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  1. […] From Jesus and Mo […]

  2. […] Jesus and Mo » Archive » term Mel Gibson hat angefangen… (tags: comics jesusandmo.net moses sugartits mel_gibson) […]

  3. […] Jesus and Mo » Archive » term Mel Gibson hat angefangen… (tags: comics jesusandmo.net moses sugartits mel_gibson) […]

  4. TaoAndZen says:

    Moses clearly is avoiding confrontation ordering Tequilla rather than a ‘Fruit Juice’. Bar and street fights are frequently fuelled by drinking the ‘Demon Juice’. It’s like Mel said, Juice is responsible for all the war in the world.

  5. rodric the sexual prodigy says:

    whats with the dildo on the bar?

    (funny thing: the Answes add-on for firefox, which automatically spell checks everything i write offered “dido” as an alternative for “dildo”, which is apparently incorrect )

  6. TaoAndZen says:

    Hi Rodric,
    An American could be forgiven for thinking there is a dildo on the bar when it is in fact a beer tap. (But then again…)

  7. rodric the monkey slapper says:

    yeah, those crazy americans, who wouldn’t forgive them anything at all?

    unfortunately, i don’t see a beer tap.

    (what was that last part, an indirect slur on my masculinity or on americans?)

  8. Jonathan says:

    What a strange-looking dildo! But hey, whatever turns you on…

  9. dave says:

    We have beer taps in America, too, you know.

  10. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist says:

    How come in the last two panels we can’t see Jesus and Mo? Did they leave Moses to suffer the wrath of a woman scorned?

  11. Bones'sDog says:

    Thoughts, the Barmaid has access to things longer and harder than truncheons, she also has ready to hand copious amounts of beers, liquors, bottles and steins. Jay and Mo’ took the course of the better part of valour and went to relieve themselves … until the noises stopped.


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