Today’s was inspired by the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini.

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  1. little david says:

    right on!
    In the third grade I askd that very treasure question in Catholic school, I said “if the Vatican has all this gold, land, and art, why don’t they sell it and feed the poor”
    I remember getting a really dumb look from the sister, then an angry look, then I don’t remember what happened next.

    Not to say the church has not done some good, but how do they expect people, intelligent people, to read about the vows, in this case poverty, and swallow all the bullshit?

  2. Daz says:

    “They’re not giving us their money any more.”

    Oh how I wish ’twere true….
    The really interesting bits are in the last four paragraphs.

  3. Oozoid says:

    Peggy Sue, Mary Sue, Iamagona Sue – all just pretty names to me. But then I’ve never really been impressed by secret handshakes or other clichy chic like insider jokes or coded language. They’re all a form of elitist tribalism that deserves to be ridiculed.

    ‘Sell’ was a good one, by the way.


  4. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Giving everything away is very nice, gives a warm wet feeling and allows the giver to eventually join those receiving gifts from others. If everyone took care of themselves charities would not exist and the world would be a better place. Given the population of the world and what selling off all various religious assets would bring, everyone would get enough for a couple of trips to a cheap fast food restaurant, how is that supposed to help in the long term? A few years ago the socialists taxed Britain to cover their hallucinations, when other peoples money ran out, so did the social justice they were peddling. Sustainability, an unfamiliar concept to both believing and non believing doo gooders.

  5. every time I think that you’ve hit the perfect strip that reduces the whole debate to it’s essential point

    you top it


  6. Nassar

    “Everyone” does not have the resources, support network, skills or opportunities to take care of themselves.

    The churches dumping their treasures would cause a massive devauling – that whole supply/demand thing.

    What would be an inprovement is people stop giving to churches and using their money for themselves and their network of people

    I am far more interested in the churches handing over all the writings to universities and not have them hoarded where very few can access them

    artworks should be on loan to museums so people of the world can enjoy the world’s heritage that belongs to all of us

    not their select archivists

  7. DragonsDream says:

    Just to comment on your Peggy Sue/Mary Sue comments from the email. I believe the term you are looking for is “Author Avatar” more formally known as the “raisonneur”

  8. author says:

    @DragonsDream – thanks. That’s it! I suppose the barmaid would be the strip’s raisonneuse.

  9. Herm says:

    Oh no! TVTropes has invaded JandMo! Everyone run before it eats up most of your evening!

  10. Jacco says:

    I would like to invite everybody to say hello to Marc whose blog apparently has inspired this cartoon. He is pissed off by fellow atheists and secularists who chide his “microscopic efforts”. Give the guy some well deserved encouragement:

  11. David B says:

    Frattini would appear to be a total asshole.

    I’ve posted the link at my discussion board, and I’d urge others to do similar. It needs to be more widely seen, IMV

  12. I’m a raisonneuse, am I – that sounds exciting. Do I get a uniform? Or at least a hat?

  13. But more seriously – Frattini’s a real shit. He was throwing his weight around on the Motoons in 2006, and not in a good way.

  14. Neuseline says:

    @Jacco. It would be interesting to know if that charlatan Blair has donated to the pope’s visit. After all it was he who invited him, methinks.

  15. JuffoWop says:

    I’ve been a philosophy student far too long. When I first saw that Frattini quote, I thought he was referring to materialism in the sense of physicalism. Is he actually talking about the accumulation of wealth? I can’t tell.

  16. Flintlock says:

    There’s a story from Finland this week which could justify a comic of its own, too: Päivi Räsänen, the leader of the Christian Democrat party in the Finnish parliament, has said that Christians immigrants should be accepted into the country before Muslims because they integrate better. Never mind that it would violate international human rights charters – Christians are best! She added that discrimination against Muslims can radicalise them, seemingly blaming the victims of said discrimination rather than its perpetrators, racist Finns. But she couldn’t blame her own party’s voters, I suppose.

    She’s been in the media spotlight for a couple of weeks, since she appeared on a TV programme to campaign against equality for homosexuals. Though there were a number of people taking part in the debate, her comments were the most inflammatory, and over 36,000 people have since withdrawn their membership (and opt-in tax contributions) of the church organisation.

    I can’t find many good articles in English about her, but here are a couple that contain the basic information:

  17. Stephen Turner says:

    I dare say it was Frattini’s concentration on his “spiritual” side that got him to the top of the greasy pole. in politics. Funny how they always know what’s best for other people. Just like the Pope, in fact.

  18. Brilliant strip, Author. Thanks.

  19. That last post was my attempt at brevity. But screw that. I just started rereading “The Voyage of the Beagle” by Charles Darwin in ebook format. It’s been twenty years or so since I read it, and I find myself once again sailing around the world with Darwin, and once again being blown away by the range of his interests and curiosity. Things like taking dust samples off S. America, sending them to other scientists to analyze, and finding organic material in them from Africa. I mean, he was connected to the scientists of his day. He must have been writing letters constantly, with a quill pen yet. And his writing style is so clear, accessible, and informative. If you’ve never read this book, you have a real treat to look forward to. It’s free through the Gutenberg Project. Just a delight.

  20. Daoloth says:

    @NBH. Be kind enough to settle a bet for me would you? Quick word association game.
    If I say “Sarah Palin” which of the following is the closest to the thought that pops into your head?

    A) Lovely, pouting straight-talker, and straight-shooter who takes no guff and is what the country needs?

    B) Swivel-eyed, educationally sub-normal, ill-informed loony-tunes who should be sectioned on the grounds that she poses a danger to both herself and others?

    Please go with your first, honest answer. I don’t want to prejudice things by announcing the way the betting has leaned.

  21. jerry w says:

    The church sell treasures? Bah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to what would happen if they lost their tax-exempt status in the U.S. (and perhaps elsewhere). I guess what has to happen is to have some fire department refuse to put out a fire in a church, since they don’t contribute to the operation of the local government departments, such action has happened here already but only to private citizens that didn’t pay their taxes.

    Choice B) approaches the truth, but there’s no need to sugar coat it, we’re all (at least somewhat) grown-ups here. Me, I find the classic “51/50” medical definition seems to cover her existence, but I can’t say it out loud because one never can tell what might happen when she runs for president in 2012, you know those Reichstag ashes might get stirred up again.

  22. @Daoloth I take C) Subliterate creationist who thinks “The Flintstones” is a documentary, has to ask whether it’s okay to ban books and thinks shooting moose from a helicopter is a good image for a hockey mom and presidential candidate. But if C) isn’t an option I’ll take B) of course. The Republicans did themselves no favour when they pulled that hillbilly out of relative obscurity and made her world famous. Talk about tarnishing an image.

  23. Cornelius T. Zen says:

    Good morrow, all!
    “…but He loves you! He loves you, and He needs MONEY! God is all powerful, all seing, all-knowing, somehow, just can’t handle money!” – George Carlin

  24. […]   Right.  I just turned the omniscience on.  You dick; You were about to throw this postcard away.  Let Me put it to You this way, then:  What are You going to do if everyone stops paying into Your vacation fund? […]

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