A tip of the hat to this week’s guest scriptwriter, Jeremy Corbyn (who, for the record, I don’t think is antisemitic – just not very bright).

Congrats to Chris from Tamworth on winning this month’s raffle prize.

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  1. DocAtheist says:

    Well done, Author. Thank you.
    I saw a cartoon, once, in which a blustering Christian claimed America was based on “Judeo-Christian Values!” In the second and last frame, he covered his mouth to say to the cowered, nerdy Jew he had his arm around, “Ain’t that true, Christ-killer?!”
    That’s where the rest of the antisemitism is coming from, and while it is currently less lethal, it is far more insidious.
    Need I mention that the referenced cartoon does not apply to all Christians?

  2. Trevor M says:

    With his enemies willing to jump on the merest hint of mention Jews/Israel, and to cry anti-semitism to shut down debate, I think you are unfair on JC…

  3. Max T. Furr says:

    Did Trump study under Mo?

  4. loner-too says:

    “… and some of my very bestest friends have jewishness somewhere in their ancestry, too!”

  5. Sparky_shark says:

    I’m not anti-Semetic, some of my best friends are words…

  6. EwgB says:

    I found the comic quite funny, but, after skimming Corbyn’s speech, I don’t think you’re representing what he meant to say fairly. I did not see him using Jewish stereotypes (unlike Mo here), instead he argued for the opposite.

  7. Dr John de Wipper says:

    β€œβ€¦ and some of my very bestest friends have jewishness somewhere in their ancestry, too!”
    Well, I have large parts of myfamily tree (still ongoing business), but if you get beyond ~ CE 1300, what is still to be found are “notables” ie, people about whom things got written down. Not surprising to find eg Charlemagne many times. (Statistically he must be > 10,000 times the ancester of everyone with Europeans in the family.)
    Further back a.o. the Trojan, Assyrian and Sumerian royalty is pretty complete. Egyptian pharao’s are more happenstance, because every 5-8 generations a new “house” took over, but over > 1000 years Assyrians had a habit of marriage with pharaonic offspring, so you find many of the pharaonic houses. Usually only one or at most two generations before rising to power are known.
    MANY biblical names pop up in clay tablets on Assyrian history.
    And the first King of Troy was a great-grandson of Jacob (ala Israel).

    So much for Jews in the family tree.
    Even everyone of Arabic decent is from one of Jacobs sons, also, Jewish!

  8. pink squirrel says:

    only so in western nations – in Islamic nations there is nothing subtle about the anti-Semitism

  9. Suffolk Blue says:

    Dr J de W – were Adam & Eve Jewish? If so, then we all are, surely?

  10. jb says:

    No matter how people actually behave, there will always be ever more subtle forms of hatred that they can be accused of. It’s a resource that will never run dry!

  11. Walter says:

    Why are the Jews blamed for killing Jesus? I mean we all know it was the Italians.

  12. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    slam is doubtless the worst
    Distributor of the off hand curse
    Lies and scheming
    are the not so hidden meaning
    Of every qur’an originated verse

  13. David Amies says:

    For my take on anti-semitism, go to

    David Amies

  14. pink squirrel says:

    were Adam & Eve Jewish
    technically no
    because as I understand it the concept of jewish did not apply until the ‘covenant’
    certainly there was no foreskin obsession in the garden fable

  15. cj says:

    According to some scholars, monotheistic Judaism reliably dates to around 1100 BCE becoming dominant in the area around 900 BCE. The existence of Abraham – therefore Joseph as well – cannot be verified archaeologically. Apparently Abraham’s family didn’t have a written language or the means to preserve same since they didn’t leave any writings. So I wouldn’t call all descendants of Joseph Jewish. Mind you, genetically Seraphic Jews are identical to Palestinians. So they are family. (references available upon request)

  16. John Trenary says:

    Arabs are also semites. The origin of the word semite means son of Noah, which includes both Arabs and Jews. It is also used to refer to those who speak semitic languages, which include Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic and Tigrinya (both spoken in Ethiopia).

  17. Jerry www says:

    Why, some of the best Jews are my friends.

    A minor question, why is it always funny when an Arab who is a semite says “Anti-Semite”?

  18. John Moriarty says:

    for as long as there are Jews who insist on ancient rights of conquest and subjugation, it will not be wrong to have some anti Jewish feeling. Not that for one microsecond I accept the horrendous treatment of Jews by the Nazis.

  19. Whoops – you failed to be vigilant against falling into the trap, there, John.

  20. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Suffolk Blue:
    _If_ the biblical story about Adam & Eve down to Abraham is to be believed, then for 10 generations they were _on average_ ~100 years old when their _first_ son was born. Any one believing _THAT_ might as well start believing they had dinosaurs as pets also!

