Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 1, Book 4, Number 234

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  1. dyl says:

    Thanks for provoking my uncontrollable confusion.

  2. huo says:

    If the camel urine doesn’t work, they’re obviously evil people.

  3. John Cowan says:

    Looking at the original story you point to, I don’t see any indication that the ‘Ukl or ‘Uraina (as the case may be) “went mad”. More likely they found that the camel urine didn’t work (the story just says “after they became healthy”, which doesn’t imply that the urine helped any), became angry, and did those things in revenge — which makes Mo’s actions counter-revenge.

  4. Matt Oxley says:

    Mo, in his divine wisdom, knew that they were people that were easily angered ( its only urine guis) and set them up for his miracle to fail…he was simply bringing about divine justice….


  5. JMo says:

    This is why my camel urine “energy” drink is not selling so well. At least I am getting a stimulus package from the Federal guberment. Got to keep all of these illegals working for me…..

  6. JustAnotherGradStudent says:

    I agree with Cowan—I think you misrepresented the story a bit, which isn’t really fair. I mean, what would you do if someone you trusted ordered you to drink camel piss because you were ill?

  7. John The Geologist says:

    JMo – where did you get the illegal camels from ?

  8. Jerry w says:

    Perhaps the tribespeople chose to have their hands and feet chopped off and be blinded because the alternative was to have to try Mo’s other offering, a heaping pot of steaming hot “Camel Road Patty Stew”? It was supposed to cure constipation, umm…. one way or the other.

  9. author says:

    Slightly edited to avoid accusations of unfairness.

  10. Ann says:

    Love the guitar!

  11. Mathurine says:

    Camel urine was commonly used for healing in the Peninsula in those days. I doubt the tribes people were all pissy (ha!) because they were told to drink it. The real issue with the story is that as the one true prophet of Big Al, Mo should have known a better way. Hadith after hadith confirm that when it came to medicine and farming, he merely repeated the conventional wisdom of his time, or his own impressions (he knew nothing of farming at all, for example, being a Meccan), rather than conveying real revelations, things that were really new and awesome.

    Also problematic is the whole “torture and kill those who apostatize or dis the Moe-ster”, which if you read to the end of the hadith, is the main reason why the narrator says that they were killed in this manner.

  12. JMo says:

    John the Geo….We actually call them Llamas but the ACLU got on our backs about it so we just use the generic illegal. But hey a sweaty wool covered mammals’ piss has to be just as bad as a camels, no?

  13. MrGronk says:

    So this is what Islamists are on about when they scream “Urine trouble” at unbelievers …

    /ba-dum …

  14. Oh well now looky here – it says right there in the hadith that ‘Those people committed theft and murder, became infidels after embracing Islam and fought against Allah and His Apostle’ – so of course Mo had to give them what for. What was he supposed to do?! Give them a nice garden chair and a fan and a glass of sherbet? Get real.

  15. sweetpityfulmercy says:

    They did commit theft & murder. Mo’s answer as the “mercy to mankind” and “most perfect human who ever lived” was to brand their eyeballs and dehydrate them to death.

  16. thescallop says:

    I guess Jesus is jealous he didn’t think of it.

  17. Jerry w says:

    Was this the thing that inspired Rod Stewart to sing “Urine My Heart”?

  18. Bodach says:

    I love this site both for the author’s humour and for the commentator’s knowledge of Islam. You can shoot coffee out your nose and learn something at the same time!

  19. John The Geologist says:


    I guess in the overall scheme of things camel piss is probably indistinguishable from llama piss so your illegals are probably safe from the Arabian Camel Liberation Unit (I assume that is what you meant !).

    I used to see dead camels in Saudi Arabia and they stank to high heaven (apologies for the use of the “H” word). Probably the most disgusting smell I have ever encountered. And as they are so big they take ages to decompose/get eaten by carrion eaters. You could get travel directions like “turn off the road at the dead camel and drive west”.

    I still never drank their piss though.

  20. grouchy-one says:

    Did none of them think to ask if Mo was taking the piss?

  21. Faraz Ahmed says:

    lol this is one of the best sites i have ever come across…nailing it with the links as well as humour…good work =D

  22. JMo says:

    John the Geo, actually ACLU stands for Americanized Camel Liberties Union. You know due to the poor treatment, lower wages, no voting rights, etc. Now that we are facing this “New Card” law I am actually going to have to care about these stinking frickin’ pissing Llamas.

  23. JoJo says:

    Islam really gives me the hump..

  24. Kalam says:

    Hey guys, instead of acting all racist and stuff, look up the facts before gobbling up this distorted nonsense. To think that some even take what’s here as -educational- is amusing to say the least.

    Camel urine has been found to have medicinal properties, although of course this is not a medically recognized regimen, so it won’t be advised by your family doctor. Many people, non-muslims, have sung the praise of (non-camel) urine, with an Indian Prime Minister and a British Actress consuming their own water, claiming health benefits. Madonna claims to have used it on her feet to treat eczema (incidentally one of the benefits of camel urine is as a treatment for skin allergy by topical application).

    The punishment meted out to those tribes people was for committing a ghastly murder, theft and betraying the trust of the muslims. It was deemed fair punishment and to act as a deterrent.

    Thank you.

  25. Toast in the machine says:

    ‘Camel urine has been found to have medicinal properties’
    Show me a link to a reputable source for that please.

    ‘this is not a medically recognized regimen’
    Why not, if it has been found to have these amazing properties?

    Next time you get sick Kamal, reject all ‘recognized medicine’ and instead drink a pint of piss – camel’s or any other animal – and get someone to video you. Post it on Youtube and – if you survive – come back here and give us a link so we can watch your progress.

    And you think that being apallingly mutilated, tortured and left to die of thirst is ‘fair punishment, and a deterrent’ for ‘betraying the trust of muslims’? You really are an outstanding ambassador for the most barbaric cult in the world.

    As for slinging accusations of racism – show me where anyone’s said anything about race. Islam’s a religion – a belief system. It was Arab muslims who started the international trade in African slaves centuries before the Europeans got involved.

  26. ‘It was Arab muslims who started the international trade in African slaves centuries before the Europeans got involved.’

    And that grossy over simplifies the history of the slave trade — to say the least.

  27. Toast in the machine says:

    The point of the post was not to summarise the history of the slave trade, but to make reference to the deep-rooted attitudes of racial prejudice within islam. I concede I didn’t do that very articulately. If you feel you can accurately summarise the slave trade in a similar number of words, I’d be interested to read it.

  28. I wonder who was the very first person ever to say, “I’m not feeling too well, I wonder what I should take to feel better? Hmmm….I know! I’ll drink some animal piss! That should do the trick!”

  29. fenchurch says:

    Has Bear Grylls cashed in on this yet?


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