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  1. r00db00y says:

    Spot on Author. Or as our greatest living philosopher, Marshall Mathers III, might say,”You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive!” 😀

  2. Dick M. says:

    A typo? Should it be “..was a person…” rather than “…was person…” in the last frame?

  3. author says:

    Fixed. Thank you, Dick M.

  4. Robyn says:

    LOL, this is brilliant.

  5. tie says:

    nice one,

    your god offends me, but hey I’m not going to lay down a fatwa/inquisition on you for that, I’m not crazy yet 😉

    noone has the right to not be ofended.

  6. So did Jesus attend the Archbishop’s speech the other day? He was all about respect in that speech, the Archbish was. But if Jesus did go it would be a miracle (a miracle! geddit?) if he stayed awake – the thing is seven pages of tiny print, and in those 80,000 words or so the Archb. does such an elaborate minuet of on the one hand but on the other hand and I’ll return to that point later that it becomes very very difficult to pin down exactly what he is saying before one falls into a heavy slumber. But if one wakes up again one finds that Dr Williams does in the end come down on the side of saying that yes there should be a law against saying things that offend religious believers. Prat.

  7. Poor Richard says:

    rOOdy: catch my blog note, with whiskeyed humility, under previous

    – Poor Rich

  8. Ricard says:

    An absolute beauty, this one, Author! It so elegantly illustrates the untenable circularity of the offensiveness argument. Not an argument at all, in fact, merely a childish reaction. Is religion a form of mass childhood? Are believers just unevolved adults?

  9. Laurence Watts says:

    I think all religeon is childish, and should be subject to rigorous scientific scrutiny

  10. Poor Richard says:

    I think those who say they are true believers actually do not believe what they say they believe, so they just blow up the first bridge by dismissing the threat. I have seen countless examples: “Oh, we’ve been through that long ago,”
    and “Evolution? Don’t even say the word!” and my favorite, “Oh, you are
    definitely going to hell,” but “God loves you anyway.” I also like, :”Oh, that’s
    all too complicated for me.”

    Are we in the Dark Age we seem to be in? The trick is to know when, right?
    You know, this used to be fun. But look who’s running the country and half
    the rest of the world.

    However, being a Cheerful Nihilist, Poor Rcihard still says, “Life is hell, nature is a meat grinder, we are a mean and pitiful species, and God is dead — I couldn’t be happier.”

  11. jerry w. says:

    I always give all due praise for the one that seeks out the truth about god,

    but I’ll be sure to run like a bat out of hell from anyone that says they found it.

    [email protected]

  12. ToddAwful says:

    Apparently the bar maid has a corrupt essence. If Moe or Jesus has a pure essence, it would eradicate her corrupt one.

  13. […] Skal han undskylde for at være statsminister i et land, hvor man ikke har ret til ikke at blive fornærmet? […]

  14. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist says:

    Emphasis on the IF, there.

  15. samhuff96 says:

    Ophelia Benson : A law about not saying anything offensive to religious believers would make any of the Abrahamic faiths unable to recite their creeds. God having a son is abhorrent to Jews and Moslems and denying same is offensive to Christians.

  16. samhuff96 says:

    Even a reciting a creed among the three main branches of Abrahamism would be offensive to the other two. So how can they possibly be against criticism of religion.

    In fact their is a lot of criticism between the various parts of those three religions.

    They are pre logical.

  17. ][G.O.][ Melight says:

    Nihil est quod existimes, Nihil est quod adhuc vivit, Nihil est quod meminerimus


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