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  1. MrZero says:

    I heard that the Catholic Church were bending over backwards to get rid of limbo.
    Great cartoon. Thanks.

  2. Poor Richard says:

    Oh, no! Schism! Not again!

  3. Bruce says:

    If I remember correctly, the Cardinal in Charge of Awkward Things recently said “That limbo thing? Psych! We were only joking. The Pope wasn’t sitting in the Infallible Chair when he said it. Nothing to see here, move along. Check out our new statue of Galileo on your way out.” Or words to that effect, anyway.

  4. tie says:

    I would love to get my hands on that phone number,

    got a few questions of my own…

    wonder what music they play in limbo while you wait… Limbo!

  5. r00db00y says:

    OK then, hands up who’s conscience here is NOT informed by their father or a father figure?

  6. mjm202036 says:

    Hey, leave my little cricket alone. He’s the best conscience I’ve got.

  7. jONES. says:

    LOL @ Bruce

  8. Dick M. says:

    tie asks for a phone number:


  9. Go Middies says:

    I would have figured the Vatican phone number to be something like 1-800-TRINITY or something of that sort.

  10. Dick M. says:

    1-800-TRINITY is the Dial-A-Prayer line. If you want to talk to Ratty, you have to use the number above.

  11. jerry w says:

    Maybe Jesus will find a nice Hindi person in India to talk with, if the vatican follows the outsourcing practices of other call centers (U.S. spelling).

  12. Poor Richard says:

    rOOdbOOy : Oh no, you don”t. None of that Freudian superstition for me.
    As the embodiment of self-reliance, Poor Richard has a conscience that creates itself as needed. Solipsism replaces paternalism.

    The self-fathering implications of what I’ve just said baffle even me, but you will admit I am no crazier than Jesus in this matter, and perhaps I too should consult the Vatican, since religion is the best example of self-testing I know.

  13. Satantiago says:

    LOL @ “The Pope wasn’t sitting in the Infallible Chair when he said it” infallible chair = ex cathedra.

  14. fenchurch says:

    rOOdbOOY is like a pastiche/amalgam of almost every example of wrong thinking and bad support possible. Is this “devil’s advocate” trolling, or merely Poe’s Law at work?


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