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  1. JMo says:

    You have to wonder why these two RETARDS are just sitting there with nothing to drink whilst being lambasted for being RETARDS…..The barmaid is just being mean…We all know that there are no meddlesome religious people in our lives….

  2. Matt Oxley says:

    not at all…no meddlesome religious nuts anywhere at all—wait what..?

    read about Dan Silverman on my blog—see how bad these bastards can be first entry you see

  3. tie says:

    ahahaha, awesome strip!

  4. Dick M says:

    Will we EVER SEE the barmaid? Is she so ugly? I think she must actually be quite pretty. I wonder how the author would picture her. Maybe she is better left undrawn, living in our imaginations and beating up on retards.

  5. Bodach says:

    I understand there’s a shortage of sperm donors in the UK. I’d love to get the barmaid’s phone number if she’s interested in reproducing.
    One of the best strips to date, author!

  6. Danger Tweed says:

    Dick M, judging by the way Jesus and Mo are drawn I think the barmaid is better off this way.

  7. Dick M says:

    Danger Tweed, I think the author does fine justice to Jesus and Mo and would do as well or better with the barmaid. Maybe he could host a contest and allow us to submit drawings or pictures of the putative barmaid. Not that he would then be obligated to the winning image.

  8. ron says:

    I’m going to memorize Barmaid’s entire speech, word for word, and use it on a few meddlesome retards I know. Hope you guys don’t mind. I love this website!

  9. Uncle Roger says:

    I always thought the barmaid and the author were one and the same.

  10. author says:

    The barmaid’s image has been revealed by a Spanish blasphemer!. 🙂

  11. JayBee says:

    My goodness, I thought that all my dreams would be shattered after I see Barmaid’s image!
    but this Spanish blasphemer ought to be beheaded for his treachery of the sacred! not even simple non detailed drawings are allowed of Barmaid

  12. Jerry w says:

    A simple case of He said, He said.

  13. Poor Richard says:

    ron: yes, this is a beautiful piece of concise writing. I’m saving it, too.

    As for seeing Barmaid, I remind you all that as long as you do not see her, you can have her any way you like. For me, chestnut hair, very dark brown eyes that flash with irony, cheekbones that won’t quit, and sharp, sharp teeth.

  14. Jeez, what is this, a boys’ locker room? Is the barmaid pretty? How big are her tits uhuhuhuh.

    The barmaid’s beauty is in her mind. Deal with it.

  15. Dick M. says:

    Ah, so now we have it. The barmaid is beautiful in both mind and body. No way the author could draw that.

  16. Pffffffffffffffff. Men. The barmaid is beautiful in mind, period. She’s not your dang inflatable doll.

  17. Since religion is created by humans, who evolved naturally, it too is part of natural evolution.

    If you have some theory of how morality evolves naturally (and from which religion is an abberation), please explain it to me so I can point out the flaw in your reasoning.

    Or perhaps you believe in people’s ability to transcend evolution, red in tooth and claw. In which case, take a seat and have a beer.

  18. Maggs says:

    Why all the concentration on the barmaid? She’s just come up with the biggest put down those two have ever encountered and all you can think of is what she looks like! She is Eve to all your Adams it seems.

  19. scarpelli says:

    Meddlesome retard! A damn fine phrase, sir. I can’t help but feel protective towards J and M though. They really shouldn’t be out on their own. Shades of Morecambe and Wise.

  20. Toast in the machine says:

    Clearly religion evolves naturally – the strip doesn’t say anything in contradiction to that (it actually makes that exact point). The point the barmaid makes is that to base ethical decisions on religious creed has a ‘retarding effect’ on people’s ethical thinking. Following scripture – the product of, by today’s standards deeply ignorant, primitive tribal groups, living a couple of millennia ago – becomes the main concern, and the guide in ethical issues. Because these rules are absolute, revealed directly by god himself, not only are they unquestionable, but the idea of questioning them is itself a major moral crime.

