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  1. Bodach says:

    It’s sweet the Barmaid is following Jesus; it’s almost his re-birthday.

  2. Eric Meyer says:

    Nicely done with the URL. But would the Barmaid still use if she know that .ly is Libya and so Libya could theoretically shut down at any point for, say, “violation of Islamic morality”?

  3. Chiaroscuro says:

    Have the barmaid realized that Jesus and Mo are several hundred years old? that could lead to an instant simultaneous conversion to Islam and Christianism.
    Well maybe she thinks they are just lunatics.

  4. Duncan says:

    Strip idea:

    Barmaid: Either of you boys ever been married?
    Jesus: They say I’m married to the church, but, no, not to a woman.
    Mo: I was married to a woman once who was such an incessant nag she lost seven fingers.

    Next cell:
    Jesus: Why didn’t you just cut out her tongue?
    Mo: I did.

    Next cell;
    No speech.

    Next cell:
    Jesus: How did she lose her fingers?
    Mo: Sign language.

  5. Maggs says:

    Just the one ‘follower’? Says it all really…

  6. michaelsatx says:

    Oh I am so re-tweeting this link all over Twitter! Awesome!

  7. pikeamus says:

    “Did you hear the good news? Jesus died!”
    “Awesome, maybe now those christians will stop bothering us with their unsubstantiated… awww… awwwww… awwwwwww… awwwwwww…..”

  8. Submoron says:

    Bodach: Surely it’s his “unbirthday”? But There again Lewis Carroll never dreamed up anything so preposterous as all this religion.

  9. Ish says:

    So Author, I take it you read Viz?

  10. Hobbes says:

    Jesus is married to the Church? I thought all the nuns were supposed to be married to Jesus, and they all thought he was really a finger. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. author says:


    Religiously. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. GOD says:

    All religon is a brainwashing….

  13. grouchy-one says:

    @god – That’s why the religious are so pure. All their brains have been thoroughly washed (and quite often hung out to dry ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  14. Paper Hand says:

    What amusing timing, I just recently got a Twitter account myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Adrian says:


  16. John The Geologist says:

    I regard it as a remarkable validation of the Author and of this toon that it is the only human endeavour that GOD has directly responded to since time began.


    Eat your hearts out dog botherers and devil dodgers.

  17. jerry w says:

    Yeah, as if any of them have a heart to eat…
    It’d be easier to find an un-touched altar boy.

  18. Matt Oxley says:

    Follow jesus follow barmaid /hit on barmaid

    good stuff…i just joined twitter a short while ago… (username is RevOxley)

  19. Ford says:

    How come he never uses his last name: Fitz-Yahweh?

  20. DonR says:

    @John the Geologist

    And He even had the consideration to correct a long standing grammatical misnomer for us. Apparently “brainwashing” is a noun.

    Also, and it suits me just fine, there’s no ‘i’ in “religon”. lol

  21. John The Geologist says:


    I don’t normally pick people up on spelling or grammatical mistakes (tends to be a case of making a rod for your own back) but you do make some good points.

    You would think that an omnipotent and omniscient dog would have a better command of one of his principal languages (the St James Bible springs to mind and an awful lot of dog bothering – at least in terms of JCs father – tends to be in English). He has had enough time to learn English FFS.

    I thought he listened to all of our prayers (or at least all of their prayers) so he ough to be more fluent in English.

    Poor English aside, it is still a great reflection on the Author that he bothered.

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  23. Duncan, that’s great! XD

  24. Confirmed Atheists are no less brainwashed that confirmed Deists.

    That said, funny comic ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Toast in the machine says:

    Given that no baby is born with any knowledge of any religion or god, nor any religious faith, your statement is nonsense.

    You are just as much an atheist as normal people are, when it comes to all those other ‘wrong’ religions: you’re a Hindu-atheist, a Jain-atheist, a Muslim-atheist. People are not positively brain-washed into being particular kinds of atheist, only into being theists of a particular type.

