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  1. Neil Hoskins says:

    I don’t know how you do it, Author, they just keep coming.

  2. Daoloth says:

    surely there is a spoing in the offing here?

  3. Ann44 says:

    Oh, I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of reasons “why we are superior to them”.

  4. RavenBlack says:

    Also us atheists have no reason at all to behave like decent people, which is why every murderer ever has been an atheist, and every atheist ever is a murderer.

  5. jerry w says:


    Stop…. You’re (spoing) killing me!

  6. Chiaroscuro says:

    Smart!… ¿is Mo asking the barmaid… or us?… ¿Are we the barmaid?… Damm if im the barmaid i should look hotter!

  7. JoJo says:


  8. Submoron says:

    Plus, of course, the efforts to have Atheism classified as a form of mental illness…

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    In their arrogance, they believe that everything in existence was created for their benefit.

    They believe that a being with infinite capabilities loves them like a father and watches their every action while listening to their every thought.

    Geocentrism; the Chosen People; prayer; there are so many ways in which their arrogance has been expressed.

    It’s hard being humble when you have been granted dominion over all life, the planet and all of the universe.

    I’d laugh, but if I started, I might not be able to stop.

  10. grouchy-one says:

    Jesus in Momite…
    Personally I can’t see him but I can just make out the Barmaid

  11. mateo-argentino says:

    Johnnie, I don’t think it’s all arrogance…I think they are afraid. They are cowards: They start to ask questions about the world, and when they find an answer they don’t like (or they don’t know), they just make up a nicer one.

    for example: Im facing certain death…what can I do?
    real answer: If its certain, there is nothing you can do
    Their answer: Pray, pray and pray, if you have enough faith, God will save you

    p.s: I can’t believe that stupid “image on marmite” made the BBC!!! I mean comeon, thousands of people starve to death in Africa and all over the world, and Jesus decides to bring confort by appearing in a frikin lid! suuure, thats a miracle!!!

    You want me to believe??? Give me world peace, no hunger and a new tv!!!

    no tv, no deal

  12. Mr Gronk says:

    Truly a recipe for mental illness: “I am humble, wretched, unworthy, base – a mere bug in the great panoply of existence, oh and by the way I’m on first-name terms with the creator of the universe and he constructed an entire universe for me”.
    They’re mad, I tell you, mad.

  13. mateo-argentino says:

    God’s a genius…he invented the spherical madhouse…

  14. grouchy-one says:

    mateo – so what is a spherical madhouse? It sounds fun

  15. FireFox says:

    One day I will find this pub and marry that barmaid.

  16. JohnnieCanuck says:

    May I suggest you approach the author to officiate? My first thought was J or Mo, but given that they don’t exist, that might prove impractical.

  17. mateo-argentino says:

    grouchy-one: Earth is the spherical madhouse…(I took the term from Quino, an argenitinian comic writer – very famous in spanish speaking regions – it was part of a bigger joke, but I can’t remember it… ). I was just expanding on the idea thar religion is for mentally unstable pepole.

    Firefox: The barmaid has defined herself as a “disembodied voice”… Im not sure marrying her is such a good idea.

  18. FireFox says:

    Why ya gotta burst my bubble?


  19. mateo-argentino says:

    hehe, you can marry her if you want, Im just warning you: No body, no action

  20. jerry w says:

    I’ll thank you not to speak of my ex-wife.
    Actually, either one of them.

  21. grouchy-one says:

    Of course, Mateo it seems obvious now – It was right under my nose, I was sitting on it all the time.
    Only question is why does it seem to be the epicentre here?

  22. Peter Harris says:

    OK, author, tis time for a “SPOING” t-shirt to be made.

  23. JohnnieCanuck says:


    For 10% of your income for the rest of your life, I will arrange that after you die, you get to be with the barmaid for eternity. If you also bequeath your estate to me, I will intervene for you to ensure that you actually enjoy your eternity.

    Results guaranteed or your money back. Sign up two or more friends and get a discount.

    Yours in the love of money,
    St. John of the Church of the Fleeced Flock

  24. mateo-argentino says:

    haha, good one johnnie!

  25. Hobbes says:

    First, hats off to Author. My Internet Explorer was blocking J&M. No link was working. Author advised I try Foxfire. Now I’m free again!

    Also hats off to Author again for another keeper.

    Arrogance and superiority? Humanists? I recently went to Beliefnet to seek the average Christian’s defense of Anselmian Theism. The only replies I received were arrogantly preachy, condescending and obfuscating. No one would even touch the question.

    I’m going to beam out, as there seems to be no intelligent life there.