    Religion is an organism, whose aim is to propagate and perpetuate itself. It has nothing intrinsically to do with morality, though must claim to be the ultimate moral arbiter, or lose probably its chief justification/excuse.

  21. Ooh, look, actually discussing the ideas instead of what the barmaid looks like. A radical step.

  22. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I like that the criticisms are delivered in a female voice. That’s because one of the best examples of this criticism is the way paternalistic mores have been preserved in these religions.

    Back in the day, men wouldn’t have accepted a woman speaking as an equal to them. Certainly not in public. At least now there are some parts of the world where this is becoming less common.

    Society’s naturally evolving sense of morality has a way to go yet, on this planet. I perceive it to be making steady progress and I thank the author for assisting it. You’re a mensch.

  23. Trev says:

    Awesome strip. I need to stop reading the comments though. They make the brain-baby kick.

    Barmaid can retard my meddling any time.

  24. MrGronk says:

    I’ve always imagined Barmaid as being a peppy, 5-foot-something, student type with a nose ring and shortish blonde hair.
    Close? Am I at least in the ball park?

  25. Poor Richard says:

    MrGronk: None of us cares what she looks like. We are interested only in her fine mind.

  26. Poor Richard, interested only in her fine mind – as if. That’s why you drooled about her ‘chestnut hair, very dark brown eyes that flash with irony, cheekbones that won’t quit, and sharp, sharp teeth.’

    Dear author deserves better commenters.

  27. MrGronk says:

    Oh, and are her eyebrows permanently gently quizzical? Please?

  28. pikeamus says:

    We could talk about what God looks like. She/He comes up in the strip all the time but we never get to see the dude. Personally I think she/he looks like the barmaid.

    This was one of my favourite strips in a while. Keep up the good work author.

  29. louis says:

    fanfriggentastic. nice one. smart and funny.

  30. baal's bum says:

    Have stolen this for my place. Linked back here of course. I trust that will be ok ,let me know if it is not and I will remove it.

  31. Ben says:

    You know, it’s kinda funny that Mo at least has a body double to represent him whereas atheists supposedly have no hangups about being depicted…

  32. […] a gorgeous gem of rational thought from the (unseen) barmaid from the Cock and Bull Tavern that always seems to […]

  33. fenchurch says:

    Male masturbatory fantasies should not drive the image of Barmaid.
    Let’s look at the facts, and make a reasoned attempt to define her, and leave the wishful thinking/in-my-own-image to the theists, shall we?

    1) intellectual woman, therefore likely not too popular with the local lads (try asking her to make you a sammich and you get a knuckle one)
    2) British, but no evidence of any personal stories that would indicate a specific cultural struggle or whatnot. Therefore, likely white and Anglo-Saxon in heritage.
    3) works behind a bar, surrounded by comped food and alcoholic beverages all day. Free snacking and quaffing have no doubt put her a stone or two heavier.

    So, add them up and this is what you get: a pasty, chubby, lonely, geek gal.

    Sorry to wilt your boners, gentlemen. Accept her as she is, not what you want her to be 😉

  34. OtterBe says:

    I would submit that it is necessary for the barmaid to be unseen. The unseen God speaks thru his books and Teh Boys, and she is the foil—or voice of reason. In this way, Author more sharply contrasts God’s prophets with our observable reality: s/he forces us to focus on the Word (and the inanity/pettiness/hypocrisy therein) rather than the image.

    I’ve found that beautiful people are very often vacuous, and not infrequently vile-or at least banal. My firm rule is to not sleep with someone I wouldn’t enjoy staying up all night just talking with.
    How I picture her depends on what she is saying. My image ranges from like Rosie the Riveter to aging Rockabilly Chick to bent-over aged Babushka whose fierce eyes transfix you as her tongue lashes you.

    If it matters, I’m a middle-aged hetero male.

  35. J. Doe says:

    every comment is about the appearance of the unnamed barmaid, in my view, she’s by all accounts British, and mostly likely is hideous as all british “people”

    .this comment was made to vent about the uk


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