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  1. John Moore says:

    Surely the of emmissions of our lord would not smell foul. Ratzinger now thats a new one on me…..

  2. Matt Oxley says:

    Jesus, as always, takes th eeasy way out.

  3. Herm says:

    This strip doesn’t really stand on its own, as previous topical ones quite successfully do.

  4. steve says:

    Pretty much anything that issues from the mouth of herr ratzinger is noxious by definition but for anyone following the Irish investigations into abuse of children by catholic clergy this hits the mark.

  5. Codswallop says:

    “J & M” is one of my favorite strips, as well as one of my most frequently shared on FB, but this one is probably not gonna get that treatment.

    I say, more barmaid! That chick is hot!

  6. gös says:

    “Retch” link’s broken.

  7. jean-françois gauthier says:

    took me a while to figure that one out.

    as ron liddle wrote last week in the sunday times (as seen on freethinker), about the conservative party, and that hat fits the vatican’s tonsured head, speaking of “its traditional stance of approving buggery only if it takes place in school dormitories and everyone keeps quiet about it until their memoirs are published”.

  8. kiyaroru says:

    Men take Holy Orders because they are Called By God. Since doG couldn’t make a mistake, the perverted ones must be lying. Therefore, if Ratzy was doing his job, he’d be excommunicating and possibly burning them.
    I took a logic course once.

  9. Anthony G says:

    The correct link should be to (broken link ends with a ‘k’ instead of ‘l’).

  10. John Cowan says:

    John Moore: Alas, my brother, you have fallen into the Arian heresy of believing that Jesus was not fully human *and* fully divine at the same time. Since He was fully human, he necessarily farted. If anyone says that Jesus didn’t fart, let him be anathema!

    On the other hand, the Goths were all Arians (basically because they were converted early and then cut off from the rest of the Church), so if you’re a Goth, that’s all right then.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Broken link is broken 🙁
    Nice allegory, anyways. You always have nice allegories.

    Hey, guys, fellow Jesus & Mo(hammad|ses) fans. Will we ever get to see Jesus & Mo slashfic?

  12. Kevin says:

    Heh, nice use of the pope’s real name…

  13. “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

    That’s the key line. The popes said nothing and did nothing for decades while the Irish church protected itself and its priests at the expense of generations of abused children. NOW, now that the facts are out and they can’t hide any more, now they pretend to be all upset. Ugh.

  14. Maggs says:

    Hey, it isn’t just the Irish church, its all of them, Roman C’s anyway. Just the one’s with Western documentation systems get found out. I guess excommunication (which was my first reaction to what the Pope ought to be doing if he understands his calling properly) wouldn’t hurt much, after all they obviously didn’t ‘Believe’ or they wouldn’t have practiced their paedophilia. Just lock ’em up and throw away the key. If they have relatives to bring them food and clothing then they’ll have a long and unhappy life, if not they can starve and freeze.

  15. steve says: Week In Holy Crimes

    One of my favorite weekly visits.

    And it most definitely not just the RCs, but they do try harder.

  16. Jerry w says:

    In Los Angeles, the phrase is “You really cut a Mahoney”.
    The reply: “He who smelt it, is moved to another Diocese”.

  17. Jerry w says:

    v2.0 (after some sleep)
    Q. Hey, who cut the Mahoney?
    A. He who smelt it gets dealt to another Diocese.

  18. No, it’s not just the Irish church, but the Irish church was the occasion of the pope’s absurd claim that he shared everyone’s outrage, betrayal and shame.

  19. spoing says:

    Points taken re papal hypocrisy. Nevertheless it’s gratifying to see something resembling a mea culpa from the one true church.

  20. steve says:

    In the case of the current pope, he did not “say nothing and do nothing”. In May 2001, then cardinal ratzinger sent a confidential letter to all catholic bishops instructing them that “investigations into child sex abuse claims be carried out in secret” (see

    This is more than the usual run of the mill papal hypocrisy, it is active obstruction of civil justice on an international basis.

    This criminal should be dragged before the World Court in the Hague and be made to answer for his crimes against humanity, along with the other genocidal psychopaths that regularly appear there.

  21. spoing, not to be picky, but I really don’t think it is gratifying to see a pseudo-mea culpa which arrives only after the truth has been made so public that the church no longer has so much as a square of toilet paper to hide behind. Given that the bastards hid the truth as long as they possibly could, and in so doing left children vulnerable to future abuse, which sure enough did take place – I really see nothing good in their admitting what everyone already knows and pretending to feel bad about it. Coming after it’s far too late, all a mea culpa can be is an attempt at public relations – a disgustingly cynical self-serving callous attempt at public relations.

    Perpetrators don’t get to claim to share the outrage of victims! The claim is ridiculous and insulting. Notice the pope isn’t stepping down, or even promising sweeping reforms – he’s just pretending to feel harrowed. Well fuck that. Fuck how Ratzinger feels. It’s years too late for that.

  22. Intelligent Designer says:

    Well said!

  23. DMB says:

    I think the point of this one may be too subtle for most people who haven’t followed the child abuse saga. Bad though the abuse was, it is overshadowed by the deliberate cover-up. This “protect the Church at all costs” attitude goes back centuries, but Ratzinger in his previous job bore a good part of the direct responsibility for the cover-up, having issued instructions to bishops to do it. So everything he is now saying (and replicated above by Jesus) is deeply hypocritical.

  24. Pappy mcfae says:

    Got to love me some Pope Hitler The First! They could have set the white smoke up for anyone. Instead, they pick him. Nice.

  25. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    He farted, he farted
    He made a trouser-cough
    He whistled in his Y-fronts
    He just peeled one off
    He’s blown his bloody brains out
    He’s been eating beans
    He’s broken wind
    He’s dropped his guts
    Open a window, please.
    (Ivor Biggun and the Red-Nosed Burglars).


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