Deepak Chopra

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  1. wright1 says:

    It must be nice, having a webcomic where the material practically writes itself 😉

  2. JenniferRuth says:

    The Boobquake experiment wasn’t scientific anyway. Where was the control group?

  3. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Control group? Wouldn’t that be the long term average preceding boobquake day? A quick look showed no statistically significant increase beyond the expected variability.

    Am I missing some innuendo here? I hate it when I miss innuendo.

  4. Gwenny says:

    I love this comic. Any plans to support either Draw Mohammad Day or Mohammad Profile Pic Day? Any chance you have a nice avatar sized image of Mo’s head that I could use, with attribution of course, on various profiles?

  5. nina says:

    does it count if Deepak is a big boob?

  6. Alverant says:

    Who’s Deepak Chopak anyway?

  7. grouchy-one says:

    “Even I’m not so gullible…” – has anyone actually quantified exactly how gullible Jesus is?

  8. atheismwars says:

    they thought BOOBIES had no effect… WRONG!

    see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:

    jen is unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN EROS & SCIENCE….


    ETA: follow-up

    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION – THAT
    OF LIBERATION – not just merely harmless expression…

    they thought BOOBIES had no effect… WRONG!

    FOR THE *HEADLESS IDIOT* called m.shermer

    his is your *FINAL WARNING*

    the really SHARP END OF OCCAM’S RAZOR…

    they mix SKEPTICISM with ATHEISM…


    Now I want you to listen to this little f*cker…


    When I see your UGLY FACE I understand why you are an atheist


    now I want you to watch this video of DELUSION…

    with the atheists:

    they start begging when they start dying…



    but you have NO ANSWER TO DEATH… therefore you FAIL…

    the Death of Ath*ism









    you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

    and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

    but you LOST…


    Crystal Night, Atheists!


    Have I said this before?



    PULLING THE PLUG on atheism


    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism…



    atheists deny their own life element…













    Shermer – Randi – Myers – Harris – Dawkins VS. NOSTRADAMUS – EINSTEIN – MARKUZE

    you are ANNIHILATED!!!

    crystal night is a reference to when the SUN IS ECLIPSED…


    Repent and turn to God or be destroyed…


    ************************************ or death…


  9. Atheismo says:

    I see two big boobs sittin’ in the Cock and Bull.

  10. gsw says:

    DUH! A man – writes stupid books for gullible people. You don’t have Internet?
    Or was that irony?

  11. Alverant says:

    I don’t pay much attention to celebrity news (including movie stars, rappers, “singers”, and so on).

  12. Bodach says:

    Yet another good reason to rid the world of Deepak.

  13. plente says:

    GOOGLE is your friend 😉

  14. Uncle Roger says:

    If I had suffered any damage from that earthquake, I would have sued Deepak. After all, he publicly admitted it was his fault. If anyone did suffer a loss, feel free to file suit in small claims court. (Because he either has to pay up or admit he’s a fraud.)

  15. Stonyground says:

    The best comments that I saw on this matter, sorry that I can’t remember where, went something like this:

    “If there is a devastating earthquake somewhere on Earth on that day, we will never hear the end of it.”

    Someone immediately came back with:

    “Yes but then the women will be able to take over the world by threatening to unleash their boobs of mass destruction.”

  16. kiyaroru says:

    Did the Barmaid get new glasses or something? She looks different.

  17. Intelligent Designer says:

    “Did the Barmaid get new glasses or something? She looks different.”

    I think she did something with her hair. If you look on the 20th April edition, she wore it long, with her fringe brushed over. Much more businesslike now, don’t you agree?

  18. ketil.G says:

    who is Deepaak Choopak?

    heheh i have heard abaout chupa cobra, but i dont think its the same thing

  19. Martin Stennert says:

    And it’s Chupacabra (, not “Chupa Cobra”. Sheesh… ^_~

  20. Daoloth says:
    Let me google that for you…

  21. Hey author, J and M got a shoutout on the Telegraph blog yesterday!

  22. kiyaroru says:

    I like your new avatar.

  23. kudosdc says:

    Deepak Chopra was shot and killed in a Las Vegas driveby 15 years ago — and as soon as he stops releasing new albums, we can finally stop talking about him, right?

  24. dmabus says:

    let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
    of thinking that is called *CRITICAL THINKING*, which is completely divorced from
    any human objectives…

    this style has been perfected by dawkins, pz, randi and the other *NEW ATHEISTS*

    THE BOOBQUAKE – 911!

    hey, atheists don’t even BELIEVE IN BOOBIES!!!

    they thought BOOBIES had no effect… WRONG!

    see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:

    jen is unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN EROS & SCIENCE….

    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION – THAT
    OF LIBERATION – not just merely harmless expression…

    they thought BOOBIES had no effect… WRONG!

    Visit for the BOOBQUAKE:

    how about I believe in WHATEVER I want and you little fuckers have nothing to say!

  25. simon says:


  26. Jerry w says:

    For me, boobs are weapons of mass distraction. Just an average guy here, your milage may vary, especially if you’re in a Catlick church where Mass Distraction is redundant.

  27. Stephen Turner says:

    That comment by dmabus reminds me of my old Monty Python book, which had a piece about The Secret Welsh Martial Art Of Llapgoch. They’ll Never Kick Sand In Your Face Again.

  28. Omar says:

    @Ophelia Benson:
    Ophelia Benson says:
    May 1, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Hey author, J and M got a shoutout on the Telegraph blog yesterday!
    Could you please post the link?

  29. nina says:


    some of us atheists have boobies, we don’t need to beleive in them, we have the evidence of them

  30. Altair IV says:

    Hey, it looks like boobquake had some effect after all. It’s got David Mabus all aquiver!

    Of course, it’s not like that’s a particularly hard feat to accomplish. (

  31. Martin Stennert says:

    Whenever I meet peeps like atheismwars and dmabus (who sound as if they are one and the same bloke), I cannot decide if I am appalled at how they can allow their passion to make them stupid (or is their stupidity somhow freeing their passion?), or if I envy them their fervor. I mean seriously, there is few things if any in my life that could move me to such high-pitched ullulations of faith and protest. I’d probably have a problem begging for my life with such a bubbly fecundity. I’d just be too ashamed to let myself go that much.
    Wasn’t it Hemingway who said that happiness in an intelligent person was perhaps the rarest of things? Do you think flamming lunatics like those are happier, have an easier life? Who says that reality is preferable to fantasy? I wonder…
    (PS: @Altair IV, thanks for the blog-link, it was hilarious to read… the comments even more so than the entry itself. A clear case where the real thing outshines satires like J&M in ways the comic could never replicate.)

  32. Daoloth says:

    @ Martin Stennert. Alternatively: “Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel” (Horace Walpole).
    Those who do both are p’raps bi-polar?

  33. Prithvi says:

    lol this comic strip makes Muhammad look loveable

  34. fenchurch says:

    The dmabus-atheismwars spambots’ operator and everyone else in a *free* society/forum are *free* to believe whatever they want in a *free* society.

    What is it arguing for/against exactly? I went all TL;DR on the copy-and-paste-manifesto and skimmed until I hit non-AI with others’ comments.

    It’s kind of hard to follow a collection of unrelated links and ungrammatical spew. A real person would at least have a) a thought; b) a point; c) an argument; d) support for such.

    I wouldn’t give a toss if I were the only person out of 7 billion who didn’t believe in a god: no one can “prove atheism” (whatever the fuck that means) to me, and no one can take it away from me either.


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