    It takes no brainwashing to produce an atheist, only a lack of pro-religious brainwashing.

    And spelling it with a capital A is just an underhand way of trying to put lack of belief in god into the same category as religions. It’s as stupid as saying ‘not collecting stamps’ is a hobby – as has been pointed out many times before.

  26. @Toast in the machine I didn’t say atheists, I said Confirmed Atheists. What I meant was not babies who have no chance to have any beliefs at all yet.

    When you say “I do not believe in God” you are stating a belief. It is not simply lack of belief, it is a definite belief that there is no God.

    There was nothing underhanded about my capitalization, I was simply trying to make the distinction people atheists who just don’t care or haven’t really thought about it, and Atheists who have thought about ti deeply and decided that their belief is that there is no God.

    Finally, your assumption that I am not Hindu, Jain, or Muslim is astounding. I said nothing in my post which suggest what sort of religious beleifs I have. The fact is, , though I would guess unlikely, I could have been an atheist poking fun at both Atheists and Deists.

    Anyway, as is obvious, I am not an atheist. I am a Unificationist. Part of my beleifs as a Unificationist is that all true religions (as apposed to cults, yes even a “Moonie” like me believes in cults) were inspired by the same God, they were simply in different parts of the world in different points in history being received by different people and so they came out a little different. So I have nothing inherently against other religions. As an example, though I am not Lutheran, a few years after I was blessed in marriage by Sun Myung Moon, my wife and I had a sort of renewal of vows type of thing in an official Norwegian Church officiated by a Norwegian Lutheran priest.

    Jee wiz, I sure have been typing to Atheists a lot lately. I really aught to relax on that a little, it’s a bit tiring.

  27. Toast in the machine says:

    @Christopher Do Osborn
    So you’ve made up a distinction between a group you call ‘atheists‘ and another group you call ‘Confirmed Atheists‘. This distinction is peculiar to you and you make no attempt – in your initial post – to even acknowledge that in your mind these two groups exist. Forgive me for not understanding this – I must have forgotten to turn on my telepathy that day.

    Moreover, it’s a bullshit distinction anyway. You can repeat that your ‘Atheist’ group (which you’ve now abbreviated from ‘Confirmed Atheists’) have a ‘definite belief that there is no God’ as many times as you like – it doesn’t stop it from being bullshit. I don’t have a ‘definite belief’ that there is no Loch Ness monster – I don’t need a capitalised word to describe my position on the question. I simply don’t believe there is one. If you wished to describe me as a ‘alochnessmonsterist’ I wouldn’t argue, except on aesthetic grounds. If you called me an ‘Alochnessmonsterist’ on the other hand you would be as wrong as you are in this case.

    Likewise, I specifically don’t believe in the muslim god, the shinto god(s), Odin or Zoroaster, but generally I simply do not believe in any all-powerful creator being or pantheon, and so I am an atheist. It is a common and underhand christian tactic to to try to reduce the distance between their position and atheists’ position to one of rival, equally-grounded parties, by wrongly capitalising ‘atheist’. Protest how you like, you simply make yourself seem more dishonest and disingenuous. The positions are not equal. Your belief is a faith position – without foundation. I do not have a positive equal belief, I simply lack yours.

    Finally, I hope I didn’t shock you too much with my ‘astounding assumption‘. Are you saying that you are in fact, simultaneously a Hindu, a Jain and a muslim? No, of course you’re not. They are mutually exclusive, so you could only be one of them at most. And as you had provided a link in your name to your own web-page – which I had followed before replying – where you made it clear you were none of these things, it was not really that much of an assumption.

    And finally finally, you have not been ‘typing to Atheists a lot lately‘. You have typed a lot (of nonsense) to an atheist recently. Try to get it right.

  28. ._. says:

    Surprisingly, the link actually works and leads to Alexander the Great !


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