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  1. JohnnieCanuck says:

    The analogy I’m thinking of is a balloon. Things like, what maintains it is nothing but hot air or all it takes is one sharp fact or piece of evidence.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thus the core of all religions is a bunch of psychos? Seems reasonable to me…

    I’m hungry.

  3. Mags says:

    Natch! Why am I surprised it’s so easy? Religion is a method of social control, therefore control is the key and control freaks are a bunch of psychos… and the police….. and the licensing laws….. and teachers and parents and children and on and on and on. Whoops, what was the question?

  4. prozacville says:

    Maybe the purveyors of donuts ARE the suicide bombers. Killing us all with their fatty shite, just a little bit slower than explosives.

  5. JayBee says:

    Yummy! Donuts…

  6. r00db00y says:

    Yep Johnnie, that’s right. Coz all the truth and evidence against religion really has made so many believers faulter.
    A sharp fact may attack the basis of religion, but it’s unlikely to stop the believers. And that’s a fact! 😀

  7. TB says:

    dude… Why a donut? bagels don’t have holes in them?

  8. tie says:

    I knew it all along, donuts are bad for you.

  9. Rich says:

    r00db00y, what “truth” is there against religion?

  10. Pete Knight says:

    Sorry but I don’t believe in donuts !!

  11. Uncle Roger says:

    “Maybe the purveyors of donuts ARE the suicide bombers. Killing us all with their fatty shite, just a little bit slower than explosives.”

    Killing me softly, with sprinkles…


  12. Jeremy says:

    “dude… Why a donut? bagels don’t have holes in them?”

    Bagels won’t give you a heart attack. Also, more countries in the world have donuts. Some people I’ve met have never seen a bagel.

  13. King Strongbeard says:

    Christ Died for our Dunkin’ Donuts (see the link)

  14. Tim says:

    I was once told plainly that ‘God is at the centre of all things’.
    I replied that I’d always wondered why people cut the middle out of donuts.

    I was also told by the same person that ‘God was in every particle of the universe’.
    I replied that she write to the CERN super-collidor and ask them to, upon their discovery of it, rename the Higgs Boson as ‘The Lord Your God’ particle. I told her it was the only chance of validating her claim.

  15. Teralek says:

    This one is f****** brilliant!

  16. Acolyte of Sagan says:


  17. HaggisForBrains says:


  18. Cephas Atheos says:


  19. Bones'sDog says:

    Knots of dough. Nothing to do with nuts.
    Sprinkling nuts onto doughnuts is some sort of special blasphemy, just in case anyone was thinking of suggesting it. The one true doughnut (blame the spell-checker) has jam inside, is sprinkled with sugar and is eaten very warm. With tea.

    I’ve seen “bagels” in shops. Even in the Blessed Land where all the gods live, the bottom bit of England, we get spurious bits of Americana sprouting randomly about. I’ve seen them but I didn’t know what to do with them nor what they were for so I didn’t buy any.

    Doughnuts do not need to be high in fats and sucrose type sugar. It is possible to find gluten-free, low-fat, low-salt, low-sucrose doughnuts.
    They are quite unpalatable.
    Even seagulls eat them reluctantly.


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