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  1. Naboo says:

    My god that fucking cracks me up!!!!

  2. […] Tirinha original publicada em 31 de maio de 2006 “Underground” já uma palavra comum para nós, então decidi mantê-la, por conta da dificuldade de encontrar um bom equivalente em português (talvez submundo, mas achei que soava muito estranho). ————————————————————————————————————————— Sim, estamos vivos! Levou bem mais do que três dias, mas ressuscitamos na internet. Pedimos desculpas pelo sumiço, mas nosso acesso à rede ficou muito restrito nestas últimas semanas.  Enfim, o importante é que agora tudo deve voltar ao normal, e vamos tentar retomar nosso ritmo de três postagens por semana. Espero que ninguém tenha disistido da gente! Abraços,e bom divertimento. […]

  3. Naboo says:

    You’re a genius author!

  4. fenchurch says:

    News of the Weird covered a story about a Muslim suicide bomber who, en route to the target, stopped in to a XXX theatre but was so riveted by the unfamiliar saucy content, lost track of time and blew off some limbs.

    I think this young man would have been better served living a life with limbs and p0rn, than hate and stumps.

  5. BtVSJMlol says:

    yeah, this whole idea is a work of genius lol

  6. Solo Hands says:

    Ms. Fenchurch, if a bomber only delimbed himself with his device then it was a particularly poor specimen of a bomb which would probably never have harmed many people no matter its location. Shame on his sponsors. They need a higher grade of technician and better materials.

    Really, the shoddiness of modern appliances is sometimes shocking.

    Tangential questions, did the “News of the Weird” specify whether the youth enjoyed the movies? Did he have Coke and pop-corn? Or stuffed palm leaves? Did he own a tissue? ………… Well, perhaps that last, considering the mess made later, wasn’t a necessity.

    Do we know whether he could follow the “plot”?


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