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  1. Darkritual says:

    Awesome stuff…keep going on.

  2. Mythbuster says:

    Oh snap! A smiley face on the cover of the Times with the “Falwell Dead” headline… Awesome. Too bad ol’ Jerry can’t tell his followers that he was wrong. Funny thing, though, when I heard that he was dead my first though was “There IS a god!” Here’s hoping Pat Robertson is next in line.

  3. carolita says:

    My thought about Fallwell as soon as his death was announced was, “Good!” Fallwell did one good thing, though: he made fundamental Christianity seem just as bad as fundamental Islam. In fact, it reminded me that while researching attitudes towards women in Antiquity and the Middlel Ages that Christianity is really not at all unlike Islam at all. Basically the same. So I don’t know what Christians are getting all “we’re better than them” about. They’re not, really. They’re just not as powerful, and we’re still able to slam our door in the faces of evangelicals without fearing death, that’s all. The Pope was made to apologize for atrocities, but only after a few centuries. Maybe one day when we’re all Islamists, the Islamic Pope will have to apologize too.

  4. Mythbuster says:

    The Fundamental Extremists have their terrorists too. Don’t forget Eric Rudolph and other abortion clinic bombers and gunmen. Don’t forget Atlanta’s Olympic Park bomber. Don’t forget John Lennon’s assassin Mark David Chapman. Don’t forget George W. Bush. There are still plenty of Christian soldiers killing in the name of their invisible friend. I don’t fear god, just his followers.

  5. Lewy says:

    You’d want to be carefull fearing god followers. They will probably infer that you thereby fear god, therefore you believe in god, in some poorly worded ill thought out syllogism. The closemindestness, and sad to say, stupidity of at least the most vocal of god believers is what I’m afraid of.

    Actually scratch that. Call them church followers. I’ve met plenty of fairly smart people who have got as far as rejecting the church but still believe in some kind of cosmic energy field or some such.

    I still take great delight in trying to lead them to the next step though. Join me, brethren, in leading the unenlightened ones a little further along the…..ooops. Ahem, excuse me.

  6. I’ve heard less hatred from Christian fundies than from true believers in Gun Control.

  7. peterNW1 says:

    Is the previous author on holiday? The strips are becoming smug.

  8. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Don’t they always make the wrong mistake?


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