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  1. tie says:

    wait! Mohamed died of “old age” at 60?

    how come god did not give him a 900 year lifespan like Methuselah?

    makes you wonder … not even 73 years for today’s average… Maybe he wasn’t that special.

  2. John Cowan says:

    John Boyd’s 1968 sf novel The Last Starship From Earth is an alternate history in which Jesus escapes crucifixion, leads an armed rebellion first to liberate Judaea and then to overthrow the Roman Empire, and is finally assassinated at age 70 by a Jewish fanatic (like Mo, he founds a religion rather than inspiring one). By the 20th century, the result is a worldwide and very nasty theocratic dictatorship with the Pope as tyrant, using the Crossbow (okay, anachronistic) rather than the Cross as its symbol. The heroes of the book are people who want to restore Jesus’s discredited “early teachings”, in the manner of Communist-Manifesto-Only Marxists.

  3. Sili says:


    Is there any part of the internet where you are not?

  4. Stephen Turner says:

    Jesus and Mo are much more responsive to us than to their myriad followers! I feel privileged. Truly this is a hotline to god.

    J’s virginity shouldn’t surprise: he was only copying his mum.

  5. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Yep, the author is the nearest thing to a god that I can think of. Pretty much a 9.9 on the Omniscience scale. Pray thee, don’t stop making J&Mo.

  6. Matt SF says:

    Hilarious! Sounds like Mo hired a better PR firm.

  7. Mr Gronk says:

    Author, I lol’d out loud.

  8. Mr Gronk says:

    Hang on a minute – is Jesus wearing anything in the last frame?

  9. Prior Aelred says:

    Wait — I was that reader! I made it into Jesus and Mo (albeit anonymously …)

  10. grouchy-one says:

    Congratulations Prior Aelred for becoming part of Jesus & Mo history. My wife and I are totally envious.

  11. Awwwww, so Jesus is the nerd and Mo is the well-rounded successful lotsasex guy…that’s so poignant.

  12. Thanks says:

    Thanks! This was SO funny!

  13. ConfusedFellow says:

    Are you the “Does God Hate Women?” Ophelia Benson?If so,please note I love your Butterflies and Wheels site,very entertaining and educational stuff.

  14. The same. Thank you!

  15. ConfusedFellow says:

    No problem and keep up the good work 🙂

  16. mateo-argentino says:

    and that’s how Ophelia got herself some free advertising… I’m checking the site right now…

    p.s: coungrataltions Prior Aelred…some day, I shall be named in J&M…And I will rule the earth!!!! mwahahahaha…no, wait, I think I skipped a couple steps there…

    First: Appear in J&M
    Then: Use my fame (which I got from appearing in J&M) to become president of the US (altough Im from Argentina)
    After that: Bomb half the planet and demand control of the other half (OR ELSE!!!)
    And Finally: Rule the Earth Mwahahahaha

    Jesus wants me to do it

  17. kiyaroru says:

    I think he’s naked.

  18. simon says:

    But if Jesus is a Mac then Mo must be a PC!

  19. Stonyground says:

    On an earlier discussion someone mentioned having difficulty accessing this website and a reply told him the address to update his web browser. I was having the same problem although I could still access the site from work. Our PC is supposed to do these updates automatically but sometimes gets stuck when you turn it off and presumably had failed to do it. Anyway thanks to both of you I can now get J&M again and also comment again.

    Author, do you think there is any J&M potential in the gay penguin story?

  20. Stonyground says:

    I forgot to mention that it is generally believed that in the movie world Satan gets all the best lines. I wonder if any of you are fans of the Radio 4 six thirty pm comedy slot and in particular the long running series Old Harry’s Game? There are too many great lines to quote but a particular favourite is where Satan tells excessively keen and eager to please demon Scumspawn to eat himself, from the feet up: “Thus removing your annoying little self permanently from my royal presence.” or where he tells a group of devil worshippers to “Put your togs back on and don’t ever show me up like this again.”

  21. Cile says:

    When I started using Opera web browser there were few sites that it wouldn’t render fine, and now there is much more sites that Firefox or IE doesn’t render quite good 🙂 Opera rules!!!

  22. Despard says:

    This comic is so unrealistic.

    I mean, those iMac G5s die after a few years, the logic board goes kaput. How long have J&M had theirs…?

