17. dr John de Wipper says:

    how Mandela and de Klerk managed to get South Africa to make the transition from apartheid to majority rule peacefully.
    You serious on this?
    Maybe it looked like that for a couple of years (months?).
    SA now is the rape capital of the world, striving to become murder capital as well, not to mention racism violence (not just white vs black, but many different brands of tribe vs tribe), and is just some 15 years behind Rhodesia-turned Zimbabwe in ruining EVERYTHING worthwile.

  18. Son of Glenner says:

    The only thing left for those of us appalled at the USA election result is to pray for DJT to experience a heart attack or assassination. He is a prime target for either of these. Does anyone in this pub believe in the power of prayer? … ? … I thought not; in that case just grit our teeth and accept the situation.

  19. dr John de Wipper says:

    AAARCH. My laptop barfed during the edit, so an extra post noe.
    @2cw again.
    Barmaid, what’s the strongest tipple you have?
    I do assume you mean TRIPLE here.
    In which case may I suggest Grimbergen.
    Maybe not the strongest, but a favorite of mine. (maybe because the Monastery was granted brassery rights by my ancestor Berthold back in 1127, making it the 3rd oldest brassety still in operation, AFAIK)

  20. dr John de Wipper says:

    The only thing left for those of us appalled at the USA election result is to pray for DJT to experience a heart attack or assassination.
    Oh yeah? Check out his running mate (now VP-to-be) and think again…..

  21. two cents' worth says:

    dr John, yes, I am serious. While things in SA are bad now, what Mandela and de Klerk accomplished was extraordinary, and I think that we in the USA have much to learn from them that will help us as we try to get the baton passed peacefully from Obama to Trump. But we’ll need more ideas we can use to help us keep things civil for at least the next 4 years. That’s why I asked for referrals to other resources on how to get antagonistic groups to work together.

    Son of Glenner, please do not pray for DJT’s demise. Not only is it bad for your karma, but if he goes, Pence would take over–and he’s worse 🙁 .

    Yes, I’ll take a triple tipple, dr John. Thanks for telling me about Grimbergen. I take heart from the abbey’s motto: ardet nec consumitur–it burns but is not destroyed. Or, as The Pretenders put it, We fall but we keep gettin’ up / Over and over and over and over and over and over

  22. @KPSpong says:

    Moses was also, “On it like a bitch.”, presumably.

  23. R D says:

    I see Moses as Trump, and we all know what America just did to itself and the world. “The shit done been fucked, and fucked bigly”

  24. Canneloni says:

    What America has done is to vote for the candidate who says what they think, rather than the candidate who says what they think the voter would like them think.

    At least, I think so…

  25. godsless says:

    Just hope the Dumpster lives for the next four years. The last thing anyone wants is Mike Pence as president. Pence is a creationist who gave speeches on the floor of congress refuting evolution. Not even Trump is that stupid.

    Tammy Duckworth…2020

  26. Deimos says:

    A small poem for our American friends (written in the new tongue of Moses).
    Roses is red
    Other shit be blue
    Since brexit we fucked
    Now, so is you.

  27. two cents' worth says:

    godsless, from your lips to the ears of Psephisis, Ketharion, and Cheirokrites! (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/definitionlookup?type=begin&page=1&target=greek&q=vot)

  28. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Democracy was always a good idea in principle but it has one fatal flaw; one only has to look to The X Factor-type of programme to see what happens when the general populace get to vote.

    Just a thought: I wonder how many Americans would have voted for Clinton had they actually voted, but didn’t bother because the orange one ‘didn’t stand a chance anyway’?

  29. Deimos says:

    AoS, that is the disadvantage a carefully tamed MSM. They report exactly what they want to see and have been told to see. Michael Moore was almost the sole voice crying in the wilderness and he called the American national mood perfectly.
    Anyone else warning about trumpaggedon was immediately laughed at or accused of being a closet Orangeman. I think mr Obama was warned about it before hand though as his “the sun will still rise ” speech came from a clearly disappointed man.
    But I’m a firm believer in the need for change, man only evolves by mutation and now the American leader is a genuine mutant. Survival of the fittest will now determine if the mutation is a success or not, however in this case it could well be that the survival of a great many will depend on the success or failure of this particular mutation.

  30. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Of course the sun will still rise, but exactly what it rises over is anybody’s guess.
    There is one thing to admire about Americans, they certainly don’t shy away from electing minorities: their first black president will be making way for their first orange reptilian POTUS.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if The Trump quite accidentally turns out to be the best president the country’s ever had. I doubt it, but let’s face it, he was never going to win the primaries, he had no chance of being nominated the Republican candidate, he was going to get trounced in the three debates, he was setting himself up for humiliation at the polls.
    One can only admire, albeit grudgingly, the way he just keeps on defying the odds and shoving his critics’ words back down their throats, and who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when all of those senior Republicans who couldn’t put enough distance between them and Trump go grovelling to get their seats back on the gravy train? The truth is, Trump has no real political affilliations (wasn’t he publically backing Hillary’s bid for the nomination a few years ago?), and he is beholden to nobody in the GOP, so I certainly see a few “fuck you’s’ on the horizon.
    We are living in interesting times.

