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  1. Sparky_shark says:

    Heeey…get that printed on a Christmas Card cover and it would sell like hotcakes. Made me chuckle trying to think of the Mo-version of this…which one of the many festivals, events etc would be the equivalent “BS to fight BS” which Mo could adopt?
    Given the harrumpfing about Tesco daring to have a Muslim in their Christmas adverts, could this be next season’s alternative theme for festive season marketing? Nice one.

  2. GrumpyOldGit says:

    Next you’ll be trying to convince us that Easter isn’t all about chocolate bunnies and that Greggs should be prosecuted for portraying little baby Jesus as a sausage roll.

  3. Dr John the Wipper says:


    Those days I think Mithra would sue for plagiarism.

  4. Sparky_shark says:

    GrumpyOldGit – LMAO. Author – please can you do a version of this replacing Jesus with a Sausage Roll??? Come on…let’s see those artistic muscles getting a workout…

  5. Sparky_shark, thanks for that link. This non-UK reader was wondering what the sausage roll talk was about. That has to be the weirdest advert in history. Say what? They’re going to eat the baby Jesus because he’s turned into a huge sausage roll? Already a large bite taken out of him? Who could come up with a concept like that? Oh, an ad man, of course. Thinking too far outside of the box that time.

  6. Deimos says:

    Sparky – I think mo’s version of fight bs with bs, might be a bit more loud and kinetic. “Fight bs with riots, bombing, murder, shouting and assassination”. Alas that seems to be a default setting, “fight cartoons, nasty rumours, slightly different types of mo worship, bad weather, different clothing with riots, bombing etc…”.
    Unfortunately I cannot see any way to reset this default setting without resorting to unspeakable deeds. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to read them.

  7. two cents' worth says:

    Thanks for the link, Sparky_shark! If I hadn’t checked it out, I would not have known that Greggs did not just substitute a sausage roll for baby Jesus–it substituted a a sausage roll with a bite taken off the end. In the spirit of fighting bullshit with bullshit, is this because it’s assumed that the Magi arrived sometime after the circumcision? Or is it supposed to indicate that the adoring Magi were cooing things along the lines of “I could just eat you up!”? (Or both?) Isn’t the C of E still both Christian and England’s state church? Didn’t anyone at Greggs know that Jesus didn’t say, “Take, eat; this is my body” until he was 33 years old (above the age of consent), and that he was referring to matzo, not a sausage roll? (Especially not a Greggs sausage roll–its ingredients include both dairy products and meat, so it’s not kosher.) What is the world coming to?! 😉

  8. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Of being an atheist, there’s an advantage
    Of not carrying any excess baggage
    Holidays and such stuff
    Immature worthless stuff
    To persons of such disinteresting knowledge.

  9. Sparky_shark says:

    Darwin, Two Cents – the world’s gone maaad I tell you, maaad! How dare someone conflate our dear lord with a pasty? The end of times is nigh… 🙂 Personally, given my love of all things Christmassy and visceral distate for all things religious, its about the most perfect representation of how little the christmas story actually matters to most people – just give them a cheap, mass produced pie and they’re happy.

    Author – C’mon bro. The Sausage Roll deserves a cameo…

    Deimos – well, if you take Eid as an example of the BS-vs-BS issue – – apparently it’s all going to pot anyway!

    Happy times people.

  10. W. Corvi says:

    Put the X back in Xmas.

  11. cjsm says:

    Thank you sparky-shark. That is hilarious. I love the “war” on christmas. It is hysterical to see what gets all those religious people going in circles.

    Author – please, please do a cameo. It doesn’t have to be in a nativity scene or even as a substitute for Jesus.

  12. Michael says:

    Now I have the overwhelming desire to make some sausage pasties (yes, I know how to make them) and eat a few.

  13. Someone says:

    Fight Bullshit with Bullshit sounds like a great punk song.
    I love reading stuff like this because it encapsulates, nay epitomizes what religion is all about.

  14. Abhijeet says:

    which one of the many festivals, events etc would be the equivalent “BS to fight BS” which Mo could adopt?

    How about the pilgrimages? All the rituals involved – circumambulation, stoning the “devil”, etc. are ancient pagan rites.

  15. Sparky_shark says:

    Apologies all, I don’t want to dominate this forum with pasty-based links, but couldn’t resist the Daily Mash’s timely rejoinder…

  16. Welshman says:

    DH – you’re right. The idea of substituting something edible for the body of christ is just plain ridiculous.
    …er, hang on…

  17. Welshman says:

    Two Cents – at least they went to the trouble to chop the end off the sausage. Historical accuracy and all that.

