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  1. Cytrynian says:

    brilliantly hilarious

  2. r00db00y says:

    The vicious circle continues…

    Still funny though 😀

  3. Trev says:

    Mo – the man with the plan

  4. louis says:

    great spin on the old argument.

  5. tie says:

    awesome spin 🙂

  6. Jonathan says:

    Such a great spin, in fact, that I am now staring at the back of my monitor

  7. Gav says:

    Haha fantastic

  8. Tim says:

    Best ever

  9. Jaecp says:

    Umm, I get a bit of what this means, but could a more well read member give me the skinny?

  10. Chris says:

    Epistemology is the field of studying human knowledge, so epistemological relativism means that you think, like Moses, that truth and knowledge are relative. Mo gets him by applying epistemological relativism to epistemological relativism 🙂

  11. mat says:

    the great postmodernist fallacy… everything can’t be relative because relativism would also be relative (unless relativism is the ultimate truth and not self-applicable, in which case relativism becomes an instrument for political apathy… and control)…

  12. Cleanthes says:

    Ah.. do we see that Mo is becoming “Po-Mo”?


  13. Jaycee says:

    Very funny ;0)

  14. Heintron says:

    I love it! Best in a long time :D!

  15. Yeah, I printed it out and put it on my wall. Religious thinking may be bad, but it’s a blessing compared to extreme Po-mo litcrit, esoteric woowoo and magical thinking in general. When I hear some of my fellow atheists wishing for religion to vanish from the face of earth, I often think “be careful what you wish for”. Organized religion at least puts the irrational tendencies intrinsic to every human being into a controlled environment.

  16. Blader says:

    “Organized religion at least puts the irrational…..”

    ….in other words, insane asylums are what makes insanity real?

  17. raquel says:

    uh, wow … a {play within a play} sort of ….
    I need to get more sleep!
    Lotsa fun!

  18. @Blader:

    No, insane asylums keep insanity off the streets.

  19. […] his point of view the cat would still be in superposition, which is of course ludicrous because there is such a thing as objective reality. But the even more impressive bit of nonsense in there is that it assumes that entanglement is a […]

  20. […] Skriven av Niklas i idioti, nattuggleri, postmodernism, religion, serier. Taggad:Jesus, mo, relativism. Kommentera Ibland blir jag trött på relativism, då är det kul att läsa detta. […]

  21. Topi says:

    In the same way teaching religion should be socialiced into public schools so that we don’t get fanatics teaching religion to little kids.

  22. Tinkling Think says:

    Daniel Elstner said on July 21, 2007 at 12:42 pm:


    No, insane asylums keep insanity off the streets.”

    Not in UKxit, not since “care in the community”. Today, that’s what Parliaments are for.

    It does seem to be working.

  23. Archophob says:

    Best. Reply. Ever.

  24. Solo Hands says:

    It’s probably too late to ask, Archophob, but which one?

    On topic, sort of, I had a similar sense of “this is ridiculous” about Behavioural Psychology. If BP were true then the BP people would not be able to create BP because creating BP could not possibly be an evolved behaviour.

    Fortunately, BP seems to have withered away quietly like phlogiston and phrenology.

  25. Archophob says:

    Solo Hands,
    Mo’s reply to Moses’ mail, obviously.


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