  23. Sacha says:

    Tie, that’s the point, the Prophet Muhammad was just a human like you and me… He died in 632 C.E. at age 62.

  24. Uncle Roger says:

    He’s just hangin’ around at home, why bother with clothes? He’s probably got his tighty-whities on, though, a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. (Hmmm… What’s the difference between Jesus and Tom Cruise? Jesus doesn’t think he’s hiding from aliens?)

  25. Satantiago says:

    What armies? Muhammad was the leader of gang of thieves lured into Islam by the promise of butts and booty.

    All of Arabia under Muhammad’s command? Have you read about the Ridda Wars? That’s the war waged by Muhammad’s followers after Muhammad’s death to bring back to Islam the people who apostatized after Mo’s death and to convert by the sword or kill the pagan, christian and jewish arabs who wouldn’t submit to islam.

  26. Satantiago says:

    “Muhammad was just a human like you and me”
    Don’t you muslims believe muhammad was the most perfect human ever and that by doing everything muhammad, including the murder of his critics, did you’ll win heaven? If Mo was just a dull human why the rioting, burnings, killings after an alleged disrespect toward Muhammad? Are you afraid of people hurting a dead cnut’s (Mo’s) feelings?

  27. Omer says:


    he wasn’t special. muslims don’t believe he was special. he was a normal simple man. that’s why there is no shrine.

    also you’re concept of ‘special’ is a little childish is it not?

  28. Toast in the machine says:

    So ‘He was a normal simple man’ was he? A normal simple man who was chosen by god as his final prophet, hallucinatory epileptic, warlord, bandit and bigamist paedophile? Whose shit is edible. And who inspires such demented and unreasoning devotion that dozens of his followers kill themselves and each other in riots at the mere thought that someone, somewhere else in the world drew a cartoon of him that portrayed him in a less than flattering way?

  29. Simo says:

    @Toast in the machine…

    pedophile? bandit? wow…what are your sources?

    1. Religious fanaticism doesn’t exist in Islam only.. funny how the instant Islam is associated to it, then it’s an avalanche of insults that follows. Looks like sheer ignorance to me.

    2. Today’s muslims or pseudo-muslims misrepresent to a large extent the message of their religion. most so-called muslims follow blindly the interpretations of a few scholars…it’s also mind boggling how cultural mores have been associated to Islam when they are not part of it. Most muslim don’t fully understand what the Coran says due to illiteracy. In these kind of societies political problems (some of which were created by the West) make religion the only unifying element for the it is used for political purposes.

    Indeed Mohamed was a simple man and consequently did things that we (now) might not agree with..but that doesn’t take away of the importance of his message and how he changed the world instigating one of the most diverse and important Civilizations humanity witnessed when Europe was in the dark ages. Some of the things he did were probably not in line with today’s social standards but they were very common practices back then. The woman he married was not touched until she reached puberty for e.g…. it’s crazy how a few dismissed facts can make the whole difference!

    I encourage you to read about Islam with a more open mind.. 1.2 Billion people can’t all be that stupid.

  30. Toast in the machine says:

    Paedophile… sources?
    ‘Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death). ‘

    1.2 Billion people can’t all be that stupid.
    Why not?

  31. Toast in the machine says:

    Religious fanaticism doesn’t exist in Islam only.. funny how the instant Islam is associated to it, then it’s an avalanche of insults that follows. Looks like sheer ignorance to me.

    You’re right, it’s a general symptom and applies to all variants of the religion disease – more murderous in the case of islam though.

    Give me a fucking break.

    it’s also mind boggling how cultural mores have been associated to Islam when they are not part of it
    …like not raping children, do you mean?

    …political problems (some of which were created by the West) make religion the only unifying element for the it is used for political purposes…
    No. Islam was explicitly created as a totalitarian theo-political ideology. It’s no one else’s fault. That was the whole point from the start.

    And regarding you last ‘point’: there are more than 1.2 billion christians in the world. Are you saying they must be right, because there are more of them than muslims? Didn’t think so.

  32. Lab Rat says:

    1.2 billion lemmings can’t be wrong!

  33. fenchurch says:

    @Omer: regular joes can have their image depicted without people going apeshit.

    What makes Mo so normal that he can’t be depicted like the other folks in the mosaics and paintings of him, and the tiles need to be excised or painted over?


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