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  1. Jonathan says:

    How odd that the comments on this comic are not closed.

    But this probably isn’t the reason it was left open.

  2. Asher says:

    Indeed, Jonathan.

  3. kiyaroru says:

    How many others have open comments?
    We could hang out here and talk about them behind their backs.

  4. esa says:

    yeah let’s do it!

  5. Will says:

    Mind if I join you?

  6. willowisp says:

    I’m not too late to join the party, am I?

  7. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Sorry I’m late, did I miss anything?

  8. Punchdrunk says:

    So long as the new one has Guinness in it.

  9. Mohamed says:

    Yo man this is very funny. God prob wont hate me for laughing. LOL

  10. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Oh, He’ll hate you for laughing, Mohamed. At least He would if He could, but He can’t so He won’t.
    What is the sound made by Nothing laughing?

  11. HaggisForBrains says:

    Don’t you guys have homes to go to?

  12. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Yup, but they let us out at the weekends.

  13. WalterWalcarpit says:

    Is this is the place for meanderthal bloopers?

  14. machigai says:

    Déjà vu.

  15. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Walter, no, it’s where us insomniacs gather to talk about the dreams we wished we’d have if only we could get some sleep.

    machigai, did you change your name, or just pinch kiyaroru’s avatar?

  16. machigai says:

    I once was kiyaroru.
    Then I changed my ‘nym.
    I once had a cooler avatar but it was too identifiable so I picked something else off the intertubes.
    and gravatar, being what it is, did some retroactive magic.
    I’m going to stick with machigai here.
    I’m chigau over at Pharyngula.

  17. HaggisForBrains says:

    Where’s AoS gone – it’s his round!

  18. Cephas Atheos says:

    Is it still AoS’ round?

  19. Wheres the Guiness? says:

    I think so, and I’m thirsty.

  20. machigai says:

    My shout, then.

  21. Bones'sDog says:

    Beers, everyone? Or does anyone want a tequila-ouzo-Pernod mix? Those are blindingly good with pork vindaloos and Narn breads.

  22. Bones'sDog says:

    Religion: the ugly virgin’s way of getting chicks while avoiding strenuous farm work.

  23. c'est moi says:

    Wandering around the archives is weird.

  24. machigai says:

    Really weird.

  25. Dingleberry says:


  26. Mockingbird says:

    Great to see you are all still around. Have one on me !

  27. Anonymous says:

    This thread is only 14 years old so I thought I would be first here for 2021. We are still alive but all wearing masks.

  28. LD50 says:

    It’s nice to reread the old stuff.

  29. OtterBe says:

    I like rereading the early ones, too.
    But, someone once commented that old J looks like Shaggy—and I can’t unsee that!

  30. Boogieboard says:

    Im just commenting cause I thought it would be sad if there wasn’t any 2023 comments. By the way, this comic will be 18 years old next year…


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