  18. Walter says:

    Has anyone pointed out the birthday boy is (according to the story) his own father?! He outdoes Oedipus and Oedipusing.

  19. Troubleshooter says:

    And here I thought you fought bullshit with Lysol! Or the smell, at least. Silly me!

  20. Dr John the Wipper says:

    As I pointed out before:

    the biggest joke is that his mother was a virgin.

    That ‘fact’ was only established in 325 (yeah, 3 1/4 century afterwards!) in Nicea, by a very small minority vote from a bunch old lechers….

  21. smee says:

    I Think Greg’s ad men have achieved a huge amount of publicity for the price of a sausage roll! They’ve certainly got a shrewd realisation of how many people in the UK still really believe in God and Jesus: Much to the chagrin of the Cof E’s hierarchy!

  22. smee says:

    Only sorry that Tesco’s admen didn’t have the balls to show the muslim family sharing a sausage roll!

  23. macha says:

    No, everyone’s got it wrong about the Greggs ad!

    Greggs have in fact been inspired by the Word of God, for it is written that if you spell Jesus backwards he becomes Sausage!

    Verily I say unto you!

  24. Laripu says:

    Macha, that was brilliant!

  25. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Has anybody else noticed that when looked at end-on, a sausage roll looks like a dog’s arse?

  26. Someone says:

    AoS, if said dog was about to crown (or just had a rather large one to begin with), I’d say that’s a fair assessment.
    I wonder how people would have reacted if they used black pudding rather than a bitten roll.

  27. Walter says:

    Ridiculous. The body of Jesus should have be a pizza.

  28. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Someone, black pudding is sacred food. It might even have persuaded me to enter the portals of the Church of Obesity that is Greggs.

    Walter, good shout! As long as the base is unleavened, of course.

  29. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    I see the writers of Family Guy have an eye on generation snowflake.
    I saw a trailer for the new series. Meg is in the school canteen, faced with an angry mob.
    Meg: C ‘mon, it was a joke.
    Mob leader: There are no jokes. This is a post-joke society.

  30. Acolyte, “generation snowflake” is a bit harsh, or perhaps reactionary or MRA, given that I mostly agree with them. It’s time we called out sexist and racist “jokes” for what they are. Also enough with “punching down” instead of making fun of the elites (and the white male privilege twits like me) who deserve it.

    That still leaves lots of room for humour. Personally, I like old fashioned country humour. It was subtle. Take this piece, for example, making fun of poverty and clinical depression, which somebody is bound to object to I suppose. But damn it’s funny.

    Also this one:
    Hard to beat a line like “Where the honey suckle smells so sweet it durn near makes you sick.” Country singers love to make fun of their reputation for naivety, eh.

  31. Oh pook. Looks like I put in the wrong email address again. I must be more careful so that my avatar shows up with my posts.

  32. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    C’mon, DH, me an MRA sympathiser? I was going to compose a fuller response but the next cartoon says it more succinctly.
    Just one example, thoough. From your neck of the woods, as it happens;

    Lindsay Shepherd, a 22-year-old teaching assistant in communication studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, was disciplined this month by faculty for showing first-year students clips from a debate on pronouns and gender. The debate, aired on Ontario’s public broadcaster TVO, involved University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, who’s become internationally known for railing against gender-neutral pronouns as radical left-wing indoctrination.

    Shepherd was called into a meeting with her supervising professor, Nathan Rambukkana, as well as another professor and an official from the university’s diversity and equity office. In a recording, Rambukkana is heard telling a tearful Shepherd that she created a “toxic climate” for students by showing parts of Peterson’s argument, and compared it to “neutrally playing a speech by Hitler.”

    Showing students studying communication a video of a televised debate in which one participant argues for not using preferred pronouns, without the teacher expressly denouncing him to the class, is the same as neutrally playing a speech by Hitler’! Even though the class got to see both sides of the debate, and I don’t recall Hitler ever giving an opponent the opportunity to respond.

  33. Acolyte, really. Wow. Point taken. The admin of that uni is seriously off the rails if that’s all there is to the story. Are you sure this story didn’t come from a satire site. I’m starting to detest those things. They invent absurdities out of the whole cloth and laugh when people buy into the nonsense.
    Okay, I’ve followed your link and can see no hint of the site being a “satire” site. So I guess it’s real. What is happening to my country? But I can assure you that it isn’t “generation snowflake” behind this crap. It’s people who are far older, perhaps to the point of senility.

  34. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    It was the ‘adults’ who disciplined her, but they were acting on complaints from the poor students forced to watch the unendurable horror of one person saying something they didn’t agree with!
    At least the publicity generated has forced the admin to deliver an apology (of sorts) to the young teacher..
    Weasel words, though. Worth a read.


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