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Do you like having Jesus and Mo around? Maybe you’d like to help ensure their continued presence and reappearance on the internet by becoming a Patron? There are real-life rewards, as well as one totally made up one (can you spot it?).

$1 per month – “guaranteed” admission to post-death paradise
$2 per month – access to PDF downloads of the first 6 J&M books
$4 per month – PDFs, plus an entry into a monthly raffle prize draw
$10 per month – PDFs, monthly raffle, and a signed, personalised print of your choice
$15 per month – all of the above and a signed copy of Kenan Malik’s The Quest for a Moral Compass (only 2 left)
$20 per month – all of the above, plus a signed copy of the latest J&M book
$50 per month – all of the above, plus a specially created image of you at the bar or in bed with Jesus and Mo

Go here if interested:

Whether you are a Patron or not, thanks for reading Jesus & Mo!