  21. pink squirrel says:

    Re “Why, some of the best Jews are my friends.”
    perhaps – but it is not the best Jews that are a problem -it is the worst ones

  22. bookworm says:

    RE “it is not the best Jews that are a problem -it is the worst ones”

    You can say that about every nation.
    I cannot imagine what did you mean by applying it only to Jews. And what’s that “problem”?

  23. loner-too says:

    Walter, according to the Easter Movie it was John Wayne and some R.O.T.C. cadets in disguise who killed him. They were ordered to do so by Ernst Blofeld. This is not something the Yanks talk about much.

  24. loner-too says:

    I was once told that the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, the Mormons, used to have as part of its doctrine that all people were members, even those born in the darkest recesses of pre-history before the L.D.S. was revealed to us.
    As L.D.S. is a schism of the Protestant arm of the Christians and they, themselves are just an offshoot of Judaism doesn’t that make everyone Jewish?
    Even Muslims?

    I am open to being corrected about Mormon doctrine. I admit to not having kept up with the latest revelations and never having been an expert.

  25. pink squirrel says:

    I only mentioned Jews because it was a reply to Jerry www
    had their comment mentioned another group I would have used that one instead
    but I was constrained in my choice by the group selected in the comment to which I was replying
    as for the problem Yishai Schlissel is a prime example

  26. loner-too says:

    Further to the comment above, the lovely and heroic Mr. Wayne did, of course, utterly redeem himself by saving the world and Civilisation at a place called “Alamo” a few years after he left the Roman Army.
    One of many acts of selfless heroism.

  27. loner-too says:

    “… as for the problem Yishai Schlissel is a prime example”, pink squirrel.

    It’s grossly inappropriate but I found that scuzzbag’s story quite funny, in a “horrified at the severed head rolling down the hill” sort of way. Jailed for stabbing people, on his release after serving his sentence he immediately runs out and stabs some more people.
    With a mind like his he would make a marvellous politician.

    I also noticed that, as usual, only the perpetrator gets a full Wiki-page. Miss Banki, a victim, only gets a few brief mentions. I find this unfair. Maybe I’ll try to work out how to edit WikiP to link to her memorial page or something.

  28. pink squirrel says:

    loner too-best quote from your link has to be

    “I wanted to get an effect of grandeur as a background to Christ, and none of the Holy Land areas shape up with the excitement of the American Southwest,”
    I can see why – the main character, plot and storyline were so dull, pointless and banal the film needed something I guess

    Moreover; surely Monastir in Tunisia was closer?

  29. Suffolk Blue says:

    Dr J de W … a kind of Adam & Eve / Flintstones kinda thang. Oh, I like that very much.

  30. snarple says:

    Corbyn probably isn’t very bright, possibly no brighter than you.

  31. pink squirrel says:

    Corbyn probably isn’t very bright,
    was that meant as ‘intellectually ‘ or ‘as political careers go’

  32. Dr John de Wipper says:

    “a kind of Adam & Eve / Flintstones kinda thang”.
    Well, even Eve being the first wife of Adam is a Christian invention.
    Most versions of Talmut give Lilith as his first wife, but she was much too headstrong and too little obedient, (anybody mention feminist?) so Adam rejected her (anybody mention male chauvinist pig?) and asked god for a new wife, and god took his rib to make Eve.
    … and that story is just a week re-telling the of Gilgamesh version.

  33. Suffolk Blue says:

    Dr John de W. … so who was Wilma πŸ™‚

  34. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Stands for:
    Willfully Ignorant Lil’ Mother Animal.
    Of course she was Pebbles’ mam.

  35. pink squirrel says:

    Lilith as Adamah’s first wife, but she was much too headstrong and too little obedient, so Adam rejected her and asked god for a new wife.

    Given this is the ‘god’ of the OT Adamah was lucky ‘god’ did not just scrap him and get a new husband for Lilith

  36. pink squirrel says:

    after all if you take the myth as given then presumably ‘god’ made Lilith -so basically Adamah was saying that something ‘god ‘ made was flawed and not good enough- given the OT arrogance and spitefulness of ‘god’ it is a wonder Adamah was not stuck down on the spot
    or maybe ‘god’ did and after destroying the man turned Lilith into Adamah and then made eve- just a thought [ assuming you believe the myth]

  37. Dr John de Wipper says:

    Nice thought. That would make Adam the world’s first transgender.
    Now I really wonder why xians hate them so much….

  38. loner-too says:

    Please, Pink Squirrel, not “Adamah“. That is the name of a heroic, honoured, honourable and respected family who saved the Colonial Fleet and created the species to which we are proud to belong, not that of an idiot who couldn’t even hide an apple core from the boss.

    Dr. John, theists hate transgenders for the same reason they hate anything diverging from their small view of normal, anything that lies outside the event horizon of their tiny worlds, they hate what they neither control nor understand.
    Little minds do.
    Greater minds rejoice in diversity and in freedoms.
    A simplistic and generalised analysis but no less true in many cases for being trite.


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