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  1. kiyaroru says:

    Not to be too nit-picky but are the verses about stem-cells in Leviticus or Judges?

  2. nina says:

    it says random comic instead of a date, but it’s the new style – so, are you redoing older comics in the new style to be random – or should the random have had today’s date?

    still funny, I’s jest confusted.

  3. azurefrog says:

    What I find strange is how various gods keep telling their prophets to have sex with underage girls.

  4. Tom says:


  5. dyl says:

    the date is below the images and the “random comic” words are a link to a previous random comic.

  6. Joshua3886 says:

    God wants a B.J. as well.

  7. Mr Gronk says:

    Excellent, but I might add that, for religionists, validating beliefs by projecting them on to “god” isn’t necessarily a bad thing if those beliefs are decent and humane. Then you end up with the kind, fluffy wing of Anglicanism which is nice to gays and the under-privileged and which does some genuine good work.
    Better that than those who don’t do any projecting, and who just let the ugliness of their religions over-ride whatever innate sense and humanity they might have. My father-in-law is as moral and decent a man as you could meet, but he accepts the more rancid bits of the old testament with little demur i.e he reckons the Canaanite genocide was OK cos god said so. Sad to see a good mind deformed.

  8. Mr Gronk says:

    Hey, guess what author – PZ’s saying exactly the same thing as you:


  9. CatBallou says:

    The last panel is brilliant all by itself! I like the Comments boilerplate too. Yay for ridiculing sincerely held beliefs.

  10. Rosemarie says:

    I love it.

  11. Sach says:

    @Mr Gonk
    But where’s the line? It won’t be long before you start validating every fancy idea you get and end up blowing up yourself with a couple of hundred around you.

  12. Hmmm…I wonder if author has been reading Does God Hate Women? Or perhaps A God Who Hates. Or both.

  13. Mr Gronk says:

    I suppose the line is, only validate ideas that are moral and humane to start with. Yeah, I know, probably just a bit unrealistic. Still, the majority of believers in the western world (other than red state USA) manage to interpret their bibles in a way that doesn’t exclude Enlightenment values. It’s that x% who don’t who cause the trouble (and give J&M their source material)

  14. Tim says:

    Nice Author! Never see them pay. How’s that tab?
    @azurefrog Not so puzzling. You just need to replace gods with men.
    @Sach No J&M? ahhh shit! Guess religion has some purpose.

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  16. John Moore says:

    Oh yeah those Southern Baptists are the frickin’ worst when it comes to this. Had a secretary who couldn’t see past her nose. I asked about a child being born on a secluded island never having heard of religion much less Jesus. If it died would it go to heaven. She says no if it doesn’t believe in Jesus its’ going straight to hell!

  17. author says:

    I read Does God Hate Women as soon as it came out. Didn’t everyone?

  18. Bodach says:

    Judging from the history of monotheism, I think god is an angry drunk and should no longer be served alcohol.

  19. joansie says:

    Brilliant as ever – but I simply cannot get accustomed to Jesus’s new pouty, sensual lips. I’m glad the old eyes are back on both of them, but the lips are just as disconcerting!

  20. rand says:

    Keep ’em coming – they’re much appreciated. 🙂

  21. Less Isbetter says:

    I don’t know if the internet has speeded up the number of people catching on to religion as a hustle. It was only 25 years ago that the wife of my boss asked me to stay, after an afternoon cocktail party. When it was just she and I, she asked very carefully “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?”

    I thought, well, this is the end of this job and said, “Absolutely not.”

    She said, “Good, Arch said you were smart.”

    Now, it could be my taste in the sites that I visit, but I finally feel like I am not alone.

  22. LOL – yeah, that always bugs me, when people just blithely say that “God wants” this or that, and as with your cartoon, that always just happens to coincide with what the speaker wants!

  23. nina says:

    thanks Dyl

    brain o metre reading clueless on me.

  24. Stonyground says:

    I do believe that there were certain Victorians who claimed that God wanted them to do lots of spanking. They did offer some evidence to back up this claim by saying, “Why else would the buttocks be so perfectly designed for the purpose?”

  25. Ceri says:

    Err … Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol. Did you just not know that or was Mohammed having a beer another way to mock Muslims?

  26. DragonsDream says:

    ah but Mo isn’t the one drinking or being offered a drink. Barmaid asks if “he” (referring to God) would like another beer to which Jesus (believing himself to be God) replies. Mo seems to indulge Jesus in his belief as well but never claims to be god himself.

  27. fenchurch says:

    @Ceri: are you implying that Muslims (or anyone adhering to a creed) does what they are supposed to do? 😉


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