  26. FireFox says:

    Mr. Canuck, as soon as my Nigerian money hits the bank, I’ll be sending a check.

  27. author says:

    Hobbes is not the only reader to have reported problems with IE, and I am baffled. This site was not viewable and a hard refresh did not seem to help – “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”.

    Can anyone knowledgeable about these things shed any light?

  28. grouchy-one says:

    Can’t say I’ve noticed much – I very rarely use IE any more. However a quick search brought up brought up this page…
    It has a few suggestions on ways to fix or work around the problem

  29. Toast in the machine says:

    I’ve had problems accessing J&M using IE for about a week. At work where I access via a large a network it loads but the pages automatically constantly refresh. (You can stop it using the ‘STOP’ page load button). I’m glad it’s not just my PC which is screwed up, but I don’t know what’s causing it. I’m in Firefox now and it seems fine.

  30. Toast in the machine says:

    (Not that I access J&M at work of course. Slip of the tongue).

  31. FireFox says:

    I just tried it my IE and it works fine. I am running version 7 I believe. IE is not my normal browser of course, but it opened this page just fine on my end. Perhaps some windows updates on the user end?

  32. FireFox says:

    May I also suggest a java update on the user end. You may even be surprised and find one awaiting your approval down in your taskbar.

  33. jerry w says:

    The bloated virus magnet Internet Explorer (i.e. I.E) is from Microsoft,
    no good shall ever come from this earthly Hell.

  34. Toast in the machine says:

    Aha – I see it. Cheers Firefox. I don’t remember why I went back to IE – I will try to stick with your namesake from now on.

  35. FireFox says:

    When Mozilla released that browser, I thought hey, someone is finally recognizing my awesomeness….’bout damn time, too. 😛

  36. andrea says:

    Mine wasn’t loading at work but was ok at home. Both on IE7. I checked for IE updates on the microsoft site and updated them. It’s working fine now.

  37. “One day I will find this pub and marry that barmaid…For 10% of your income for the rest of your life, I will arrange that after you die, you get to be with the barmaid for eternity.”

    It’s actually up to the barmaid, and she has no interest in marrying any of you. She also wishes you would stop driveling about how hot she may or may not be. She has better things to do than to be your wet dream. You don’t even get that about her, yet you think you want to marry her. Oy gevalt.

  38. JohnnieCanuck says:

    You do realise this is a patriarchy I’m making fun of, don’t you Ophelia? Besides, the arrangement I was offering would be in Heaven, where there is no sex because everything is pure and bodiless. Soulmates only.

    If you too would like to spend eternity in witty intellectual repartee with the lady, you know my terms. Should she not find you amusing, there’s always the money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose?

    ps Firefox, the barmaid told me she much prefers browsing with you.

  39. JoJo says:

    I am more liberated. I do not presume to announce an intention to marry the barmaid. I respect her individuality. I would so have sex with her, though.

  40. Mr Gronk says:

    Er, Ophelia, how can the barmaid be anyone’s wet dream when only J&M know what she looks like? FireFox is obviously in love with Barmaid’s beautiful mind.

  41. newyorkette says:


  42. “how can the barmaid be anyone’s wet dream when only J&M know what she looks like?”

    I have no idea! Yet there’s a lot of stupid locker room chat here about how hot she is. It’s a tiny bit point-missing.

  43. Uncle Roger says:

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, Ophelia, but even though atheists don’t have God telling them how terribly, terribly naughty sex is, they still think about it a lot.

  44. Uncle Roger says:

    Hmmm… or is that just me?

  45. Oh get an inflatable doll for fuck’s sake. Thinking about sex all the time doesn’t mean men having to think of all females in terms of how hot they are or in terms of possessions for men to pass back and forth.

    It’s all the same crap. It’s either the burqa or ‘she’s so hot!’ No room for women to be just human.

    The barmaid thinks you should all grow the hell up.

  46. FireFox says:

    Well, obviously we were speaking of a character in a comic strip, Ophelia. I assure you that my crush on this character sight unseen must at least suggest a good measure of non-objectivity of women on my part, however mythical she may be. Would you not agree?
    Would it not also be safe to assume that my affection for intelligent women would automatically eliminate my chances for winning her affections if I were to objectify her?
    Is the chip on your shoulder beginning to chafe?

  47. Is not a chip, is a two by four! Does not chafe; builds muscle.

  48. fenchurch says:

    I am with Ophelia on growing weary (now fussed) of the wet-dream projections onto poor Barmaid. I’m convinced she’s a younger iteration of the “freshen yer drink, guv’ner?” character on The Simpsons.

    We’re likely all too used of our men chasing fantasies and ignoring the real-life women all about them.


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