    Oh, Leonard Cohen has died.

  31. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Regarding my earlier post about people not bothering to vote: I’ve just read that 6.8 million fewer Democrat voters turned out for Hillary than turned out for Obama last time around, whilst just 1.9 million fewer Republicans voted this time around, so if the left are looking for somebody to blame they don’t have too far to look.

  32. […] Yesterday’s Jesus and Mo, called “busy”, came out a little late. Maybe I don’t get this one, but it doesn’t seem up to par for the strip. […]

  33. peter says:

    FF (and author!) Thx for clarification. I suppose I’m the only one here welcoming The Donald – he is far better than Hillary. Now for the new US Ambassador to the U.N.! https://www.jihadwatch.org/2016/11/cometh-the-hour-cometh-the-woman-or-ayaan-hirsi-ali-for-ambassador-to-the-u-n – I hope so 🙂

  34. FreeFox says:

    Actually, I have to out myself as another patron of the C&B who’s not entirely against this election result. I don’t doubt that to people living in the US this is by far the worse result, because Trump will probably enact the same fuck-the-people pro-corporate economic policies Clinton would have, plus a lot of far worse social ones. And Pence is of course a completely bigoted horror. My main concern is his stance on climate change – if I understand the latest issue of nature correctly, we could already be very close to creating a runaway greenhouse effect that will over time turn Earth into another Venus. Of course, the Podesta emails showed that Clinton never actually wanted to stop oil pipelines or fracking; she just needed the right spin to sell it. But as far as my corner of the world is concerned, Clinton and her ties to Saudi Arabia, the oil industry, and arms manufacturer, and her dedication to play “world domination” against Putin, no matter the costs, pretty much would have guaranteed so, so much more war… Trump on the other hand might do the same… or become a good drinking buddy of Putin and whistle the CIA back from burning everything to the ground here. So, yeah, it was a choice between Mephistopheles and Beelzebub, but all in all Trump is actually the lesser risk for me and mine.

  35. plainsuch says:

    She sounds good, maybe you should suggest that to DT. He’ll probably find that the President is just another cog in the machinery of the empire. But maybe he could do that for you if your donation is right.

  36. postdoggerel says:

    All day I hear the noise of voters
    Making moan,
    Sad as the sea-bird is when, going
    Forth abroad,
    He hears the winds cry to the voter’s
    Oh my god.

    The grey winds, the cold winds are blowing
    Where I go.
    I hear the noise of many voters
    Far below.
    All day, all night, I hear them asking
    Where can we go?

  37. plainsuch says:

    Still got the DT’s? Fuck that shitty bullshit. The real shit is that fucking Dominionism shit. I shit you not, DT is a bigly turd walking but the VP, Pence, is Seven Mountains of bullshit as is Secretary of the Interior Sarah Palin.
    DT will be out fucking bullying the damned passengers and fondling their daughters. Leaving Pence in fucking control of the fucking controls and crew all that other shit DT don’t fucking understand.

  38. Redstreak says:

    I’m sick of the Compromising fetishing that has absolutely infested the democratic party amougst others.

    What’s true and proven by a whole mountain range of science and data doesn’t change just because some idiot holds a hissy fit every time you bring that up. Evolution is true. There is no evidence your god is real and chance he’ll vote republician even if he was. Climate change is real and something we should definitely do something about. Obama wasn’t hatched by satan in kenya.

    The same is true in many cases about what is right. Torture is wrong, ineffective and counter productive. You shouldn’t blow up hospitals. Don’t give a theocracy weapons nor matter how much you want the oil. Lack of healthcare is a slow motion genocide and the state has no business messing in consental sex acts.

    Of coruse there are cases when their is a range of ways of dealing with just that a logical moral arguement could be made for. Even there isn’t enough data yet and different things are still being tried or other people value their different freedom is different proportions. However in american (and elsewhere to a lesser extent) the arguement is between obviously terrible and wrong vs something that is clearly better even if that isn’t exactly good either.

    Unfortunately the media and people that haven’t done barely any research but want people to think their smart about this anyway pull out a middle range failicy and declare job done. The end result is that over and over again more and more conversative ideals and declared the middle ground and the things that actually work and improve peoples lives are dismissed as crazy socialist commie pinko ramblings. In america it is almost impossible to be so right wing that the news and just say your wrong and then go back to the new meta analysis.

    The democractic party meanwhile through a combination of corruption and exposer to a small and very skrewed sample think that they have moved themselves into the heart of american political opinion and that agreeing with people that have completely lost touch with reality about half of everything is the best way to win elections even thought that strategy has lost them nearly everything, repeatedly and the most liberal guy you got is, literally, the most popular sentator in the country and gathers thousands of followers wherever he goes.

