They are complaining about this.

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  1. Bodach says:

    Militant atheism for the win!

  2. Slugsie says:

    Heh heh, how dare we atheists arm our children with the tools of the devil.

  3. Simon Bishop says:

    Brilliant! I hope Mo’s prediction is correct.

  4. DonR says:

    Yes Mo’, yes you are.

  5. Tom C. says:

    It’s funny cuz it’s true.

  6. Norbury says:

    That is one of the funniest J&M’s for a while! Top stuff.

  7. jerry w says:

    No Jesus,
    The “Pure and simple” (as the pope would say) is this:
    veritas vos liberabi.
    In (+/-) english: The truth shall make you free.

    What the pope would never say:
    vox populi vox dei

  8. Stephen Turner says:

    Author may have assumed that the Telegraph is be a tabloid. However it only differs in the size of the paper so that would have been a natural assumption.

    Ben Goldacre has been charting the nonsense masquerading as news that it prints. Alternative “medicine”, stories that distort statistics about drugs, abortion and anything else that reinforces its readers’ preconceived ideas is all grist to the Telegraph’s mill. And climate-change denier Monckton seems to get acres of space there … even though he just makes it up.

    Do they really care so little for their reputation (and for their readers)?

    Thank you Author,

  9. KrateKraig says:

    As a child I was sent to a Catholic school, (Grades 1-6) Being a curious youngster I asked questions, it didn’t take long to figure out religion was nothing to take seriously. My questions went unanswered and was told not to question faith.

    My young critical thinking skills told me, when someone tortures and kills their own son, you should build a prison to throw them in, not a church to worship them.

    Their hell was not as scary as the god they worshiped.

  10. Lizzy says:

    Hallelujah! Philosophy for Children and Ethical behaviour are not dependant on the study of religion – quite the opposite I believe!

  11. Gazza says:

    That’s why I love these cartoons, simple and funny but profound too.

    You don’t need to slag off religion (though that’s fun) – critical thinking, basic scepticism, taught at school would do almost all the damage to religion.

  12. Shelley says:

    Gee teach you children freewill and critical thinking…what a concept huh? Well it’s a great one let me tell ya. I raised 3 boys who are all young men now. They are smart talented, kind and have never been any trouble at all. They know how to be good people, follow the rules and be productive human beings.
    I NEVER told them they were a SINNER (I hate that word). I think my boys have benefited from the LACK of religion in their young lives. They are free to be. To be who they are.

  13. user777 says:

    Who is ‘MO’ ? if ‘mo’ is Mohammad why is jesus not ‘jo’… Is it that the creator doesn’t have the B#### to put the name ?
    Saw a badge on sale… “Jesus isn’t real, get over it…”
    The badge is not a big challenge to make or wear…
    Try doing “Allah isn’t real, get over it…” & let’s see if the manufacturer of the badge continues business or the one wearing it continues to live…
    It’s quite easy to slap someone when you know he wudn’t slap back…

  14. Schakuz says:

    this is like alien loves predator…… two enemies together… pff…

  15. Jackinthestudio says:

    Love Jesus and Mo. No shit…..but atheism IS a religion. Take the above comments for example. You guys defend the athiest doctrine and attack other doctrines just like the religous nuts.

  16. Ender says:

    Atheism has no sacred creeds, no fundamental set of beliefs, no defined rules, no dogma, and no ritual.
    Atheist’s can do and believe anything the want (besides the existence of gods), and still be called an atheist. You can’t say that about any actual religion.

  17. Evidenceonly says:

    I know this late, but I’ve only just found this excellent site. To say atheism is a religion is as wide of the mark as one can get! There is no such thing as atheist doctrine. Ok, religious people are ridiculed by atheists but only because of a desire to have evidence/proof put in front of them before they will believe something. The delusional woo followers – as I refer to the religious – refuse to even look at evidence and rely on blind faith!! There are people spending years in prison/mental institutions for similar (They just don’t use the word ‘God’ in the right place). Why shouldn’t we laugh at people who should otherwise be locked up anyway. When was the last atheist riot? Have you ever seen atheists burn an effigy of someone or even kill people for not agreeing with them? Millions are dying in africa due to the pious not liking contraception. Millions more will suffer because there are some who believe a 150 cell blastocyst has a ‘soul’! The removal of all religion in this world will save more from suffering than any other event I can think of.

    PS. Sorry for the rant, but after reading that idiot Archbishop Joachim, Cardinal Meisners’ sermon for ‘all saints day’ I had to get that off my chest!


  18. Tom says:

    Atheism is rational, but so can be theism – non-overlapping magisteria, does that ring a bell?

  19. Nora says:

    Targetting = targeting.

    Nitpick aside, I love it!

  20. aristotle's Muse says:

    Alright you ignorant atheists… if there is no god, then HOW DOES THE SUN KEEP ORBITING THE EARTH? BAM!

    You see people, that’s how you deal with atheist skum. With LOGIC! Hit that bullseye and the rest of the dominoes will come down like a house of cards… CHECKMATE!

    And on that note…

    Dunt dun duuh DAAAAHHHH!

    !!!!!!!!!MY ATHEIST STORE!!!!!!!!!

    Aristotle’s Muse

    This is my store. Maybe wearing an atheist T-shirt won’t change the world, but enough of them just might.

  21. fenchurch says:

    From Wikipedia: “Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.”

    Where does “I don’t believe in your god claim(s) as what you’ve presented fails to meet their burden of proof” fit in to this description?

  22. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Tom says:
    March 25, 2010 at 2:44 pm
    Atheism is rational, but so can be theism – non-overlapping magisteria, does that ring a bell?

    Yes, it does. It’s the apologetic bollocks that says religion can shoehorn its way onto scientific territory; denying evolution or spouting I.D. nonsense; wailing against certain medical procedures; passing judgment on research into genetics, etc. etc., but science cannot comment on religion.

  23. RyGuy says:

    Funny but I don’t like how Jesus is portrayed.

    I should say, first, that I am an atheist.

    But from what I’ve read in the bible (the gospel) Jesus wouldn’t talk about atheists in the way he does in this comic. He preached love and peace for EVERYONE with no prejudices.

  24. The+one+true+Anonymous says:

    Although, it might backfire by making them better at defending their chosen irrational ideology (cough apologists cough)


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