Based on a true story (10.25 minutes).

Thanks to Dr Rebecca Masterton for the story, and Ibrahim Mogra for the punchline.

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  1. Max T. Furr says:

    Or it could have been . . . Satan? An avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or perhaps too much wine?

  2. Emma says:

    Not so ridiculous. I’d swear the bloke that used to work in my local chippy was Elvis – he was the right age and he sang a lot…..

  3. jerry+www says:

    Suppose that the mountains the Shia were lost in were in Turkey and they were on their way to Syria. Was the wise advice they got to just turn around and go home?

  4. magpye says:

    Silly! EVERYONE knows that the mahdi is Paul Atreides, Paul Muad’dib!

  5. Jim+Loving says:

    Emma made my day with her Kirsty MacColl reference:

  6. Well now you have to weigh each item separately. They were IN THE MOUNTAINS. The guy was DRIVING A CAR. He SPOKE ARABIC. He SAID SOMETHING WISE. Not all that much taken singly, I agree, but once you ADD THEM ALL TOGETHER –

    You see what I mean.

  7. Stephen Mynett says:

    Thanks Emma and Jim for reminding of a favourite singer.

    A thought from one line of that song: “But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you.” It would be a handy response to any religionist quoting a preacher.

  8. Ah yes, there’s always more than one rational explanation. Some more rational than others.

  9. Nassar+Ben+Houdja says:

    Muslims are some what superstitious
    In addition to nasty and vicious
    They take directions, very gladly
    From some guy, called the mahdi
    A muslim fairy who grants wishes.

  10. Brian says:

    Paul Atreides. Brilliant.

  11. white+squirrel says:

    Notable that if muslims meet someone who says something wise – its considered supernatural
    possibly says a lot about muslim intellect levels

  12. white+squirrel says:

    given they are muslims – how would they know – its not like they would have had a picture or drawing of him to recognise him from

    maybe he had a big neon arabic sign saying ‘I am the mad he- honest’

  13. Michael says:

    It couldn’t have been Paul Muad’Dib, the meeting took place in the mountains, not the desert.

  14. Ken+Kukec says:

    More likely diabulos ex machina. And I’ll bet that machina came equipped with the 3-liter engine, 4-wheel drive, and independent rear suspension.

  15. Mr+Gronk says:

    Emma, I used to work at a tabloid called the New Zealand Truth. It catered for, shall we say, the most challenged 10% of the population (the editor used to get letters written in crayon). And the chief reporter was often phoned by Elvis. He’d moved to the Waikato region and had had his height and race surgically altered, he explained to us in an accent that periodically lapsed from a Memphis drawl to guttural Maori. So there you go.

  16. Leslie,+surrounded+by+blind+followers+in+Indiana says:

    No one can prove that he wasn’t the Mahdi, so therefore it had to be.
    But then again, no one can prove that I’m not the Mahdi, so maybe I am.
    Crap. Am I going to have to read the Koran?

  17. Notann Ayfeyest says:

    Leslie, surrounded by blind followers in Indiana asked “Am I going to have to read the Koran?”


    Allah did it, the infidels were all killed, some sexy bits happened with the captured females and Mo’ wrote it all down. Then more infidels got killed and lots more sexy bits ensued. The end.

    There. No need to read it. I suffered it for you so you don’t have to. That sort of makes me your saviour, yes?
    So when do y’all start sending me money?

  18. JoJo says:

    But what car was he driving? Surely that’s the most important question?

  19. Steeve says:

    A Mazdhi

  20. Reid+Malenfant says:

    A Ford Caliphate Ghia?

  21. Reid+Malenfant says:

    But I’m still laughing out loud at Steeve’s Mazdi! Priceless

  22. two cents' worth says:

    Mo’s pick for the soundtrack?

  23. djpdummy says:

    2cents. Fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbuless.

  24. Floridatlantic says:

    A city guy all sweaty approached a fence and asked a farmer, “How far to the nearest town?”

    “About 5 miles as the crow flies,” said the farmer.

    “How far is it if the crow is walking and rolling a flat tire?” said the city guy.

    What I mean is, that’s wise. Was it that kind of wisdom? Or if we want wisdom let us go to the storehouse of the decade of wisdom, the 1960s.

    A young man is trying to repair a motorcycle out in the American west. A bearded man with a walking staff, a robe and a floppy hat comes along and muses,

    “The birds are heading south. The groundhogs are hibernating. Nature is about to sleep under a white blanket. The sky looks like snow. Do you know what I would do if I were you, young man?”

    “No,” says the motorcyclist, entranced and perplexed.

    “If I were you, I would buy a Honda,” says the hermit with his gave drifting mystic 1000 mile look.

    Obviously that was a commercial for Honda motorcycles. Was it wisdom like that?

  25. oldebabe says:

    Foridatlantic; I like. All of it.

  26. Vanity+Unfair says:

    Toyota Qurana
    Nissan Sunni

  27. JoJo says:

    Steeve: Cap doffed… lol!!!

  28. white+squirrel says:

    no i’m the Mahdi and so’s my wife


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