    The actual policies that american people want can be summurised as “let be more like sweden.” That wasn’t offered to them even though they would have put it on the ballot without so much cheating by hillary. Understandedly, if stupidly they went and flipped the board and let trump in.

    Remember this always. Hillary won the popular vote by several hundred thousands, the 6 million that went third party did it to support a more liberal option then trump or hillary (with a few exceptions for parties that I’ve never heard of and not want to if I want to resist the urge to unlease a ball punching robot on america). If the voting system was sensible in the general we would have had hillary easily if primaries had had one bernie sanders would have absolute crushed whichever not trump candidate the republics ended up with.

  39. plainsuch says:

    Pence Promises Supporters That LGBTQ Rights Will Be FIRST To Go (VIDEO)

    “No-one should fear persecution because of their deeply-held religious beliefs. I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order. The Trump-Pence administration will be dedicated to preserving the liberties of our people, including the freedom of religion that’s enshrined in our Bill of Rights.”

    just saying

  40. Deimos says:

    Plainsuch, for once I can see a relatively simple solution for the loss of LGBTQ Rights. Let all who so wish declare that their sexual orientation is their religion, their “deeply held religious beliefs” would be protected by the Bill of Rights.

  41. pink squirrel says:

    It is not Trump who needs removing it is Pence, Trump is only interested in jobs and markets [and lining his pockets on the way] Pence is driven by extreme ideology
    Trump I think will be cocooned off like a pearl in an oyster. Pence needs the NSA to eliminate him for the good of America, because if his dream of removing evolution from school teaching comes about , then there will be an entire block of school leavers who will have no idea how disease microbes become resistant.
    The resultant epidemic deaths across America from superbugs will be entirely down to Pence.

  42. jb says:

    I have very mixed feelings about Trump! I have believed for a long time that there was a huge opening in American politics for a European style populist nationalist, and the fact that Trump, who ran as such a candidate (more or less), was able to win despite his many, many flaws, proves that I was right. And I support many of the policies he ran on — in particular his hard-ass stance on immigration — so there is a part of me that is really happy. But I have serious concerns about his ability to deliver.

    The media really did hate him, and actively worked to undermine him; many of the awful quotes they used against him were much less awful if you actually went to the source and looked at them in context. But when I watched him in live debate he came across as a blundering blowhard who was unaware of the strongest arguments for his own positions. I voted for him, but I was voting as much for a wish fulfillment candidate who lived inside my own head as for the actual man — a candidate who actually understood the forces that had brought him to where he was, and would know how to use those forces to advance an agenda. Trump has been on his best behavior since the election, and that gives me some hope. But a worst case scenario remains very possible, so I remain very nervous.

  43. FreeFox says:

    The best voice about all of this I’ve heard so far:
    But then, everything goes down better with a slice of Pie, eh?

  44. jb says:

    Just FYI, the Comments button has disappeared from the current comic. (I got here to make this comment by hitting Prev followed by Next).

  45. jb, “Trump has been on his best behavior since the election, and that gives me some hope.” Oh really. Let’s add up his best behavior. According to PZ Myers, “He is appointing a climate change denialists to head up his transition team for the EPA, he’s going to have a known hate group leader to run his immigration transition team, and another anti-gay hate group leader to run domestic policy. He wants to put Sarah Palin in his cabinet, possibly as secretary of the interior. If you think the election was a shitshow, wait until you see how he governs.”
    Read more: http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/#ixzz4Q6ZeeKkj
    He presented himself as the anti-establishment candidate, the man who would shake things up, but he’s filled his group of advisors with lobbyists and Republican insiders, with Priebus as his chief of staff.
    You knew he had Mike Pence as his running mate, and hence VP if he won. And you still voted for him? Sorry mate, but your ability to reach logical conclusions has been proven lacking. You are very right to be nervous. That seems to be the only thing you’ve been right about.

  46. smartalek says:

    “The media really did hate him, and actively worked to undermine him”

    Respectfully, that was half-true for all of the four or five weeks between Trumpf’s rick-rolling of the media (his rejection of birtherism at an event that was 90% infomercial for his new Washington, DC, hotel), and the day Comey announced the discovery of some e-mails that might have shown Hillary did something wrong — except, of course, that it turned out, as it had every other time for the last 20+ years, that she hadn’t.
    Over that span, they merely told the truth about Trumpf. If that appeared to be “hate,” that says more about Trumpf than it does about the media.
    But prior to that brief interlude, and following it, that same media gave Trumpf what’s been estimated as $2 to 3 billion worth of free promo; and largely exempted him from serious, critical scrutiny;
    while simultaneously uncritically catapulting the worst of the Publican lies about Hillary, with the inevitable retractions and corrections coming far later, in tiny print, in the back pages, if at all.
    “Hate” him?
    The corporate media’s radically disparate treatments of Trumpf vs Hillary are the first, second, third, and fifth reasons that he’s my country’s President Elect today.

  47. hotrats says:

    Barmaid, what’s the strongest tipple you have?
    That would be Mo’s emergency pick-me-up, the Djiin and Tonic.


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